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  1. Aaron Cohen

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Martin Scorsese Collection (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    Best Buy has the worst dvd prices nowadays. Check this box set for example. 50 bucks at Best Buy... How much at Wal-Mart? 38!! http://www.walmart.com/catalog/produ...A50705%3A50711 And yes, it is in stores. They are practically giving these movies away at that price. Roughly 18...
  2. Aaron Cohen

    Scary Movie 3 Audio problem

    Thanks for posting Paul. Perhaps there is a bad batch of discs?
  3. Aaron Cohen

    Any Word on a New "Signs" DVD

    I agree Grant. I thought the transfer was for the most part terrible. Some of the walls in the main house are just alive and at times look to be melting. Pathetic.
  4. Aaron Cohen

    Cover Art - Miracle DVD, a tale of two nations

    http://www.geocities.com/colosseum/b...mit/game1.html That's a good recap of the 8 game '72 Summit Series where Canada defeated the USSR. Definitely an amazing series.
  5. Aaron Cohen

    Scary Movie 3 Audio problem

    Noone else with the capability to play the 5.1 soundtrack of this dvd purchased it??
  6. Aaron Cohen

    Scary Movie 3 Audio problem

    Did anyone else pick up this dvd this week? I blind bought it just for the heck of it as I was in the mood for a comedy, and was actually pleasantly surprised by it. There were more than a few instances where I laughed quite loud. However, the audio, specifically the 5.1 audio track, sounded...
  7. Aaron Cohen

    Worst DVD covers!

    Horrible photoshop job on the heads. What the hell is wrong with the colors? Decent photoshop job but original poster was much better and the crowding of everything along with the god-awful font makes it look like a direct-to-video hack job (Plus it gives away a spoiler, kind of.)...
  8. Aaron Cohen

    WB's Police Academy 7-disc box-set: Press Release

    This is poor judgement on the part of Warner that I would only expect from the piece of crap Universal! Very sad...:thumbsdown:
  9. Aaron Cohen

    Panasonic PT-50LC13 thoughts/opinions?

    I bought mine right when it came out and have it in my dorm room. I love it. I used the Avia set up disc to calibrate it, I really would recommend picking that up or at the very least calibrating the colors using one of those THX optimizer functions that are present on some dvd's, offhand I...
  10. Aaron Cohen

    Columbia TriStar: What happened?

    Bill, I don't think it is being harsh to point out the absolutely unnaceptable audio problems on recent Columbia/Tristar releases such as Tears of the Sun, Identity, and Anger Management that somehow COMPLETELY eluded reviewers who said that these audio tracks sounded clear. On all three of...
  11. Aaron Cohen

    Superbits: reference for picture quality (I think not!)

    I think what confuses people and makes them think Superbit is something ultra special are the stupid stickers on the boxes that say "PLAYS IN ALL DVD PLAYERS!" That seems to imply that something special is done.....HAHAHAHAHA! The people that think Superbit DVD is a separate format entirely from...
  12. Aaron Cohen

    Just got a 16x9! I'm trying to figure out how much of my collection is Anamorphic!

    Stephen, both Alien and Aliens are anamorphic....
  13. Aaron Cohen

    Anger Management Widescreen DVD Audio Problems?

    Tony, if you did not hear it your copy most likely did not have the problem. I am beginning to think that this problem must be because of some way Columbia is producing the discs and that it is not happening to all but a good sized percentage is still experiencing the problem. It is obviously...
  14. Aaron Cohen

    Disney - Thanks for messing up Miyazaki's films!

    Just watch the subtitle track only. I never bother with dubbing. If you are looking for something to complain about on these titles, look to the out of sync audio on Kiki's Delivery Service (I distinctly remember a part where is taking off on her broom and the audio being very badly out of sync...
  15. Aaron Cohen

    Columbia : Please stop releasing DVDs with faulty audio

    I have this problem as well and find it unacceptable. The Anger Management 5.1 track drove me up the wall because of the terrible noises being emmitted by the center channel during the majority of the film. I just checked my copy of Identity and it has the problem as well. I do not own Tears of...
  16. Aaron Cohen

    Anger Management Widescreen DVD Audio Problems?

    So, does anyone out there have a copy of Anger Management where the 5.1 track does not have this problem???? Every review I have found online says the audio is perfectly fine. Either these guys aren't getting the defective discs or they are just getting a synopsis of the film from some database...
  17. Aaron Cohen

    Anger Management Widescreen DVD Audio Problems?

