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  1. Aaron Cohen

    Scary Movie 3 Audio problem

    Did anyone else pick up this dvd this week? I blind bought it just for the heck of it as I was in the mood for a comedy, and was actually pleasantly surprised by it. There were more than a few instances where I laughed quite loud. However, the audio, specifically the 5.1 audio track, sounded...
  2. Aaron Cohen

    Problem with my DA4ES

    Hi, I have the Sony DA4ES which I have owned for about 6 months. I have it hooked up to an Axiom surround sound setup (for those that know these speakers I have the VP150 center channel, QS8 surrounds, will soon have the M60Ti front speakers, and a VTF-2 sub from hsuresearch) and it has worked...
  3. Aaron Cohen

    Trying to play a Dolby Digital track, what do I need to do?

    I am having difficulty playing a Dolby Digital 5.1 track. What do I need to do? I have the STRDA4ES Sony Reciever and just got it hooked up with my speakers and subwoofer tonight. The first thing I checked out was the Saving Private Ryan DTS dvd which sounded AMAZING. I also checked out Moulin...
  4. Aaron Cohen

    I have 2000 dollars and am lookin for speakers (I already have a reciever)

    Hi, I have 2000 dollars to spend and looking for speakers and a subwoofer. I already have a reciever (STR-DA4ES Sony Reciever). What would everyone recommend? I went in to Best Buy today and looked at the Klipsch speakers for a bit. They had left and right channels for 650 for both, center...
  5. Aaron Cohen

    Newly released Abyss 2-disc set with different cover art (Phooey on Fox)

    What is Fox's problem? They have had an unbelievable amount of time and several chances to get this film an anamorphic release. But they dropped the ball yet again! Upon seeing the new cover art and thinking that it would not simply be a re-release of the exact same product, I was hoping for the...
  6. Aaron Cohen

    34XBR800 problems

    I posted a little bit about this here a bit ago but wanted to update you. My set has a laundry list of problems and from posting on avsforum.com and after hearing what my tech had to tell me it sounds like these are all just problems with the set.... I find it hard to believe as these are...
  7. Aaron Cohen

    Please recommend me a Laser Disc player

    I finally bit the bullet and purchased the original Star Was Trilogy on laser disc and now need a player. Having never owned or known anyone that has owned a laser disc player I have absolutely no knowledge as to where to begin. I have heard that with laser disc players, getting a good quality...
  8. Aaron Cohen

    Anyone have any coupon codes for DVD Planet?

    I heard someone here a little bit ago mention that there were specific coupon codes to use at dvdplanet.com to get various savings on things like shipping and Criterion discs among other things. I am about to purchase "Tokyo Olympiad" and before I did I wanted to check if anyone knows any coupon...
  9. Aaron Cohen

    Replacing a television tube (was I lied to?)

    I belive this thread may have fallen victim to the server problems but as I've been unable to find an answer anywhere online I thought I might as well post it again here. I have the KV-34XBR800 34 inch Sony Widescreen flat screen HDTV. There were problems with it that the service tech I took...
  10. Aaron Cohen

    Narc dvd thread

    This dvd comes out Tuesday, what are your thoughts on it? I didn't catch it theatrically but was very interested in it. I found this review: http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=6613 in which it's boasted that "What was most pleasing about the transfer was the near-total lack of...
  11. Aaron Cohen

    2001 Special Edition coming?

    With the current deal running at Best Buy (2 dvd's for 20 dollars, many of them Kubrick titles) I was thinking of picking up "The Shining" and "2001". I was wondering though, will there be a Two-Disc Special Edition version of "2001"? I recall there was a bit of noise about the theatrical...
  12. Aaron Cohen

    New Sony widescreen set at Best Buy

    http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=...cat=24&scat=26 What the heck is this set? It looks identical feature by feature to the KV-34XBR800 yet this has a different number. Why? Is this a newer model? Everything about it looks the same...
  13. Aaron Cohen

    Tears Of The Sun superbit?

    I thought Training Day was highly enjoyable and was looking forward to picking up this DVD but I was concerned with it being Columbia/Tristar of the possibility/likelihood that a Superbit re-release would be coming out in the near future. Does anyone have any info on the possibility of one...
  14. Aaron Cohen

    My Sony STR-DA4ES is RUINED!

    I am new to the home theater market and spent months researching the reciever I found to be perfect for me: the Sony STR-DA4ES. Upon recieving it three months ago, I took it out of the box and messed around a bit with the controls and menu then put it back up as I am saving up to buy speakers to...
  15. Aaron Cohen

    KV-34XBR800 Is this burn-in????

