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  1. Clinton C

    Gilmore Girls, Playmakers, and much much more

    HAVE TV Shows Playmakers complete series Sex and the City season 3 Buffy the vampire slayer season 3 Gilmore Girls season 1(sealed) Saved by the Bell season 1/2 Superbit Anaconda Knight's Tale The One Mask of Zorro other Black Hawk Down 3 disc Gummo Storytelling...
  2. Clinton C

    Playmakers, King of Queens, Saved by th bell and more

    HAVE TV Shows King of Queens season 1(rip on back of package) King of Queens season 2 Playmakers complete series Malcolm in the Middle season 1 Saved by the Bell season 1/2 Superbit Anaconda Knight's Tale The One Mask of Zorro other Black Hawk Down 3 disc 8 Head in a...
  3. Clinton C

    New Trade Thread

    TV shows, new releases, WWE, superbit and more HAVE BOX SETS ER season 1 Malcolm in the Middle season 1 Band of Brothers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles radical 4 pack w/figures(sealed) Saved by the Bell season 1 Cheers season 1 CRITERION Armageddon superbit Anaconda Fifth...
  4. Clinton C

    new trade list

    HAVE box sets ER season 1 Malcolm in the Middle season 1... Band of Brothers newer releases Freddy-vs-Jason Identity. Sixteen Candles Weird Science. Fargo: SE 2 Fast 2 Furious Texas Chainsaw Massacre(30th) Poolhall Junkies tin/OOP/special/ Evil Dead: book of the dead...
  5. Clinton C

    transferring files from computer to computer

    I just got a new computer and want to copy all of my music and video files from my old computer to the new one. the problem is I have no idea how to go about this..can anybody tell me what i need and how to do it? thanks
  6. Clinton C

    Adaptation, CC, Hitchcock and more

    Box sets Mummy Collection Rambo trilogy tin Criterion Armageddon Silence of the Lambs(sealed) Hitchcock movies Vertigo Marnie Saboteur Rebecca: CC(sealed) newer releases Adaptation About Schmidt Hot Chick Catch Me if YOu Can Who Framed Roger Rabbit: vista...
  7. Clinton C

    new releases, criterions, resident evil zero(GC)

    haves CRITERIONS Silence of the Lambs(sealed) Armageddon Newer releases/OOP They LIve( case is a bit worn)OOP Osbournes season 1*traded Unfaithful(sealed) Serving Sara Undercover Brother Friday After Next Swamp Thing(oop) OTHERS Saving Private Ryan(sealed)*traded Men in...
  8. Clinton C

    Armageddon:CC, SOTL:CC, Serving SAra, Osbournes 1and much more

    TV sets/box sets Simpsons season 1 Back to the Future trilogy widescreen OTHERS Armageddon:CC Silence of the Lambs:CC(sealed) Osbournes season 1 Undercover Brother(ws) serving Sara(ws) Signs Bridge on the River Kwai:LE Midnight Run(oop) Final Destination Cube Awakenings...
  9. Clinton C

    back to the future, sopranos, buffy and much more

    TV sets/box sets Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 2*pending Sopranos season 1(sealed)*traded Sopranos season 3*pending Simpsons season 1 Back to the Future trilogy widescreen OTHERS Silence of the Lambs:CC(sealed) Bridge on the River Kwai:LE(sealed) Midnight Run(oop) Final...
  10. Clinton C

    Nightmare on Elm Street Collection for trade

    i have for trade the nightmare on elm street collection in mint condition with 3-D glasses and everything included I also have these for trade Buffy season 2(sealed) Sopranos season 1(sealed) Sopranos season 3 Citizen Kane Mask of Zorro:superbit deluxe Wants HIGH...
  11. Clinton C

    big trade list

    Box Sets Buffy season 2(sealed) All in the Family season 1 Sopranos season 1(sealed)incoming Sopranos season 3(sealed)incoming Other Bridge on the River Kwai: Limited Edition (sealed) Swamp Thing(oop) Mask of Zorro: superbit deluxe Bait Bandits:SE Big HIt Bless the Child...
  12. Clinton C

    Starship Troopers, Birthday Girl, DAy of the Dead and tons more

    this is what I have OOP Midnight Run(oop) Swamp Thing(oop) Bordello of Blood(oop)(sealed Demon Knight(oop) Day of The Dead(oop) others Simpsons season 1 Fog:SE Birthday Girl Shipping News Some Kind of Wonderful(sealed) Groundhog Day:SE(sealed) Starship...
  13. Clinton C

    Day of the Dead, Star Wars Ep 2, and many more

    Star WArs episode 2(WS)(sealed) Bordello of Blood(oop)(sealed Demon Knight(oop) Day of The Dead(oop) Batman (sealed) Batman & Robin (sealed) Big Hit Killer Klowns From Outer Space Bless the Child BAIT Blues Brothers 2000 Bonfire of the Vanities Corky Ramano...
  14. Clinton C

    huge trade list

    have list 12 Monkeys:CE 187 2001:Space Odyssey(remastered)(sealed) A.I.(WS) Ali Batman (sealed) Batman & Robin (sealed) Beyond the Mat Bio-Dome Bless the Child Blues Brothers:CE Blues Brothers 2000 Bonfire of the Vanities Cadillac Man Can't Hardly Wait Cocktail...
  15. Clinton C

    lots of new titles up for trade

    trade list with several new titles!! have list OOP Animal HOuse:CE Scarface:CE Swamp Thing Bordello of Blood(sealed) Big Trouble in Little China(2disc)(sealed) new releases(looking to trade for other new titles) Changing Lanes Blade II others Uncle Buck(sealed) Cape...
  16. Clinton C

    come trade DVDs with me

    i have the folowing DVDs for trade Rollerball2002 Ocean's 11 WS(sealed) Naked Gun Bio-Dome Carrie:se American Psycho A.I. WS Double Take Distinguished Gentleman(sealed) Night of the LIving Dead 30th anniversary Stay Tuned Meatballs South Park volume1 Urban Legend Mr. Baseball...
  17. Clinton C

    let's trade some movies

    HAVES 12 Monkeys(CE) American Psycho Austin Powers: the Spy Who Shagged Me beverly Hills Cop 3 Don't Say a Word Fast TIme at Ridgemount High Godfather 3 and bonus materials(BBV) Green Mile Jeepers Creepers Joy Ride Made Meet Joe Black Naked Gun 1 Naked...