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  1. Zane Charron

    FS/FT - Tons of New Stuff!

    I need to raise some funds to buy some equipment for work, so a ton more DVDs are gonna have to go. I'm looking mostly to sell, but am including a specific trade list for the high wants that I'm after. Please, no lists unless you have at least something on my want list. Be sure to check out my...
  2. Zane Charron

    New FS/FT List - Low Prices, Criterion, Foreign, Etc.

    It's the new year and I have some old and some new DVDs, lots at new lowered prices. I'm a Gold Trader here at the Forum. All are in very good to mint condition, unless noted. My trade wants are at the bottom. Shipping via media mail will be $2.00 for the first DVD and .50 for each...
  3. Zane Charron

    Jazz - Ken Burns - 10 DVD Set - OOP FS/FT

    Hello! I have Ken Burn's 10 DVD documentary set, which is out of print BTW, for $100 including shipping. The box has some minor wear but the cases and disc have only been taken out once to watch,so are like new. Great Christmas present for the jazz fan in your life. I also have a list of DVD...
  4. Zane Charron

    New FS/FT List - Good Prices/Criterion/Foreign/OOP

    It's the new year and I have some old and some new DVDs, lots at new lowered prices. I'm a Gold Trader here at the Forum. All are in very good to mint condition, unless noted. My trade wants are at the bottom. Shipping via media mail will be $2.00 for the first DVD, $3.00 for 2-4 DVDs and $4...
  5. Zane Charron

    Evil Dead Trilogy FS - R2 Set unavailable in the US!

    Hi folks! I'm selling my like new condition British region 2 limited edition (41498/60,000) 'Evil Dead Trilogy' boxed set for $40 incl. shipping. This is NOT available in US. This run has been bought out and is getting rarer by the minute. Of course it contains all 3 films with tons of extras...
  6. Zane Charron

    New FS/FT Thread! Tons of DVDs! Come on in!

    Welcome to my new For Sale/For Trade Thread! I'm lowering a lot of prices from the previous list and adding a bunch more titles. Shipping via media mail will be $2.00 for the first DVD, $3.00 for 2-4 DVDs and $4 for 5+ DVDs. All are in very good to mint condition. My trade wants are at the...
  7. Zane Charron

    New FS/FT Thread. A TON of DVDS!!

    OK folks, I'm trying a new pricing scheme here, lowering a lot of prices from the previous list and adding a bunch more titles. Shipping will be $1.50 for the first DVD, $2.50 for 2-3 DVDs and $3 for 4 or more DVDs. All are in very good to mint condition. My trade wants are at the bottom. E-mail...
  8. Zane Charron

    What do we know about the new edition of Dead Ringers on June 7th?

    There is a new edition of Dead Ringers coming from Warner Brothers on June 7th. Anyone know anything about it, such as the transfer that will be used? I see there will be a commentary by Jeremy Irons as well as a few other special features.
  9. Zane Charron

    So, what is the difference between creepy and scary?

    I've often wondered what the difference is between creepy and scary, particularly when it's used in film reviews, such as "the movie is more creepy/disturbing/unnsettling than scary". These same critics bash films when they simply use tactics to make you jump from suprise, such as a loud...
  10. Zane Charron

    Can you figure out this TV show episode??

    I've been trying to figure this out for a few years now. I remember seeing a TV show episode (at least I think it was TV), probably an 80's Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt or something similar with a plot that went like so. A woman is incarcerated and befriends the prison janitor. He...
  11. Zane Charron

    Tons of DVDs for Sale or Trade!

    DVDs for Sale or Trade: Hello fellow films fans! My DVD collection has run amok since I started collecting in 1997, so it’s time to clean house. I’ll be adding more titles periodically, so check back from time to time. DVDs include shipping via media mail. Shipping discount for multiple...
  12. Zane Charron

    All of Bach's Cantatas on SACD

    http://www.atmaclassique.com/magazin...=12&langue=ang This is interesting. I've never heard of the label and am not familiar with Eric Milnes nor the Montreal Baroque, but all of Bach's cantatas newly recorded for SACD? That's definately worth a second look.
  13. Zane Charron

    Rush to Tour in '04

    Yes, it is true. On the 30th anniversary of their first album they are doing a tour. And finally they are going to make it over here to Europe! Happy days. That's it for info though. Stay tuned in the new year. http://www.rush.com/
  14. Zane Charron

    First 'Rush In Rio' DVD Review

    http://www.dvdtimes.co.uk/content.php?contentid=5735 That's the first one I've found online. Looks pretty good. Can't wait.
  15. Zane Charron

    Is there a new edition of A Midnight Clear coming?

