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  1. Chris James

    Best Movie Theater in Vegas

    Heys guys, going to Vegas for the first time! But I'll be there for 4 days, and figured we'd catch a movie or two to keep from spending all my money. Anyone know of a really good theater out there (sound, niceness, etc)? Thanks for any help!
  2. Chris James

    Shiva or ISD for my 4Runner?

    Hey guys, I need some sub help for my 4Runner. I was thinking about two Shivas or ISDs from SVS. I am going to e-mail Erik at SVS to even see if I can buy one (I have already purchased a PCi). What do you guys think about these two? I think the Shiva can handle more power (600 max), but I'm more...
  3. Chris James

    Sony 57-WV600 or 57-WV700?

    Ok, I am going to get one of these SOON. Now, I need help deciding which I should get. From all the information I can find, the biggest difference is the new screen material on the 700 which helps off-center viewing. Is there anything else major that would make this set worth the extra price...
  4. Chris James

    Slow UPS, Too Much Waiting....Make Chris go Crazy!

    ***Following post worded for the Kubrick fans*** Wednesday (July 10th) ....Chris orders a 16-46PCi from SV Subwoofers. Then drives along a winding road in the mountains. Hums the tune from "Girl from Impanema." Thursday ....Chris gets some gas for more winding mountain road driving...
  5. Chris James

    Nervous about building this DIY sub

    Well guys, I'm getting kind of nervous about what I'm going to build. I am ordering a Shiva and an AVA250, and am going to use it for movies only. I had originally though about the Vented Adire Alignment, then to the Vented EBS. Any of you have these built? Opinions on these? Getting started...
  6. Chris James

    Shiva in vented Adire or SBB4?

    Hey guys, couple of questions for you. I'm going to build one of these two boxes, and I need a little help choosing which one. I like the little extra extension on the Adire, but I also like the extra spl of the SBB4. How much of a loss in overall output is there between the two? Could the port...
  7. Chris James

    Hi from a new guy.

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. This place looks to be very friendly and helpful, I am enjoying it very much. I just bought an Onkyo HT-S650 as my first personal(parents have a HarmonK[good]/Bose[ugh]) home theater set-up. I liked it better than the Kenwood 504, as it sounded a little...