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  1. Lee L

    Xbox cooling fan dying, anyone know what size it is?

    About every other time I turn my Xbox on, I get the tell tale sound of a fan bearing going. After 15-20 minutes it dimishes and goes away. Anyone else have to replace their fan and know the size before I open it up twice? TIA
  2. Lee L

    Question abuot IPod/U2 commercial

    In the commercial for the IPod with U2 singing, the song starts with a count: uno, dos, tres, catorce. Is this an actual U2 song or is it just for the commercial, and if so, why are they counting 1, 2, 3, 14? The first time I heard it I thought maybe they meant 1, 2, 3, 40 since there is a 40...
  3. Lee L

    RIP XMPCR, we hardly knew ye!

    If you have not been following other forums, it appears that the XM PCR has been taken off the market due to the fact that someone came up with some recording software for it. I actually had been thinking about getting one recently (not for recrding, just listening in the office) but now I'm...
  4. Lee L

    Talk about overexposure, how about "Clocks" by Coldplay?

    I just have to say that I am so tired of "Clocks" turning up either as background or bumper music for just about every sporting event on TV in the last year. The latest is ABC golf coverage where they use a redone version for pretty much everything. Why is it that certain songs just get beat...
  5. Lee L

    Anyone have any contact info for Target Corporate?

    A few weeks ago, my wife saw a metal and fabric Gazebo that she thought would be great for out patio. Every Target in the area has this same Gazebo on display and several have some showing in inventory on the computer, yet they do not have any in the store or know when one might be coming...
  6. Lee L

    Looking for an inexpensive white subwoofer cable

    I am looking for a relatively inexpesnive subwoofer cable for a friend. Needs to be at least 15' long cost around $30 if possible and be white. Every white cable I see is 50 bucks or more and every lower priced cable is black. Should I just tell him to go to Rat Shack and then Home Depot to get...
  7. Lee L

    Been to the Nissan Pavilion outside DC? I have a question for you.

    My wife and I , and some friends are going to the Nissan Pavilion for the Buffett concert this Sat. The website for the Nissan PAvilion says that no grills are allowed. Anyone who has been to a Buffett show knows this would be a major downer. I called and the lady at the Nissan Pavilion office...
  8. Lee L

    Boston people, I need some directions

    My wife needs to get from the airport to Marlborough. She must go up peridically as the company she works for is based there and has been there a few times in a cab but will be renting a car as she will be there for a few days. A couple of months ago she also rented a car and got lost because of...
  9. Lee L

    Hildi Santo-Tomas still must be stopped!!!

    No forum breakdown gets her a reprieve from me. Hildi Santo Tomas on Trading spaces has got to be the worst interior designer ever. Lets go over the evidence against her: This past weekend, she did a dining room in all black, inlcuding the ceiling, made some crappy light fixture out of...
  10. Lee L

    Anyone ever get vertigo playing games?

    A thread in after hours reminded me of this. Does anyone ever get vertigo or just that weird uneasy afraid of heights feeling playing games? I have on games like MOH Frontline, on the bridge, I went to the top to snipe some guys and just about couldn't move when I almost walked off the beam. In...
  11. Lee L

    What's the latest on the Soprano's?

    Any more rumors on the start of Season 5 of the Soprano's? Last I had read, it was Sept but after seeing that they are early in season 2 the other night and realizing there are only 15 or 16 weeks unitl the first part of Sept, unless HBO starts showing 2 episodes a night or just starts season 5...
  12. Lee L

    Mechwarrior movie?

    http://www.cinecon.com/news.php?id=0302271 A little crossover into the Movies forum but I figured I would post this here.
  13. Lee L

    Splinter Cell Help, please.

    I need a little help. I am in the lobby of the Chinese Embassy where you have to shimmy across the pole to the other side of the upper level of the lobby, drop down and grab a guy to get him to use the retinal scanner. I cannot drop down and get him without getting shot. Heck, half the time...
  14. Lee L

    UC players on Xbox Live, how often do you get dropped?

    Question for Unreal Championship players. How often do you get dropped when playing Live? I'm trying to rule out my connection. Sometimes I can play 10-15 games no problem but once things start getting glitchy, I get dropped once every 5 games or so at times. Is this what others are seeing...
  15. Lee L

    Computer programming gurus, please help

    I need to search the data in several spreadsheets to find matches. They are basically Excel sheets with rows of names and numbers. I need to find a way, preferably automatic, to take the value from cell B1 on the first sheet for example and then compare it to the values in cells B1:B300 on...
  16. Lee L

    I hope the cast of ER has their life vests on, those sharks they're jumping can bite!

    I think I'm all done with ER now. Last years disater of the week was a little much, then the longest death scene ever, but now, with the cliffhanger/season premier POX story and with the upcoming [spoiler]Flesh Eating Virus[spoiler/] alluded to in the description for the show of 10-31 this is...
  17. Lee L

    Saw a Wal-Mart ad this weekend...

    They had a page seperate from their other DVD's that had two pre-order DVD's, Spiderman and ATOC. I know ATOC is available MAR (not sure about Spidey) but they showed the Widescreen package for both films. If so many customers at Wal-Mart complain about widescreen, why didn't they put the...
  18. Lee L

    Jack Valenti is at it again

    I saw this article on MSNBC that has Jack showing the Senate Judiciary committee a priated copy of Gladiator in a hearing. He said that someone from the MPAA supposedly downloaded this off the internet and said something to the effect that no one would ever go to the movies again if this if...