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  1. John Sparks

    Why I Own So Many Movies.

    Well, just ordered; LASERBLAST BD SE, JIVARO BD 3D; CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN BD(UK) and of course...AQUAMAN BD 3D (USA) VENOM BD(Germany)3D, MORTAL ENGINES BD 3D and THE GRINCH BD 3D(USA). Oh, and I ordered another pair of Valueview 3D glasses!!! A boat load of super movies coming my way...
  2. John Sparks

    Why I Own So Many Movies.

    I've always loved watching movies, so much so that I went to the Saturday morning kidde matinee almost every Saturday when I was a young kid. I've been collecting since you could tape old movies from cable onto VHS (100s) when cable was first introduced. I owned only 1 real VHS tape and that...