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  1. Dave Crigna

    FS:Magnepan full HT speakers

    ygm and bump
  2. Dave Crigna

    New 3-way design posted

    Thanks for the added info Dan:emoji_thumbsup: For those intersted, I emailed madisound about the seas mids and they said it should be avaiable by mid march...
  3. Dave Crigna

    New 3-way design posted

    Dan, very nice design as usual...;) Can you tell me who has the seas mca15 already in stock, or when it will be in stock??? Also have you done you own set of measurements on the driver itself??
  4. Dave Crigna

    Behringer Europower 2500: OK for Tumult?

    Great site, I can not believe you think that is a crude website you made. Another question on the fan noise. Is the fan variable speed? If so, when you measured it, was that at full tilt? And, how much of a difference us there between regular operation and really pushing it? Again thank...
  5. Dave Crigna

    6" id pvc port, where?

    Actually this is for my friends sub enclosure. I will pass along all the great info. Thanks again:emoji_thumbsup: Also isn't there a rule of thumb to go by, if a port is x in diameter, you do not want to go longer than y length? I thought it was 5x. Is this correct?
  6. Dave Crigna

    6" id pvc port, where?

    Hey guys, I live in the los angeles area and need to know where I can find 6" (by 25" length) diameter pvc tubing to make a port. L have checked the big stores hd and lowes and a few other places and the biggest they carry is 4" id. Any suggestions would be great. If I can not get 6" tubing...
  7. Dave Crigna

    FS: 2 DIY Sealed 12" Subs

    I have to give a bump to some awesome subs....yes I have heard them when the previous owner had them...600.00 is a steal of a price....:emoji_thumbsup:
  8. Dave Crigna

    Adire's latest product (Read: 12+ Tumults in 1)

    My two favorite parts... "So how far can you go? A 48" x 48" panel would be about the limit. Pretty easy to stretch the motor to 12" of peak-to-peak stroke, so that would be around 16 cubic FEET of displacement (over 450 liters of linear displacement" That would be kind of cool to watch...
  9. Dave Crigna

    Behringer Europower 2500: OK for Tumult?

    Thanks for the update... Where are you measuring 105bd @20hertz from? Seating position? Also how bad is the fan noise when its going full stream?
  10. Dave Crigna

    Best spray or roll on truckbed liner?

    Allan, do you use the cheap .99 interior/exterior spray paint at wal-mart as your primer, or do you use there regular primer, then the liner spray?
  11. Dave Crigna

    Projector Screen Stewart? Dalite?

    You may also want to check out www.carada.com you get alot of screen for the money. From what I hear there c/s is second to none.
  12. Dave Crigna

    How good is the av12?

    You know some people around here need to take a chill pill. John, thank for posting the info you did before and after the edited version. As far as the samson issue goes, well as everyone else has said, just talk with the musicians or people in the live sound industry and you soon find out...
  13. Dave Crigna

    SimAudio vs Odyssey

    Well, if you are talking new equipment I would take the odyssey mono's over the w3, but if your not opposed to buying used then its a different ball game. Used you can pick up a w5 for about the same or even less than a new pair of odyssey mono's and that would be a much closer comparison. For...
  14. Dave Crigna

    SoCal DIY Speaker Event

    Bring them. I am sure someone there will wan to take a listen...
  15. Dave Crigna

    The not so Flexy Rack. (My DIY High End Rack)

    I gotta say that looks pretty f**k'n cool!!! :D You better put a patent on that bad boy.
  16. Dave Crigna

    How to tell 4x or higher DLPs?

    The only one I can think of is the sharp dt-200. It goes for 2500.00 local retail now, has a 5x six segment color wheel, 4:3 native but only 800 x 600. contrast 1200 and ansi 600 lumens. Go to www.projectorcentral.com , they did a review on it along with the long throw version xv-z90.
  17. Dave Crigna

    SoCal DIY Speaker Event

    I'm there!!! Have you got your tumult yet Tony? Maybe I should bring mine ( just the raw driver ).
  18. Dave Crigna

    Tumult: Rubber gasket?

    ok, Tony has lost it, Please step away from the thread sir, step away.:D
  19. Dave Crigna

    Who wants one of these 18"ers???

    OHH NOOO!!!! I see the wheels in Tony's mind working again.:D Jim, just curious if you know how close this 18" driver is to the one T.C. is making for eclipse car audio? Will it be field servicable like there's? If you blow it, you just unscrew the basket from the magnet structure and ship...
  20. Dave Crigna

    Survey: Tumult, where is yours?

    Geez Dan, touchy aren't we. With all the B.S. that has happened with your tumult, you can not be surprised with the response you are getting. Adire has great products, and upto the time of the whole tumult pre-order , adire c/s was second to none. But, you guys completely dropped the ball on...
  21. Dave Crigna

    Survey: Tumult, where is yours?

    MIA of course:frowning: Hey Tony, funny how Dan had time to post in the 18" thread but not respsond to your email. Maybe your emailed wound up in the same place place our tumults did. :D
  22. Dave Crigna

    Where to demo front projectors in the L.A. area?

    Can anyone recommend a place that sell front projectors in the Los Angeles area? I am willing to go as far east as Rancho C., south to Orange County, and to the west Los Angeles. I am looking for an fp that goes for under 5K, dlp or lcd. Thanks in advance. Dave Also if you know of an...
  23. Dave Crigna

    Who wants one of these 18"ers???

    Are you doubting that all pre-order tulmults were to be finished by the end of the week 5/2 and that we should be checking our tracking #'s for activity? What are you thinking Seth? I am really beginning to think this is becoming a ups conspiracy and someone at ups has hijacked our driver...
  24. Dave Crigna

    What kind of speaker wires do you use ?

    Ok Chris that one was just plain bad.:D
  25. Dave Crigna

    Who wants one of these 18"ers???

    Hey Tony, maybe we can go halves on a driver til we both get our tumults. I can use it during the week and you get it on the weekend. :D Or the other way around. We can use your pr enclosure you built for the tumult and just put another 3/4" front baffle over the hole to fit the 18 incher...
  26. Dave Crigna

    10" for $300 or under with good SQ, can it be done?

    I agree with Brian, a 12" shiva sealed with the pe 250w plate amp will be a killer combo that will match very well with your titans. For the money you will be hard to find better. Plus you will not have to upgrade later when you are out of the apartment and want more bass. And if the sealed...
  27. Dave Crigna

    What kind of speaker wires do you use ?

    Hey Hank, any chance we can get a group buy going for the Tibetan Yak Foreskin?:D It seems you are the only one who has the source for this. Plus it could come in handy with your other project in the tumult review thread involving the nurse. :D Seriously, so far in my lsitening sessions with...
  28. Dave Crigna

    Who wants one of these 18"ers???

    Pre-Order? Did I hear the words PRE-ORDER? Group buy is much better sounding. Any chance I can get one before my tumult shows? At its current rate of progress it should be here by the end of the year:D
  29. Dave Crigna

    Tumult reviews

    Count me in the group of unshipped tumults.:frowning: Oh what the hell is another two week delay. It will just save me more money on my electric bill. Hey Brian, are the two tumults you just received the ones you sent out to be rebuilt? If so, how was the job they did on the rebuild?