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  1. nealg

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Oklahoma! -- in Blu-ray

    NO showings in the Chicago area. Unbelievable.
  2. nealg

    The Lady from Shanghai (1948) (Blu-ray) Available from Preorder

    Don't get me wrong. TCM's image looked excellent. Clearly a transfer of the recent restoration.
  3. nealg

    The Lady from Shanghai (1948) (Blu-ray) Available from Preorder

    I have the 2nd remastered TCM disc. I recorded the movie on TCM HD last night, and there is shadow detail in the TCM that cannot be seen on the blu-ray no matter how high I pump up the brightness. Check out the first few shots after the credits. In the long shot of the park (after the shot of...
  4. nealg

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Romeo & Juliet (1968) -- in Blu-ray

    RAH :D. But isn't that three things?
  5. nealg

    Stanley Kubrick: The Masterpiece Collection (Amazon Exclusive Blu-ray) Preorder

    Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures has been included in two prior blu-ray releases, but only in SD. I'd be interested in the set if this doc was finally presented in HD.
  6. nealg

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Poseidon Adventure -- in Blu-ray

    And it's also available through the other usual suspects. But, want it for 5 bucks? Wait for the next 50% off coupon code sale at FoxConnect.
  7. nealg

    Three Most Wanted Oldies

    Lifeboat is available from Australia on Shock here. It is said to be identical to the Masters of Cinema UK edition. It plays on region A (I have it) though it is listed as region B. The transfer is good, but not stellar, possibly the best it can look considering the state of the best remaining...
  8. nealg

    Re: CHAPLIN MUTUALS - This is Promising...

    In case you missed it the first time around, Flicker Alley is offering this deal again this weekend, through July 7th.
  9. nealg

    Logitech/HTF Contest Giveaway: Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote [ENTER HERE]

    The Harmony Ultimate would replace (drum roll, please)... ONE remote for me: My Harmony 880. My 880 controls about 11 devices in my room, including my Pioneer monitor, av switch, four different DVRs (including my Tivo), and my Arcam Blu-ray player. Enough of the buttons on the 880 have stopped...
  10. nealg

    Criterion Blu-ray titles!

    Agreed. This clue is for two movies. On the left, we have "The Horn Blows at Midnight." The knight is blowing a ram's horn (Jewish shofar) in the middle of his visor. The crumbling wall? I dunno.
  11. nealg

    Win a copy of McLintock!

    I'll cast my vote for "The Searchers." I had watched in once before on HDDVD, but I decided to revisit it when this thread started. I haven't seen many Wayne films, but I started buying Wayne films after first seeing this one. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed John Wayne. I grew up in the...
  12. nealg

    Twilight Time titles 20% off at TCM

    I ordered a few last night. Got to checkout and saw that they were charging me tax (I'm in Illinois). Still saved enough over Screen Archives, so I went through with it. Plus, 4% back from my cashback site helped ease the tax burden.
  13. nealg

    Win a copy of The Little House on the Prairie Season 2

    The washing machine. Washing clothes back then could be an all-day affair.
  14. nealg

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Big Country -- in Blu-ray

    Sorry, but the image can't be "fixed" if it is derived from the blu-ray. The distortion can be corrected, but there's no way to restore the missing picture information on the sides. And then the aspect ratio couldn't be corrected without shaving some off the top and bottom. Again, the TCM print...
  15. nealg


    I was typing as Mark's reply hit. I can confirm that the deal was dead within two minutes; I missed it, too. The way the promo works is first fill your cart with TT product, then search for the promo title. If you're quick enough, there will be a second line in the drop-down for the promo...
  16. nealg

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Big Country -- in Blu-ray

    "Fixed" edition? Please elaborate.
  17. nealg

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Big Country -- in Blu-ray

    Here is a Picasa link to what I did at that time: Big Country Comparisons. These are photos of the TCM and blu-ray images off my display. The size of the frames do not match because TCM windowboxed their image; I did not change camera position or framing to compensate for the discrepancy. I...
  18. nealg

    A Few Words About While we wait for A few words about...™ The Rodgers & Hammerstein Collection -- in Blu-ray

    Color issues aside... Regarding the i-Tunes vs. Blu-ray "King and I" caps above, the i-Tunes image appears squashed, or horizontally stretched. Faces and bodies appear correct, or I should say, more natural, in the blu-ray caps. So, at least the blu-ray has one thing going for it. :)
  19. nealg

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Ghost and Mrs. Muir -- in Blu-ray

    Just received today in my package of Fox Connect 50%-off sale discs. I put my old dvd in first to remind myself how it looks, and then I popped in the blu-ray. In a word... STUNNING! I'm sitting here now, shy of 20 minutes in, and it is remarkable. Right up there with the best B&W blu-ray...
  20. nealg


    Simple answer for me, Dick. I was on the fence about buying the title, as $35 is more than I usually spend on a single film. But then, its popularity piqued my interest and I decided to take the plunge at the last minute. Hope that satisfies your curiosity.
  21. nealg


    Deep Discount via Amazon UPDATE: The number of copies "left in stock" has been all over the place over the past few days. Disappeared completely earlier today, but now there's 20 in stock again. Is Deep Discount playing with the numbers to stimulate sales? Anyway, they're already going for $100...
  22. nealg


    Anybody who didn't get Golden Voyage in time, go to Amazon ASAP! Selling as a marketplace seller, "New," Deep Discount has 4 new copies left at the moment for $34.95 plus $3.99 shipping. Not bad. I already checked Deep Discount's site; it's not listed there, so this is the place to get it...
  23. nealg


    Eye of the Tiger is still available at the moment.
  24. nealg

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ High Plains Drifter -- in Blu-ray

    Just picked this up at Target for $9.99.
  25. nealg

    "Fleischer Classics featuring Gulliver's Travels" (1939) coming to Blu-ray

    OK. Mine came today. Pretty neat. I've never owned any 35mm motion picture film before. I got it with my 2 1/2 year old daughter in mind, so when she's old enough I can show her the movie and then say "look, this is what a movie used to be!"
  26. nealg

    "Fleischer Classics featuring Gulliver's Travels" (1939) coming to Blu-ray

    Anyone receive their film strip yet?
  27. nealg

    Pain & Gain Giveaway

    Michael Bay, and not on Criterion? Oh, well.