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  1. Dave H

    What in the hell happened to (remastered) An American Werewolf in London?!

    It came from a 6K scan of the original negative according to Landis, but I watched the new Blu and it's a DNR mess - not just badly grain reduced, but weird looking digital manipulation and artifacts. RAH - what happened to the 'new' Universal?
  2. Dave H

    FS: JVC DLA-RS4810

    I’m selling my JVC DLA-RS4810 front projector which is a “B stock” model purchased from AVS. I’m only selling it because I am upgrading to a 2016 model, but I had to think hard about it as it does produce such an outstanding image. "B stock" means it was returned to JVC for one reason or another...
  3. Dave H

    For Sale: Panasonic 65" VT60 plasma - Chad B calibrated with Geek Squad warranty

    I have a 65" VT60 Panasonic plasma which has been calibrated by Chad B (Jan 2014) and is in excellent condition. It was purchased in May 2013. I am asking $2,645.00.The display also comes with a pair of 3D glasses.In addition, there is a transferable Geek Squad protection warranty valid until...
  4. Dave H

    Infinity Beta 50 (pair) speakers

    For $175 and in nice condition - available for local pick up only in the southeastern lower Michigan area. PM for any questions, thanks! Thanks.
  5. Dave H

    Infinity Beta C360 and 20 (pair) speakers for sale

    All three in excellent condition and available for local pick up only in the southeastern lower Michigan area. Beta C360 - $125 Beta 20s (pair) - $145 PM for any questions, thanks!
  6. Dave H

    Looking to buy or trade for King Kong HD DVD

    I'm looking to buy or trade for King Kong HD DVD. If used, must be in perfect condition with no glitches. I'm willing to trade Blazing Saddles HD DVD or Talladega Nights Blu-ray - each viewed once and in great shape. PM me. Thanks.
  7. Dave H

    HD DVDs for Sale: King Kong, Superman - The Movie, Clerks II, and The Last Samurai

    I'm getting of HD DVD for now, selling the few I have; prices include shipping via media mail. Confirmed Paypal as payment. King Kong - $20 Sold Superman - The Movie - $13Sold Clerks II - $18 Sold The Last Samurai - $16 Sold I will also consider trading these for Blu-ray titles...
  8. Dave H

    Sony CRT RPTV (Kp-57WS520) - Popping noise followed by convergence issue

    I have a two year old Sony KP-57WS520 (CTR RPTV). About three weeks ago I had a minor 2-3 second brown out at home. As a result, it threw off my TV's convergence a bit (most notably the right hand side of screen). I went into the service menu (very familiar with) and corrected it. Then...
  9. Dave H

    Is the Monoprice digital optical cable good?

    I'm looking for a good digital optical cable to use with my Toshiba HD-A2 and receiver - how is the Monoprice brand? I was going to go with Acoustic Research otherwise as I know they make quality stuff.
  10. Dave H

    FS: Denon DVD-2930CI

    I'm selling a three-month-old Denon 2930CI DVD player which utilizes the new Silicon Optix Reon processor (I need some extra cash). The player is in mint condition - I've used it for an average of 2-3 DVDs a week. Spec page: http://usa.denon.com/DVD-2930CILit.pdf I'm the original owner and...
  11. Dave H

    Home Theater Power Surge/UPS Unit

    I'm looking for a good home theater power surge/USP unit to connect my CRT RPTV, DVD player, receiver, etc. USP is important because I recently had a two minute brownout which messed up my set's convergence slightly. Every month or two there is always a power issue where I live (I've filed a...
  12. Dave H

    Possible convergence issue on CRT RPTV

    Well, it looks like there is a convergence issue with my set (Sony KP-57WS520). About a week ago, I did my periodic convergence tweak – getting everything aligned about as good as possible as usual. Tonight, when using Avia and looking at the 200Mhz Resolution pattern to check something on...
  13. Dave H

    FS: Oppo 970 DVD player

    I am selling a refurbished Oppo 970 unit bought directly from Oppo less than a couple of months ago. The player is in outstanding condition and has no issues. I have all of the original materials (including HDMI cable) and box. I'm only selling it because I bought a higher end Denon 2930CI...
  14. Dave H

    FS: Denon 2900 DVD player (mint condition)

    I'm selling a Denon 2900 DVD player. The unit is in outstanding condition, has the latest firmware update, and has had no issues at all. I will double box ship for extra protection. I can e-mail images upon request. I'm asking $395 + $30 for shipping/insurance (lower 48 states only)...
  15. Dave H

