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  1. ralphPerez

    Onkyo 515 & Benq W1070 Projecvtor

    Hi all, having handshake issue with my Benq W1070 and the Onkyo 515, talked to the Onkyo support team today and we tried everything possible and no video on my screen the CONCLUSION no handshake but who is the culprit, the BenQ or the Onkyo???? any suggestions would be appreciated. What other...
  2. ralphPerez

    Denon 913 or Onkyo 515 receivers

    Hi, just received the Onkyo 515 receiver and its DOA, and they are having a lot problems on the video not showing through the receiver & DVD player anyways was thinking on getting a more reliable receiver and thinking of the Denon 1913 $100 more but less issues. The Onkyo is loaded with whistle...
  3. ralphPerez

    A little HELP needed

    Hi, Just bought a 3D projector and the Onkyo Tx-NR515 and have a PS3, my question is this do I need a HDMI 1.4 running from my PS3 to the receiver already have a 1.4 running from the receiver out to the projector. Thanks
  4. ralphPerez

    Epson Vs BenQ

    Hi guy's, just wondering which company is better as far as reputation on front projectors assuming that every item in the projector is the same, the BenQ or Epson????
  5. ralphPerez

    subwoofer question

    Wondering what is the advantage or disavantage to connect the speakers to the subwoofer??? Thanks,
  6. ralphPerez

    Sanyo Z2000 PJ Blue lights off and on

    Hi, all of a sudden seen blue lines on a Blu-Ray movie Star Trek the latest version, do recall reading about this a year ago or so but searched the thread and found nothing??? Have had the Sanyo for over a year and out of nowhere the lines or streaks appears. Any ideas if its the PJ or the...
  7. ralphPerez

    Any one in the Detroit Metro area?

    Hi just wondering, it seems that the Motor City & Motown City seems to get left out on a lot of things and wondering if members within the metro area would be willing to get together either on the West side or East side of Woodward, if so make a posting and lets get this going. Ralph Perez...
  8. ralphPerez

    Need guidance on choosinga new PC

    Hello, I am looking around for a new Desktop computer any my needs are as follows: 1. No gaming 2. Uploading Home movie’s non HD and HD 3. Editing, rendering and burning my home movies 4. Web surfing 5. Burning My own DVD’S regular STD and Blu- Ray. 6. Working with Digital Pictures...
  9. ralphPerez

    Is it possible that I have a DUD of a PJ?

    Have the Sanyo PJ Z2000 for about 3 months and so far I am not impressed with the PQ that I am getting have tried every tweak setting that has been posted on different forums and my own and yet it DOES not look as good as my prior projector for some reason or another and using a PS3, HD dvd A1...
  10. ralphPerez

    BB to get into the ISF business

    Was talking to a General manager and a executive at BB in relation to some none video matters and somehow we did get a conversation into HDTV and PJ and they are thinking about getting into the ISF program and getting some locations through out the country as a test and see if they add a...
  11. ralphPerez

    Ran across this post on 1080P and it has some validity

    Ran across this posting, it has some validity. NO DIFFERENCE between 1080p or 1080i for movies, because movies are only shot in 24 FRAMES PER SECOND. Think of it this way: movies have 24 images to show each second; 1080p uses these 24 frames to refresh the image 60 times every second (at...
  12. ralphPerez

    PS3 Discounted at Sony site, 25% off

    Buy the Sony BDP-S300 for $299.99 at SonyStyle.com Pay for the Sony BDP-S300 with a new application for a Sony Visa Card. Get 12 months no interest financing and a $100 account credit (after qualifying purchase of $299 or more -- the Blu-Ray player by itself will put you over the top). The...
  13. ralphPerez

    Std movies played on HD-DVD player problems

    Hi, have a question about a copied DVD ( I own the original ) and have a A1 and it seems that their seems a lot of pixilation and freezes on the A1 and when I play the same DVD on my OPPO first generation it play’s with out a problem, is this do to the first HD-DVD generation or just the High...
  14. ralphPerez


    Need a question answered please. Why does a subwoofer have the option of either connecting the speakers to it or connecting the receivers sub out to the subwoffer? and which one is better?? Sitting in Detroit area confused?! Can someone turn my lights on on this question? Thanks