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  1. ChromeJob

    Jargon watch: image issue terms explained, myths dispelled

    Feeling left out, baffled, unclear if what you're seeing is what another user or reviewer is complaining about? Having trouble getting through a review with technobabble you just don't understand? Want to learn more about what makes a BD release a good image, or a bad one? Don't worry, HTF is...
  2. ChromeJob

    Yamaha "Subwoofer trim" function ... what's it really do, Yamaha? ;)

    Just for fun... Mostly. My RX-V775 manual defines the Subwoofer trim feature (under Options | Volume trim) as "Fine-adjusts the subwoofer volume." Pretty simple. Tweak your subwoofer gain (without going into Setup, Manual Setup, Level). Got it. But the Yamaha product page for the RX-V675...
  3. ChromeJob

    BIC vs Klipsch subs ... which to buy? (models mentioned in thread)

    So as the subject indicates ... I'm shopping for an economical Sub to augment my Bose 401s (which reach down to about 30Hz, but there's some wavering from 50 to 90). I'm not looking for huge, thudding, thrumming bass. I want tight, accurate, clean low freqs, ideally down to 25Hz before dropping...