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  1. Karl F

    What's wrong with this discolored disc? (w/ pic)

    http://filmistruth.com/images/dvd.jpg (Click the link to see the disc in question.) I own a video store and I've had a number of Kino discs change color like this. They also stop working, either freezing in the middle or not loading at all. Kino says they've had no reports of anything...
  2. Karl F

    Errol Morris films (and TV show) are coming to DVD!

    In a recent DVD purchase of mine (I *think* "The Saddest Music in the World," but I don't remember for sure -- it's MGM, in any case), there's a little insert flyer advertising Errol Morris films as "Coming Soon to DVD!" They are: The Thin Blue Line, Gates of Heaven, and Vernon, Florida --...
  3. Karl F

    ID this film? Man stays in bed. Possibly Italian

    I had a customer at my video store today who was trying to remember the name of a film. He thought it was Italian. It's about a man who decides to never get out of bed again. He rigs up devices that he can operate from bed, and his dog runs errands for him. Apparently he also plays the tuba...
  4. Karl F

    Does the Ventura/Cozumel "El Bruto" DVD have English subs?

    I found a thread here of HTF that suggested that it does; the Amazon editorial description says that it doesn't. The bilingual case has no indication. Can anyone definitely confirm this either way? Thanks in advance for your help! --K
  5. Karl F

    Me Without You -- 1.85:1 presentation of a 2.35:1 film?

    I just watched the DVD for a film called "Me Without You," which streets on Tuesday, June 17. (I own a video store, so I am able to take home our rental copy and watch it before I put it out on the shelf on Tuesday. I hope it's okay to discuss it.) It's very strange. The box says that it's...