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  1. Cary T

    Any Morvern Callar disc reviews?

    I love the movie and will probably buy it anyway, but are there any reviews for the dvd? I'm concern about the transfer of the film. It was release 2 weeks ago and I haven't seen any reviews yet.
  2. Cary T

    Directors The Criterion Collection on DVD Draft

    It's the return of the draft. I was talking to a friend about criterion titles and realized it's a great idea for a draft. Imagine you don't have any Criterion titles and given the chance to choose any titles you want from their collection on dvd, even the OOP ones! The qualifying titles are all...
  3. Cary T

    The Shape of Things, no insert

    Once again Universal has disappointed me. I purchased The Shape of Things yesterday and found no insert inside. The insert is minor importance, but it does bother me when I purchase a new release that cost $20. Asking for an insert isn't too much for that price. I'm just assuming Universal...
  4. Cary T

    The 400 Blows in theaters!

    Those of you who are in the NY region have the lucky opportunity of catching Truffaut's The 400 Blows at Cinema Classics theater on lower Manhattan. The showing will start today to Saturday. On Sunday the 15th, it starts the showing of Jules and Jim. Also for John Hughes fans, Pretty In Pink...
  5. Cary T

    Directors The Music Draft!

    I want to do this because I'm curious of the HTF members taste in music. Like the movie and dream girl draft, here we pick our favorite music artist/band/musician/composer. Your selection must have at least one album. In case of composers, I'm not familiar with that so make your best...
  6. Cary T

    Found it! Own it! Suikoden II

    I've been searching for the rare gem Suikoden II for two years and I finally found it at EB today. I sorta collect RPG's, so I'm very excited to finally own this title. It's in good condition for this rare title, meaning a few minor scratches. But what's important is that it plays! I still can't...
  7. Cary T

    Columbia TriStar - Why Married...with Children not in season box sets?

    Your other releases like Good Times, All in the Family, and Sanford & Son are all in complete season box sets. So why the decision to release Married...with Children in volumes. Any announcements on season collections of the show? It'll be disappointing if it weren't.
  8. Cary T

    How many Criterions do you have on DVD?

    I just own 10 Criterions currently:Chasing AmyIn The Mood For LoveThe Lady VanishesLife Of BrianNotoriousRatcatcherRushmoreRebeccaThe Royal TenenbaumsThe Silence of the Lambs My next to buy is Spellbound on sept. 24
  9. Cary T

    Will there be a Hughes box set as rumored

    Any latest news on the rumored John Hughes box set? Pretty In Pink releases this tuesday, here's the review from DVD File, along with Some Kind of Wonderful. If the box set remains indefinite, I'm gonna pick up these two dvd's and not the Hughes box if it ever releases.
  10. Cary T

    Your favorite DVD menu

    I know most DVD menus can become repetitive rather quickly, but these 2 dvd menus I'm never tired off: 1. This Is Spinal Tap - Probably the funniest menu ever. The cast in character guides you through the dvd options. 2. Requiem for A Dream - The TV informercial, "Juice by Tappy! Juice by...
  11. Cary T

    High Fidelity lowered price, SE in future?

    My local retailer was selling High Fidelity for $14.99. There isn't much supplements in the current disc. Any chance there'll be a SE?
  12. Cary T

    Better Off Dead dvd cover box art?

    Anyone have screen shots of the Better Off Dead DVD cover? I hope it would be that dreadful VHS cover of Cusack's head shot, lol. That's like the worst cover ever. If I were designing the cover dvd box, I'd have an art work of Cusack accidentally hanging himself like in the movie.
  13. Cary T

    Natural Born Killers, which version?

    Which version of the Natural Born Killers would you recommand, the director's cut or the edition that came in Stone's box set? I read the regular edition have writer/director commentary. Tarantino is in the commentary too? I'm distressing over which edition to purchase. Can anyone help me out?
  14. Cary T

    Getting my moneys worth on Say Anything

    Watched Say Anything in it's regular form. Then to the movie with commentary by Crowe, Cusack, and Skye (anyone else also was bothered by Skye saying to many "that's great"). After watching the movie twice, what to do? To the alternated, deleted, and extended scene I go. Then to all trailers and...
  15. Cary T

    New Releases on March 5th

    4 new dvds are schedule to release on March 5th; Say Anything, AI, Book of the Dead, and The One. I'll be owning Say Anything, AI, & Book of the Dead. Which will you guys buy?
  16. Cary T

    Breakfast Club SE

    I know there's a regular TBC dvd, but I want more. A movie like Jeepers Creepers have a SE; certainly The Breakfast Club deserves the SE treatment. I own the VHS, DVD, and will be the first in line for TBC SE. All I wish for christmas is a The Breakfast Club SE is that too much to as for :)