    I say this because Amazon has one listed as being released on Oct. 7, and in widescreen. Has anyone heard anything about this? http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg...=ATVPDKIKX0DER
  16. Zane Charron

    Any (former) musicians give up their instrument?

    I started playing guitar in '89 when I was 14, but the last few years I just can't get into it anymore. I realize everyone goes through motivational droughts, but I think my drought of 3-4 years is turning into something more akin to lack of interest. Every time I pick up one of my guitars with...
  17. Zane Charron

    Where oh where did that supped-up toilet go?

    I believe someone here posted a sweet pic and description of a 70's looking guy on a supped up toilet with racing stripes and a plunger gear shift. Anyone have that link still? Thanks in advance, Zane
  18. Zane Charron

    Does anyone here own all of Bach's canatas?

    I recently bought Bach's first 3 cantatas by the Bach Ensemble with Helmuth Rilling on the German label, Hänssler. I think it would be interesting to collect all 200 or so of Bach's surviving cantatas, which are available on the same label, all by Helmuth Rilling recorded between 1968 and 1985...
  19. Zane Charron

    Aarrgghhh!! Bach is impossible!

    I'd just like to take this moment to vent my frustration over learning Bach's 'Bouree' from his lute suite BWV 996 on the classical guitar. Although I've played electric and acoustic guitar for 14 years, I've just started (about 4 months ago) getting serious about the classical guitar, and Bach...
  20. Zane Charron

    Ed Wood: Special Edition R2

    I just ran across this on Amazon.de. I know it had been indefinately postponed in Region 1, but DIDN'T know that it was even slated for Region 2. The UK edition (which is already out) says this of the extras.
  21. Zane Charron

    What do they tell child actors about the intense films they star in?

    I was watching 'The Shining' the other day and came to this question. What do they (directors, actors, producers, parents, etc) tell child actors that appear in films that would be considered much too mature for them to watch, let alone make? Haley Joel Osment in "The Sixth Sense", Danny...
  22. Zane Charron

    Speaking of Rush...(new compilation)

    There is yet ANOTHER Rush compliation coming out on Feb 11th, 'Spirit of the Radio', which includes a DVD with 5 videos from the Chronicles video. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS...423782-1656649 This is pretty sad. This will be the 3rd compilation since 1990's Chronicles. I realize...
  23. Zane Charron

    Anyone have experience with a Mercedes A-class?

    I guess this question applies primarily to those living in Europe. My wife and I are seriously thinking about a Mercedes A Class, the 140. I've read good things about them on the web (aside from the since corrected rollover debacle in the first models), and we love everything about it. We're...
  24. Zane Charron

    Whew, just finished The World at War boxset.

    And what a set it is. 26 50-minute episodes chronicling the rise of German and Japanese power through the aftermath of WWII. And if that wasn't enough, there are 2 long interviews with Hitler's secretary Traudl Junge (who died just last year at 81) and a young (but still haggard looking)...
  25. Zane Charron

    What happened to the REST of the classical composers?

    OK, we all know Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and the 100 or so other composers out there from Medieval through 20th century, but what about all the other composers? Surely, like the Greats, there were probably thousands of composers writing music for the church/royalty/government across Europe...
  26. Zane Charron

    Abraham - Bjork/Beck/Kate Bush/Suzanne Vega crossbreed?

    I''ve been digging 'Blue for the Most' by Abraham the last few days. The production overshadows the vocals quite often, I think, but it's not a bad thing in this case. But really, the production reminds me very much of Bjork's penchant for electronic sounds and Beck's sampled beats and drum...
  27. Zane Charron

    Who can recommend Britain's 'The League of Gentlemen' to me?

    I've been eyeing this series for a while now. I love all things British humor, but wanted to get some feedback from others who have seen it. Any similarites to any other British comedy series such as Monty Python, Father Ted, Are You Being Served, Black Adder, Fawlty Towers, etc.?
  28. Zane Charron

    Manipulation in films

    I just finished watching 'Amistad' for the first time when this HTF topic came to mind. Much has been said about manipulation in films. Steven Spielberg is perhaps the most notorious in using it in his films. A discussion concerning this topic would be interesting. How do you describe...
  29. Zane Charron

    Curious about Criterion vs. British R2 relases.

    It's easier for me to get R2 releases from Amazon.co.uk than from the states. So I'm wondering how some of these R2 releases compares to their R1 Criterion and non-Criterion counterparts? (some of these haven't been released stateside yet) Straw Dogs The Red Shoes The Life and Death of...
  30. Zane Charron

    Is my TV farting normal?

    I have a Panasonic TX-36PB50D 16:9 television and when I turn it on it, with no better way to say it, farts. It makes a loud, sudden "brrrppp" sound. I figured this might just be the tube warming up or degaussing, but wanted to see if this was normal and if anyone else had experienced it...