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  1. Birdie

    Anyone here from Scotland?

    Hi there, I wonder if there is anyone here from Scotland. Would be great hearing from you. CU Stefan
  2. Birdie

    The MinMax

    Hi there, as introduced here, I am new in this forum. In this thread I'd like to introduce my small homecinema, the "MinMax". Let me start as a first time visitor would experience the MinMax. The theater is in our basement, so when walking down the stairs, you'd first see autographs of a few...
  3. MinMax (45)

    MinMax (45)

  4. MinMax  (55) AKTUELL 8

    MinMax (55) AKTUELL 8

  5. MinMax  (48) AKTUELL 4

    MinMax (48) AKTUELL 4

  6. MinMax  (54) AKKTUELL 7

    MinMax (54) AKKTUELL 7

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  18. _MG_8871


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  22. MinMax


    The MinMax Cinema
  23. Birdie

    Birdie from Germany sais hello

    Hi there, Just found this Forum in the net and hope to get in contact with other enthusiasts in the world, especially in the area of Scotland, as myself and a few friends evtl. plan to organize a little combined distillery and Home Cinema Tour in the Future. Meeting other owners in person is...