    FS: Sony DVP-NS3100ES

    I'm selling a one month old Sony DVP-NS3100ES DVD player that is in outstanding condition. It is silver and contains a five year warranty on parts and labor. I'm only selling the player because I need some extra money right now and am using a lower priced player instead. The price is $260...
  16. Dave H

    WTB: Denon 3910 DVD Player

    I'm interesting in purchasing a used Denon 3910. The player MUST pass blacker than black (BTB) and be in excellent condition, no issues, and with original packing. Thanks.
  17. Dave H

    Bad Center Channel?

    I have the Infinity Beta 360 center channel. While watching the Superbit Spider-man, with either DD or DTS track, at exactly 32:00 into the movie, music with fairly deep bass comes on through the center channel. For the several seconds it plays, the speaker almost sounds like it's...
  18. Dave H

    FS: Sony DVP-NS9100ES

    I'm selling a one month old Sony 9100ES DVD player in like-new condition. The player comes with a five-year warranty as I bought it from an authorized dealer. Receipt will be included with purchase. In addition, the player will be double boxed in shipment. I'm asking $799.00 plus $25.00 for...
  19. Dave H

    FS: Panasonic RV80 DVD Player

    An outstanding interlaced DVD player in excellent condition. It contains the remote and manual. I can e-mail you images upon request. Paypal preferred. $95.00 shipped.
  20. Dave H

    FS: Yamaha HTR-5240 receiver

    I'm the original owner of a Yamaha HTR-5240 receiver for sale. A great budget receiver in excellent condition and includes the remote and manual. I can e-mail images upon request. Check out the specs on Yamaha's page: http://www.yamaha.com/cgi-win/webcgi...R00010HTR-5240 $110.00 plus...
  21. Dave H

    The Untouchables - any word of a release?

    Does anyone know if the original The Untouchables is going to be released?
  22. Dave H

    FS: Velodyne 12" Subwoofer (CHT-12)

    I am selling a three-year-old Velodyne subwoofer in very good condition. I can e-mail you images if you are interested. $250.00 (including shipping). $200.00 for local pick-up. I'm in the Detroit metro area.
  23. Dave H

    FS: Panasonic XP30 DVD player

    I'm selling a one-year-old Panasonic XP-30 DVD player in excellent condition. I bought it a year ago factory sealed. I have the original box, remote, manual, etc. $195.00 shipped (double boxed) with insurance. I can e-mail you pictures upon request. Paypal or money order. Thanks.
  24. Dave H

    FS: HQV Benchmark DVD

    $16.00 shipped with PayPal. Thanks.
  25. Dave H

    Replace component cables for DVD player?

    I'm using Monster component cables (connected to Panasonic XP-30) which are about six years old. Are today's component cables better made? Is it worth replacing them? Just a thought.
  26. Dave H

    How sensitive is focus on a CRT RPTV

    Yesterday I carefully cleaned the CRTs and mirror. However, when I had to roll back my set, the set took a slight "bump" as the wheel of the TV moved into the groove of the carpet. I checked convergence and it looked pretty. I know my ISF calibrator said he tighted the bolts well on the...
  27. Dave H

    Which region has the best audio/video transfer of Armageddon?

    Now that I have an Oppo DVD player, I can enjoy the freedom of being region free. I currently own the non-anamorphic version of Armageddon and have been wanting an anamorphic version for sometime. Which region has the best audio/video quality and which version?
  28. Dave H

    HDMI Connection Issue with Sony KP-57WS520

    I have a one year old Sony KP-57WS520 which has an HDMI input. I've tried several different HDMI cords and upscaling DVD players and when connected to my TV's HDMI input, the picture drops out quite frequently. The HDMI connection piece feels slightly lose when I move it, but not really...
  29. Dave H

    Color Space Issues?

    I have an Sony CRT RPTV (KP-57WS520). I've tried three different upscaling DVD players....Sony 975, Sony 70, and Toshiba 592. While upconverting to 1080i with the 975, I experienced severe green depression. The other two players produced severe red push, but no problems with green. No...
  30. Dave H

    Does it matter whether I use my receiver's test tones or Avia

    Is there a difference when using a sound meter? Just curious if it matters which I use...especially in regards to calibrating my sub. I do understand Avia is about 10 db higher.