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  1. RayJK

    Outboard phono preamps - Parasound, NAD or Rotel?

    If you had to choose which of these three would you take and why?
  2. RayJK

    Preferred way to wire 4 ohm DVC?

    Is the a more preferred way to wire up 2 sets of 4 ohm voice coils? Should it be paralleled voice coils and woofers wired in series or series voice coils and woofers wired in parallel? Or does it matter at all?
  3. RayJK

    Sub drivers....opinions please

    The giant sub box is not dead yet. I've come up with this driver to do a double duty either in a ported or sealed environment. I'll be using 2 drivers in parallel and the specs are: Box Physical VB: 2380L FS: 17.5 hz RE: 7.32 Ohm QMS: 11.94 QES: .43 SD: 1159 Cm2 VAS: 423.2 L XMAX: 14...
  4. RayJK

    Pic test

    I gotta work on my pics
  5. RayJK

    More giant sub box questions

    Once again I come to the experts for rescue. My storage room sub has grown! I thought the room was only 4' deep and once I emptied it out I found it was 6' deep. This means my room volume has grown to 2385 L taking into account bracing and a port volume estimate. The questions I have are...
  6. RayJK

    Car sub, Home use?

    I ran across this in my wanderings over the net. http://www.thezeb.com/caraudio/audiobahn_specials.html Specs are: AW1805X Fs 21.9 Hz Qts 0.41 Qes 0.44 Qms 5.4 Vas 142 Liters Vas 5.0 Cu. Ft. Re 3.15 ohms Le 1.95 mH Xmax +/-25 Pmax 1200 watts EBP 50 Freq...
  7. RayJK

    Large...really large box for sub

    Gentlemen, long time lurker(years) but first time poster. I've come to the experts to help with this idea I have. I have a small storage space under the stairs of my HT room. The half door to access it is located 5' from the right front corner of the room facing across the width. The total...