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    HD DVD NO HDMI video/audio

    Hi all I want HD DVD!!!!!! But my system has no HDMI Am I **** out of luck or not? Digital audio out and in to my RF50 and component video out and in to my plasma? Have you done this how dose it work?????? YOUR 2 cents are welcome!!! Brian tj
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    OLDer PLASMA??

    Hi all I have enjoyed my Pioneer pdp 5030 hd!! But now I want HD DVDs and I have no HDMI !!! ? Am I out of luck or will component do the job? Has anyone done this? What do you think? Your 2 cents. is welcome! Brian tj
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    Super tight Bas is gone????

    Hi all I lost my tight BAS has anyone ever experienced this? Do I have a real problem? Am I just being a nut? Now don’t ask the name I am not reedy to blame them!!! I have really LOVED them for 2 years now! But watts up? They almost sounded fake the BAS was that tight! Now its just bas...
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    Mixing Tubes and SS

    Hi all I am looking at Audio Experience Concerto tube phono preamp to go with B&K ref-50 and 200.7 amp! your $0.02 Thanks
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    Looking for 4 awg gold pl spades?

    Yes I know I do not need 4 awg for speakers put wth Y not.:D Tanks Brian
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    Hi all Did any one ever yous a ISF tech person to set up HT plasma and 7 channel? was it worth the$$$? You can see my ARMORED HT at http://users.nac.net/armor/ Tanks
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    New HT web page

    Hi all I just started a home theater web page.:D Your 2 cents welcome. http://users.nac.net/armor/
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    Stuck pixels on plasma?

    Hi to all I have 5 stuck pixels spread out over my screen. Is this common problem or do I have BIG trouble:frowning: ? It is a plasma screen. Thanks
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    screen height

    Hi all Tomorrow I mount my plasma to the wall :D. How high do I mount it? Should the center be the same as my eyes?? It is 50 in and seats are 18 ft back. I think a little to far:frowning: ??
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    diy power cable

    I wont to by cable by the ft not the 1000 ft.and good source for plugs and things.And yes bin to parts ex.no belden cable THANKS
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    wiering 14g in wall 12g out

    The question is if I have 14g in the wall and I run 4ft 12g out side. Will I have a drop when the sound/current hits the 12g?:frowning: You see I had to move my surround speakers. I think the 12g will look cool, but can I do more harm than good.
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    Equipment to close for comfort

    Hi to all. Do I have to wary about EMI/RFI?:frowning: I have large amp 200.7 in close proximity with dvd,tuner,cd,tape,turntable and ex! Should I think of shielding the shelves? Tanks Brian
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    To shield or not to shield

    Hi to all I am new at this so pleas bear with me. I am worried about my large amp! EMFRF and any other noise! Allso any other components that mite be to close. Any hellp would be appreciated!!!:) Thanks Brian