    I've had this television since August and had nothing but trouble with wierd hazy lines on the side of the frame, warping in the corners, and what seems to be magnetic interference but have decided not to worry about these things until I move out of my college dorm in a few days because I called...
  16. Aaron Cohen

    American Graffiti DVD- good or bad transfer?

    I was wondering about the transfer quality of this dvd. I know it's an early dvd but it has just gotten a price cut at most of the major retailers and I was wondering if the transfer is worthwhile. Thanks!
  17. Aaron Cohen

    Where can I buy the Criterion Hearts and Minds dvd?

    I have been looking for this dvd forever. I know I can order it from many online retailers but have never gotten around to doing that. I prefer to just buy it in person. I finally decided to try and order it somewhere but I am leaving college in a couple days and unsure where my next address is...
  18. Aaron Cohen

    The Adventures of Antoine Doinel...worth buying?

    I see that Criterion is putting out a 5-disc boxed set of these films for 99.99 that is to be released this Tuesday. I believe all of the films except 400 Blows are being released by Criterion for the first time, with 400 Blows being a reissue of an out of print dvd. However, 400 Blows is...
  19. Aaron Cohen

    Edward Scissorhands dvd transfer quality?

    I just purchased this dvd and was a bit confused as to how red everyone's face is.... Is this how it was theatrically? On the VHS the faces were nowhere NEAR this red. Was that a problem with that or the DVD transfer? I read nothing but good things about the transfer (including the digital bits)...
  20. Aaron Cohen

    What movie has the song "Living On A Prayer" in it?

    This is friend of mine's favorite song and I recall watching a dvd recently that featured the song at one point...I can't for the life of me remember what it was. I recall it being a movie from the 80's. Anyone know of any movies that feature this song? Thanks!
  21. Aaron Cohen

    Ghosting on the KV-34XBR800

    Hi, I have this widescreen HDTV and last night was watching hockey on ESPN and ESPN2. I noticed huge outlines following every player on the ice. Is this what is known as ghosting? I couldn't really tell if it was happening on other channels. Is this most likely something with my tv or the...
  22. Aaron Cohen

    Will all new Universal DVD's come in cases like Far From Heaven's?????????

    I just bought Far From Heaven and was surprised to find that at least for this title Universal changed the dvd cases they had been using for quite some time..... There are now two flaps on the side you open the DVD case that must be pushed open before the case can be opened. Is there any point...
  23. Aaron Cohen

    Any news on a possible dvd version of "Reds"?

    So....any news?
  24. Aaron Cohen

    Question about Suspiria Limited Edition DVD

    I was considering picking this up but was wondering if this film would be a good blind buy. I am a fan of both foreign films and horror so I was thinking I would like it a lot from what I've heard. My main question is whether I should purchase the three-disc limited edition set for 22.99 or...
  25. Aaron Cohen

    Why is Ringu 24.99????

    This seems a bit much for this disc at least to me....I've payed 50 and 60 for single discs Crieterion releases but for some reason I was expecting this disc to have a low retail price. This is the price it is going to be sold at at Best Buy....does anyone know anywhere else that this is cheper at?
  26. Aaron Cohen

    Anyone know if there are plans for an "Intruders" dvd?

    I don't know how much interest there is for this film but I would be interested in finding out if there are any plans for any studio to release this film on dvd!
  27. Aaron Cohen

    Odd question about the DA4ES

    I am currently playing dolby digital 5.1 tracks with the use of four speakers and choosing that I do not have a center channel, a rear surround, or a subwoofer. I have them hooked up through multi-channel direct 1. I understand that I need to hit the multi-channel button once on the front of the...
  28. Aaron Cohen

    Question about watt output for the Sony DA4ES

    Hi, I have no speakers yet for my STR-DA4ES but wanted to test it. A friend has small bookshelf speakers that handle up to about 60 watts. I believe that the DA4ES outputts 120 watts per channel. Would it be safe to hook up these speakers just to test them out or would it immediately blow them...
  29. Aaron Cohen

    TV interface for STR-DA4ES

    I just purchased this reciever and am trying to figure out how to access the on-screen tv menu. I was under the impression that it had one. Can anyone help me out???? Thanks!
  30. Aaron Cohen

    Should home theater discs such as Avia be used on all televisions, not just RPTV's?

    I was wondering if it would be worth it for me to purchase an Avia setup disc.... I have the 34 Inch Sony Widescreen Trinitron XBR HDTV television. I have heard much about the Avia set-up disc but it always seems to be used when referring to RPTV's....is it worth it to use it on my television?