    From Mike Long's review on dvdtalk.com: "Audio The primary audio track on the Anger Management DVD is a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. The track delivers clear and audible dialogue which shows no hissing or distortion." WRONG From Aaron Bejerle's review on dvdtalk.com: "Audio quality...
  18. Aaron Cohen

    Anger Management Widescreen DVD Audio Problems?

    YES! I posted a thread about this problem a few weeks back and nobody responded but it got many views. I'm glad I'm not crazy and it's not my center channel screwing up. The sound is TERRIBLE on this disc. I would say enough to warrant a recall in my mind though I'm sure it would never happen...
  19. Aaron Cohen

    Details: The Hulk

    I will not be purchasing this disc due to the forced trailers (like on the Babe dvd) when you put the disc in. What crap. I will again be voicing my displeasure to Universal.
  20. Aaron Cohen

    DVD Review HTF Review: Scarface: Anniversary Edition

    Check out the beginning of chapter 28.... I have been trying to figure out what to call this effect for some time now...is it shimmering, compression artifacts, or what? I am viewing the film using a progressive scan dvd player (Sony DVP-NS715P) and it is hooked up to a 50 inch Widescreen LCD...
  21. Aaron Cohen

    A word about Yankee Doodle Dandy

    I just bought The Treasure of Sierra Madre today...have I screwed myself? I did not have the money to get all 3 releases and did not know there was a boxset.... Does the boxset include something exclusive? The Treasure of Sierra Madre disc is AMAZING.
  22. Aaron Cohen

    Is Dark City worth a blind buy at $10.00?

    Is it anamorphic? I have bought many New Line DVD's and know the way they designate whether the dvd is anamorphic or not and all signs on the dvd point to it not being anamorphic.... So, owners of the DVD, is it anamorphic or not?
  23. Aaron Cohen

    DVD Review HTF Review: Scarface: Anniversary Edition

    I LOVE the gift set! The design is really nice. I just now finished watching the original Scarface and was very pleased with all aspects of it. I was AMAZED that I recieved this in the mail today from freedvds.com Not only was it FREE but I got it before street date! Whoohoo! Knife in the Water...
  24. Aaron Cohen

    The omnibus UNIVERSAL forced trailer complaint thread

    Could someone that has called please post the number that they called and got through to someone? I need to tell someone at Universal how upset I am at their decision to screw me.
  25. Aaron Cohen

    The omnibus UNIVERSAL forced trailer complaint thread

    Rain, the trailers ARE before the actual menu so the first thing that you see when you put the disc in are trailers. I remember reading a news article a couple weeks back about how studios were finding out that forced ads at the beginning of dvd's were a great way to advertise because it would...
  26. Aaron Cohen

    Problem with my DA4ES

    Thanks for the reply Aaron. Yes, I have checked through test tones that no sound is being outputted to the left surround speaker. I just remembered that the time I turned on the reciever right before it started happening that it gave the normal Auto Decoding message on the front of the reciever...
  27. Aaron Cohen

    Problem with my DA4ES

    I used a new set of speaker wire and still....no sound. I swapped speakers just to make sure that problem was with the reciever and determined that it was....great. What could be the problem? Is there any way that I can figure out what the problem is?
  28. Aaron Cohen

    Problem with my DA4ES

    Hi, I have the Sony DA4ES which I have owned for about 6 months. I have it hooked up to an Axiom surround sound setup (for those that know these speakers I have the VP150 center channel, QS8 surrounds, will soon have the M60Ti front speakers, and a VTF-2 sub from hsuresearch) and it has worked...
  29. Aaron Cohen

    DVD Review HTF Review: Monty Python's The Meaning of Life SE + TRANSFER PROBLEM FEEDBACK

    Just called to get the mailer. Was considerably less painful than the call to get the Back To The Future discs for me. With that one, the woman on the other end stopped and put me on hold FOUR times after she stumbled on the reading of the script in front of her. She would come back on and start...
  30. Aaron Cohen

    Trying to play a Dolby Digital track, what do I need to do?

    Thank you very much for the responses! James, my dvd player was in fact set to convert Dolby Digital to PCM. I turned that off. I will try it again now to see if it works. Thanks!