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  1. Debbie_L

    ALR/Jordan speakers.......available in USA?

    I'm hoping someone among our membership can help me out with this -- not having any luck locating them on my own, but did contact the company in Germany via e-mail and am waiting to hear back. I am particularly interested in the ALR/Jordan Entry S -- it's a small 2-way speaker designed for...
  2. Debbie_L

    Rocket ELT-1 release date?

    Hi all, Rather than bug the folks at AV123 yet again, I thought I would check with other HTF members first to see if anyone has heard anything recently about the release date for the ELT-1 speaker system. Any info. would be much appreciated! :) Debbie
  3. Debbie_L

    Looking for a sturdy, reliable CD changer, suggestions?

    I am currently in the process of putting together my first HT system and have so far picked up two components: an HK 325 receiver and a Panasonic CP72 DVD player (5.1 speaker system and new HDTV-ready set to be determined over the next couple of months). My question concerns the purchase of a CD...
  4. Debbie_L


    I see "bump" in posts frequently. What does this mean?
  5. Debbie_L

    RP82 and CP72 can still be had at sane prices

    Since it seems a sort of national hysteria (albeit on a very small scale) has arisen over the hunt for these two players in recent days, I thought I would share my experiences in locating both the RP82 and CP72 this week. I had no problem locating several retail stores here in Salt Lake City...
  6. Debbie_L

    Looking for a good HT book for the novice

    Hi all, I have been something of a "lurker" here for the past couple of months, doing A LOT of reading, but no thread posting (until now). Can anyone recommend a good book for the novice on the subject of home theater? I am interested in something that covers all aspects of HT purchase...