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    Chuck Williams's ISF Caibration of my Mitsu 55819

    A few months back I had my Mitsubishi 55819 55" HDTV calibrated by Chuck Williams. Over the last two months, the TV has been a complete joy to watch. While ISF calibration can be pricy, I would rather have an ISF calibrated $2000 set than a non-calibrated $3000 one any day, and you'd still save...
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    ISF Calibration by Chuck Williams

    I just wanted to mention that two days ago I had my Mitsubishi 55819 calibrated by Chuck Williams. He was very professional and obviously has an ocean of experience. The job he did was top notch. If you are thinking of having a set calibrated and have the means to do so, it is worth it...
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    ISF Calibration in Northern Virginia?

    I have a Mitsubishi 55819 55" HDTV I have had for about a year. I love the set, and regularly calibrate brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, and convergence with the THX Optimizer. I think its time to go into the big-leagues, though. I am interested in finding out who I might contact about...
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    Panasonic S-35K Progressive DVD player opinions?

    I remember that last year's Panasonic progressive scan DVD player was using a Faroudja multiplier chip to rebuild the progressive frame from the original source. I am sure this had little difference from the other progressive dvd players on the market but overall I found the RP-62 dvd player to...
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    Is 75db reference level too loud?

    I know this has been answered before but how many people find that after setting their system to the 75db reference level their system is just too loud. Granted I live in an apartment but last night after tuning my system with the THX Optimizer on Moulin Rouge and then trying to listen to the...
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    Self Tuning / calibrating receivers?

    I heard of a receiver that was able to self calibrate itself. You held the remote and / or an attached microphone in your primary seating position and it self tuned the speakers for an equal frequency response across all of the main speakers. Has anyone seen this feature in other receivers...
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    Powered Speakers?

    I noticed a trend a couple of years ago for self-powered speakers or speakers with built-in powered subwoofers. I like the idea of a self contained speaker that can go from 20hz to 20khz in a single box but I understand the issues with a built-in sub and non-ideal positioning. Is the...
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    Home Theater Direct Level 1 or 2?

    I have a lot of people who are interested in buying home theater systems on the cheap. The home theater direct products seem to be an excellent option for the choice. Has anyone done a serious comparison of the Direct Level 1s and 2s to similar price/performance setups? Would I be totally...