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  1. moviebuff75

    Bumpers, Billboards, etc.

    Were tv openings for tv movies and miniseries placed on the actual film of the show, or were they on separate reels? I am currently looking for the bumpers for ABC's ROOTS (both the 1977 and 1978 airings.) I was just wondering if they would have been attached to the show or not. I have seen...
  2. moviebuff75

    VHS Sound Mixing

    Were films remixed for the vhs release back in the day? Example, would a film in mono still have to be mixed on the vhs? Would a new composite track have to be produced?
  3. moviebuff75

    The Bible (1966)

    The blu-ray has Intermission music while the card stays on screen. Did the original theatrical prints also have Entr'Acte music or is this the correct presentation? Also, I have never seen a screen credit for D-150 on any home video version.
  4. moviebuff75

    Willy Wonka (1971) Audio Alteration

    The film was originally released in mono. I remember during the song I'VE GOT A GOLDEN TICKET, as Grandpa and Charlie are finishing the song, they round the table, Mrs. Bucket yells wait, they finish the song, and she says Stop! In the mid 1980s, it was released on vhs. This time, the Wait! is...
  5. moviebuff75

    Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol Blu-Ray

    This blu-ray looks nice, but they used too much DNR. The "All Alone In The World" sequence is marred by heavy use of it. The words and images on the chalkboard completely disappear during a pan. I hope someday this classics gets the real restoration it deserves, and not just a cleanup and...
  6. moviebuff75

    Pee Wee's Playhouse....odd error

    On the PWP bluray Season One, Episode 9 "Monster in the Playhouse," there is a weird error at around 13:00. When Pee Wee turns off the lights, there is special "eyes in the dark" animation. For a few frames, there are white outlines around all of the eyes. I know they had to recomposite the film...
  7. moviebuff75

    Scanning error?

    I was watching an episode of WONDER WOMAN on blu-ray and noticed that in a 15 min. span, every single shot started with a zoom out effect. The dvd doesn't do this. What happened?
  8. moviebuff75

    Classic TV Westerns

    I always avoided collecting this genre for some reason. I only had "The Big Valley" and "The Loner." I am now collecting "Bonanza" and "The Wild, Wild West." I don't need every western ever made, but I would like some opinions as to what I should have in my collection to make it well-rounded. I...
  9. moviebuff75

    The New, Original Wonder Woman

    I wish WB would release the first three episodes of WW under their original title on Blu-ray. They were ABC specials before it went to series. The pilot was available in two cuts: one more serious in tone. The animated opening was also slightly different.
  10. moviebuff75

    Puff the Magic Dragon Specials

    I love these three specials. I noticed something odd about the second one. PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING LIES aired in Oct. 1979 on CBS. However, the opening title card says Copyright 1980. Why would a show have to be copyrighted again for reruns? (It aired again the next...
  11. moviebuff75

    Masada...which version?

    There is the 2007 release at 394 minutes and, according to Amazon, a 2016 release at 383. Does anyone have the 2016 version? Is it complete?
  12. moviebuff75

    The Incredible Hulk Logo Question

    I just purchased a newly-released (2014) edition of "The Incredible Hulk Season 1" on dvd. The episodes do not contain a Universal Television closing logo. If you purchased one of the previous versions of Season 1, can you let me know if the logo appears on them? Thanks!
  13. moviebuff75

    Fraggle Rock Error

    I have the 30th Anniversary set by Vivendi. There is a sound error during Season 2: "Red's Club." It sounds like interference when a speaker goes out. It only lasts a second, but it is really loud. I believe they are presenting the show in its original stereo on this release. I have the old...
  14. moviebuff75

    RIP Gordon Willis

    One of the greatest cinematographers of all-time has died. He will be missed, but his work will live on forever.
  15. moviebuff75

    Buying a 7.1 Receiver

    I have a question, that's probably silly to most of you. I want to upgrade to a 7.1 system, but every one I have looked at has different style ports for the speaker connections than my speaker wire. My speakers are from Sony and have a clip like connector at the end of the wire, but the...
  16. moviebuff75

    Roots-any word?

    Has anyone heard anything about "Roots" on blu-ray? I contacted the Library of Congress, because I read that they projected 35mm prints. They told me that they were gifted brand new 35mm prints of the original 1977 eight part series in 2010 from WB. This was the original ABC version, but new...
  17. moviebuff75

    Dick Van Dyke Show Blu-Ray Question

    I watched the second episode of this classic series and the end credits music is practically clipped off by the Paul Brownstein logo. Starting with the third episode, there is more breathing room between the credits and the logo. The dvd of the second episode is not like this. Did they muck up...