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  1. Adam_S

    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) (Blu-ray)

    iirc, but I'm not sure I'm remembering this correctly, Carbon arc shifts about +600K , but the carbon arc reflector shifts back about -200K, so at most a +400K difference in projection. Coatings on the projection lens probably are negligible +/- 50K iirc Xenon projection, and I may be badly...
  2. Adam_S

    Criterion Blu-ray titles!

    I’m gonna predict: Until the end of the world #999 Roma and the Cameraman (998 & 1000, either could be 1000), & the Godzilla Showa set which could be no spine number like the Bergman set, or could be another good candidate for spine 1000 And haxan upgraded to blu ray.
  3. Adam_S

    OOP Criterion Blurays for sale

    Some Criterion for sale: On Blu, OOP The Confession Blu - $50 Last Year at Marienbad Blu - $80 Chungking Express Blu - $100 On DVD, OOP Port of Shadows DVD - $30 The Life of Brian - $15 The Rock - $15 On Blu, in print: If... - $15 Videodrome - $15 On DVD, in print: Loves of a Blonde - $10...
  4. Adam_S

    Your current GAS list?

    the crop factor wouldn't bother me that much, and I can pocket the crop factor (not wide enough for her) as a future rationale to talk the wife into upgrading to the L 24-105 or a wide L zoom.
  5. Adam_S

    Your current GAS list?

    thanks, all, I think I figured out I no longer want the 6D mark ii body and will probably upgrade to FF mirrorless and adaptor down the road. The nice thing is that I can use EFS lenses on the mirrorless, as well as my EF lenses, which I wouldn't be able to do on the 6D.
  6. Adam_S


    I loved "The Art of Subtitling" extra on Panique--Several years ago, SMPTE updated their _Title Safe_ requirements for 16:9 Televisions from the traditional 20% down a title safe of only 10%. Does criterion have any plans on making use of these modernized title safe standards for their blu ray...
  7. Adam_S

    Your current GAS list?

    I got bit bad by the GAS bug a couple weeks ago. dont know what triggered it. We've got a canon 70D, and initially I wanted to get a macro lens. back in my manual focus, film shooting days I had Canon's old FD 100mm Macro lens, so I was itching to get the equivalent that. Then upon doing some...
  8. Adam_S

    UHD Review Blade Runner 2049 UHD Review

    I got a 4k release of this for christmas from my mom, but the packaging does not anywhere indicate if it also comes with a digital copy and or blu ray. Does it? I don't yet have a 4k player, though I have a 4k TV now (probably why she thought to get the 4k version) I'd hate to open it and then...
  9. Adam_S

    Pre-Order Celebrating Mickey (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I don't think this is all that definitive, the first one, from the Treasure DVDs, the sky has the kind of color artifacting you get when your colorist boosts the saturation of SD color gamut media past 135% in symphony. It also looks like it's had aggressive digital contrast adjustments and a...
  10. Adam_S

    Criterion Flash Sale 50% SRP on all instock Movies

    All I got was his girl Friday, FilmStruck has let me watch some films I'd have blind bought instead (like black girl and something wild), so I wasn't in a buying mood to drop 50 for free shipping. I too hope they release more eclipse titles, the eighteen month gap means I finally caught up on...
  11. Adam_S

    2017 Academy Award Nominations Thread

    Still stunned. I was tallying my wife and mys scorecards when she said you better watch this, and I started paying attention. .
  12. Adam_S

    Criterion Blu-ray titles!

    Disagree, this is the first month of 2017 to have any "must buys" for me, other than dheepan and ghost world, I'll probably get all of the months releases. Well, black girl was a must buy, but I watched it on FilmStruck, I might buy it for the features because the film was so freaking great and...
  13. Adam_S

    Josh's Blind Buys: Watching The Unseen Collection

    A four or five years ago, I started on this same project, just blind buys that had remained unseen. I started on it and a few weeks in, I canceled Netflix because I was preferentially watching those discs rather than the ones I already owned. Many hundreds of films later, I finished the project...
  14. Adam_S

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Arrival -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    I saw this last week at arclight Hollywood and it had a very washed out low contrast look with especially milky blacks throughout.
  15. Adam_S

    Apple Macbook Pro Late 2016 leaks, news and eventually owners thread

    The only thing that really bugs me is the lack of a memory card slot. I've put it through paces offsite for work this week and it was simultaneously running photoshop illustrator bridge Lightroom and avid media composer and toggling between them and running at full tilt the whole time. My wife...
  16. Adam_S

    Sight and Sound (2002) Greatest Films Club

    so this is still displaying 250,000 views for this thread, but 3700 posts have disappeared in the last year or two? I found a link from wayback from 2012 that shows that all 3000 posts were still around then...
  17. Adam_S

    Sight and Sound (2002) Greatest Films Club

    wow, what happened to the first part of this thread?
  18. Adam_S

    Onkyo offering to repair Receivers 2009-2012 HDMI Issues

    I shipped off my 809 in early December and had it back in ten days.
  19. Adam_S

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

    Re Kylo: his arc is Luke's arc inverted. Luke spent three movies building up to the climax of refusing to kill his father (and thus winning, ultimately) Kyle begins the three movies by killing his father and the rest of the series deals with the fallout of that choice, and possibly his...
  20. Adam_S

    Super Mario Run

    The things I learned is to finish the coins of one color then proceed to the next color and do all those, purple coins seemed impossible at first but after getting the pink coins the first purple stages were not that difficult. Second, use Luigi as much as possible to get the purple and black...
  21. Adam_S

    Super Mario Run

    Just uninstalled it, I got all the black coins and 9999 on road rally so the game is effectively over. Thank god, dopamine time suck is done
  22. Adam_S

    Criterion Blu-ray titles!

    Doubtful that's all it is referring to.
  23. Adam_S

    Criterion Blu-ray titles!

    Does the rays shining out of the mystery box mean pulp fiction? (They've already done kiss me deadly) was that a LD criterion once?
  24. Adam_S

    The first hints of Star Wars in 4k....

    I believe Robert Harris once said on this forum that the 1997 special edition negative was created from a duplicate restoration negative, and the original Star Wars negative was not edited. This means that an image harvest could be done from the original negative and digital restoration could...
  25. Adam_S

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Bad Day at Black Rock -- in Blu-ray

    I really like this movie, but I've only ever watched it on LD, Once, despite having it on DVD since the controversial classics set came out, I think I really ought to watch my current copy before upgrading!
  26. Adam_S

    Christmas movies and TV episodes

    It's going to be a lot harder to watch the pottersville scenes this year, when I get to it.
  27. Adam_S

    Christmas movies and TV episodes

    Home alone I just noticed for the first time that Kevin shoplifting the toothbrush is why he doesn't ever call the police on the wet bandits. And why he tries to trap them at the Murphy's house "I'm a wanted criminal" he says, and it sets up the rest of the film because right after the line he...
  28. Adam_S

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    One question about pressed vs burned, I've got burned cds over fifteen years old that still work and burned dvds at least twelve years old that still work, the only DVD I have that has failed is a pressed disc of a face in the crowd that was otherwise brand new other than having set on my shelf...
  29. Adam_S

    Show Off Your Pics

    From thanksgiving, I like the hdr on the new iPhone this is without any manipulation, but I could probably bring all the colors in the sky out a little more in the future