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    These Two Sound Bars -- Which Would You Recommend?

    I’m in the middle of a gradual makeover of my HT. First step will be to replace very old failing BR player with a Panasonic UB820 4K. Next will be an upgrade to a SONY OLED TV and a new sound bar. (Prefer sound bar over receiver/speakers due to room constraints and desire for simplicity and...
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    4K Blu Ray Player Recommendation

    Need to replace very old Panasonic Bly Ray player, as it now requires several attempts to load discs before it finally agrees to read them. Though I don't yet own a 4K TV, I ultimately will, so I plan to "future proof" the B/R player purchase by buying a 4K model. Price is not a sensitive...
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    Powerline Adapters

    My 10 year-old Cisco power line adapter just fried, after working great throughout its life. Need to replace it, but can't find one that fits my needs. Cisco pair had one unit with one ethernet port to plug into my router. The second unit had four ports, three of which I use in a distant...
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    Failing HDMI Cables

    I've just had 2 HDMI cables fail within 30 days of one another. They have little in common, so it seems odd. #1: Brand name (Forest), connecting Blu-ray player to TV, 9 year-old cable, never moved, jostled, etc. #2: Cheapo (AmazonBasics), connecting Apple TV 4K to TV, failed after only 4...
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    Unplanned Obsolescence

    The heart of my 9 year-old HT -- Sony KDL 46EX700 LCD TV and Panasonic DMP-BD65 Blu-Ray Player -- continue to perform flawlessly. I feel no need, and am in no rush to replace them now (though at some future point plan to make the jump to OLED). But a "gotcha" has thrust me into doing something...