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  1. Robert_J

    DIY 12" Sub Driver

    I documented this pretty good. You can watch it as a slide show and read the comments at the bottom of each slide. As a summary, I purchased a magnet and frame from a car audio site. I picked up the soft parts (cone, spider, voice coil, etc) from an Ebay seller. Since I didn't want to use...
  2. Robert_J

    What's it worth: Klipsch Home Theater Surround Sound System.

    Moderator's Note: We had a problem with Nick Stanley's first post in this thread. I have quoted it below as a way of showing the beginning of the conversation and retaining continuity. Thanks. --Mike Frezon Quote : Do you like the sound of the speakers? For some, Klipsch horn...
  3. Robert_J

    Building a Custom Sub Driver

    I've built a lot of subs but never built a driver from scratch. I've done a few recones and built a custom sub with a recone kit but never bought raw parts and started from a pile of parts. I finally did! The link below is Photobucket slideshow of my process with short descriptions of each...
  4. Robert_J

    FS: Dishnetwork 6023 HD Satellite System

    The complete system with the HD6000 receiver, Dish500 (Twin LNB), Dish300 (dual LNB) and a pair of SW21 switches for $350 + $35 shipping. This receiver never was my primary reciever (I always watched the Dishplayer) so it has less than a month's viewing on it. The remote and receiver are in...