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  1. Ariel

    Bookshelves with a sub vs. Floor stand speakers

    i was on the bookshelf + sub camp before but now went with the floorstander + sub. for music, the full range floorstander gives better performance and saves you the task of properly integrating the main and sub. for HT, even at the 80hz main-sub crossover freq., the floorstander gives a better...
  2. Ariel

    Who can claim to be the "biggest and baddest" sub?

    i think this one will qualify for the biggest and baddest sub. http://www.royaldevice.com/custom3.htm this has been posted before. efficiency is 110db/1w/1m
  3. Ariel

    Seperates vs. receiver

    i have the HK5500 receiver (75w/ch). A friend offered me his 18 year old 60w/ch. class A technics amp (2 ch. only) and tested it using the pre outs of the receiver. There is a big difference in sound in favor of the separate amp. BTW, the HK is a very good receiver compared to all within its...
  4. Ariel

    Paradigm Atoms

    pdr12 is a good sub to go with the atoms if you want to stick with all paradigm setup. the atoms are really great speakers and i still keep them as surround even though i upgraded my front and center speakers.
  5. Ariel

    Titans vs. Studio for strictly HT...

    sound is very subjective so the best thing to do is to listen for yourself. i started with paradigm performance series then the reference series and now with proacs. these are musical speakers but is still prefer them over the paradigm studio speakers in ht.
  6. Ariel

    Titans vs. Studio for strictly HT...

    the studio20 is better than the titans even in ht. i compared these speakers before and ended up with the 20's.
  7. Ariel

    Surrounds to match my Paradigm Studio 20's??

    i had the studio20 before and atoms as surround. the atoms can hold their own as surround. as for overpowering them, it will depend on your listening preferences but on my experience, they can go very loud before you reach their peaks.
  8. Ariel

    Paradigm Reference Servo-15

    it is hard to verify that the pw2200 will outgun the servo15 as there is no newer comparison of the 2. the review of T.N was a few years back and different condition and the last that i read, paradigm has improved the driver in the servo15 (now servo15a - something like allowing the driver for a...
  9. Ariel

    DVD-Audio and receivers, questions abound...

    regarding speakers, if your player or receiver doesn't have the bass (analog) management for dvda, you need full range speakers all around or you can stick with your current speakers and add an external bass management equipment like the outlaw icbm.
  10. Ariel

    Paradigm Subwoofers

    I think that you can go for larger sub in your room depending on your preferences. i had the pdr12 and it is a musical sub in its price range. Eventually i moved up to the servo15. my room is just a bit bigger than your's.
  11. Ariel

    What Paradigms for a 11.5x14 size room

    if you really want paradigm, go for the studio 20.
  12. Ariel

    Trade in Bagend Infra-18 for Paradigm Servo-15.

    i am not sure if it is the servo15a but according to paradigm, the driver update was in the late 90's. the surround for the driver was increased from 5/8" to 1" allowing for a greater excursion.
  13. Ariel

    Trade in Bagend Infra-18 for Paradigm Servo-15.

    the review of TN if i can remember is sometime in 1996 or 97? the servo15 had a major driver upgrade in the late 90's (got this info from AVS guest forum) so the performance of the newer made subs are much better.
  14. Ariel

    What amp/pre-pro/receiver for a "brighter" sound with Paradigm Reference?

    to have a "brighter" sound, try to look around your room. there might be too much high-freq. sound absorbing materials around. this maybe a cheaper alternative.
  15. Ariel

    tower vs bookshelf

    you definitely will get more quality with a higher end bookshelf speaker than the lower level floorstander. a good sub will take care of the low freq. however, this is dependent on the size of the room and how loud you want to listen. generally, towers can handle more power therefore can play...
  16. Ariel

    New Rotel Receiver - Model 1055

    the rsx1055 is in the rotel site. it is still not posted in their current product line but you can download the owner's manual from the resource center. It is similar to the rsx1065 but only rated at 75watts per channel. there are preamp outputs but no assignable power amp input as in the harman...
  17. Ariel

    What are some of the best looking 5.1 speakers?

    i heard the revel gems a few times and they are fantastic speakers and expensive too.
  18. Ariel

    What music to test my subwoofer?

    check out Link Removed
  19. Ariel

    Are towers always better than bookshelfs?

    towers are not always better than bookshelf speakers but it may be the reverse. if you will compare the sound quality of tower vs. bookshelf of the same brand at the same price, the bookshelf will always be better in the mids, highs and whatever bottom it can output (i mean the quality not...
  20. Ariel

    ? about plugging the ports on a sub

    i tried plugging my pdr12 before to improve the performance but it just got worse. try to find the optimal placement and if the result is still not up to your expectation, then it's time to find a better sub.
  21. Ariel

    Servo-15 dammaged?? Newbie need help

    playing it loud won't damage the unit. i have the servo15 and have tried to get the max. spl at different freq. on many occasions and it doesn't break down. the spl just stops getting higher (the servo limiting circuitry prevents this from happening)
  22. Ariel

    If you were me, would you upgrade to the Paradigm Reference series?

    if you have a small room, the bookshelf reference speakers will be easier to setup and cheaper. i will suggest that you get 3 pairs of studio20 and buy a very good subwoofer.
  23. Ariel

    Is there a big jump in quality upgrading Paradigm Titans to Mini-monitors?

    from my experience and after listening to the paradigm speakers for many times, the sound is not so different within the series. there are differences but not much (excluding bass) maybe because they share the same type of drivers. when i upgraded from the performance series, i skipped the...
  24. Ariel

    SVS pci info is here!!!

    norman, know anybody in the Philippines who has the SVS sub? i really like to hear and see one.
  25. Ariel

    Receiver vs. separate amplifier question

    thanks for the replies. i just needed more opinions from those who went to this configuration as from my experience, i usually don't notice the difference on just one or two listening sessions and on a few materials only. i will be upgrading my onkyo575 and i was caught up in the "separate...
  26. Ariel

    Receiver vs. separate amplifier question

    Majority of what i read is there is a significant improvement in sound especially in the bass department if a separate amp is used to drive speakers. My question is what if the speakers are set to small (plus an active sub & receiver crossover @ 80hz), will there still be a big improvement in...
  27. Ariel

    Paradigms & Classical Music

    don't know the size of your room and listening preferences but if you have a small room, the paradigm bookshelf (studio20 or 40) will be enough, easier to setup and you can save some money for other equipments.
  28. Ariel

    Paradigm adp170 vs. adp370 vs. adp ref. w/c one?

    i was able to listen to dipoles today with more materials and Howard_s is right. the adp170 really sounded too thin and has a different sound from the ref. series. however, the adp370 and studioadp's sounded very close and i guess that if i did not see what was hooked up, i cannot guess which...
  29. Ariel

    is it worth it to upgrade from pdr10 to boston pv600 or pv800?

    the pv1000 is nice sub and small footprint. i listened to this sub when i was shopping for a sub upgrade. however if you want something that goes loud down to 20hz then it might not suit your need. i upgraded my pdr12 to servo15 and im very happy with my decision.
  30. Ariel

    Paradigm adp170 vs. adp370 vs. adp ref. w/c one?

    okay, ill try to listen again next week. the last time i listened was only for a short time so i might not be able to notice the difference.