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  1. JamieD

    Projector suggestions? I'm STUMPED!

    Unfortunately, no, I don't think I know anyone who could forward it on. It's a shame. Maybe I'll contact tigerdirect.
  2. JamieD

    Projector suggestions? I'm STUMPED!

    Thanks for the great advice/suggestions. That does look to be a great projector, unfortunately, tigerdirect.ca is needed for us poor Canucks, and they don't seem to have it. :frowning: But the costco deal may soon be ordered!
  3. JamieD

    Projector suggestions? I'm STUMPED!

    Hey folks, kind of torn.. thinking either this guy: http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/pro...gon=&langid=EN Since it's on sale, or the Optoma 770, cause I can get it at Costco (around 1100 with a screen thrown in, I don't want to DIY screen) .. anyone else have any thoughts? This isn't...
  4. JamieD

    Which digital camera do you have?

    Hey all, had a Canon S1 IS, which was/is a great little rig. Just picked up a Sony A100K between myself and the family for me at Christmas. Can't wait!
  5. JamieD

    The Highlight of your life (so far)

    That's kind of simple. It's a clique/group/rationalising their own choices thing. Try to discuss unions with a union member, religion with a fundamentalist, or the military's actions with a Army/Navy/Air Force member. You're not one of them. You must have something wrong with you...
  6. JamieD

    okay, this is apocalyptic stuff

    I just hope he cleaned off the cd when he was done with it. Wow. Oversell, much?
  7. JamieD

    I Truly Don't Care How Many Songs You Have On Your Ipod

    Nevermind. The world is an irritating place.
  8. JamieD

    *** Official Oscar Nominations and Discussion Thread

    That Jarhead is not even near this list simply validates why I don't watch Oscars/award season much. So many different spins.
  9. JamieD

    The Rules-Men's edition

    I find it odd because it's not like men NEVER sit down, and how often do we fall in (for instance in public/workplace washrooms)?
  10. JamieD

    The Tragically Hip - Hipeponymous

    Pretty sweet set. Got it for my birthday recently. Nice stuff.
  11. JamieD


    Fantastic movie. Great visuals, acting, and score. Slightly cliched in spots, but then again, just because we've heard it before, doesn't mean it isn't true.
  12. JamieD

    Dell keeps sending me monitors?

    Why in the hell should someone do that? :)
  13. JamieD

    New "Silent Hill" stills

    Sounds and looks like the first game with a woman subbed in for the man. Really dislike Laurie Holden as an actress, however, so that has me kind of concerned.
  14. JamieD

    Saw 2

    Actually, no, you probably must not say, if you're not trying to thread crap.
  15. JamieD

    new Sigur Ros album lands September 13th

    It's out. I think it's fantastic. Check this out: Listen to the album Here
  16. JamieD

    House, M.D. season 2 ongoing thread

    Great episode. Cameron's lost weight it seems. The only real change in anyone that I noticed. She kinda looks a bit scary/crazy now, which is a shame. :)
  17. JamieD

    American Dad, 9-11 - Dedication?

    Bill gets added to the general ignore list. Brian, have you checked IMDB?
  18. JamieD

    Canon S1 IS Digital Camera

    Not really any other recommendations, other than the a90.. I did finally do the firmware update.. what a HUGE difference in focusing ability/speed. Holy crapola. Anyone who hasn't done it, do it NOW. I've also learned from experience that majorly lowering the flash power/the exposure...
  19. JamieD

    'Waiting...' Starring Ryan Reynolds

    Saw the trailer before Wedding Crashers. Looks like trash. Disgusting, actually.
  20. JamieD

    HTF NHL Fantasy League

    I'd do it. Don't prefer head to head. But whichever.
  21. JamieD

    What 360 Games are you Preordering?

    None for a year or two. No need. I didn't have time to get 1/3 through my current gen games. (Just finished Prince of Persia 1 this weekend). I don't play much online, don't have HDTV yet.. So in general, no interest in this gen until it's halfways old and some of the many glitches that'll...
  22. JamieD

    The Island (2005)

  23. JamieD

    Six Feet Under Season 5

    They're the lyrics to a fantastic song, called Waiting by The Devlins. Those who've been fans from the start/have watched the DVDs a few times will recognize it as the song that after while Nate jogs once he's decided to stay. When he stands at the wall, and sees his father on a bus...
  24. JamieD

    Tommy Lee Goes To College

    They state very plainly at the end of the show that he is not enrolled, not a student, and did not live at the university.. or at least they did.
  25. JamieD

    Six Feet Under Season 5

  26. JamieD

    Diane Lane & John Cusack in "MUST LOVE DOGS"

    Not going to derail any positive thoughts, but I won't be seeing this. Looks painful.
  27. JamieD

    Emmy nominations announced

    These were a joke. Like most years.
  28. JamieD

    I got a speeding ticket. Need advice if I should go to court?

    Perjury is not a good thing. Funny story: My uncle once got a parking ticket in the city. Decided to contest it in court, since he had been parked correctly. So he heads over to the courtroom on that day, goes in, goes through the process.. which takes a couple of hours. The judge looks at...
  29. JamieD

    I got a speeding ticket. Need advice if I should go to court?

    I had one that had the wrong year. I was told if I contested it, it would have to be in court, and the judge would ask, under oath, whether I had been speeding on the CORRECT date. If I said no, the officer would say I was lying, and I would lose, if I said yes, the judge would simply issue a...
  30. JamieD

    close-in fighting scenes ....

    Maybe it's just me, but I could sworn there has been about 10 of these threads already. Though maybe that was just derailment of threads about Batman,Bourne, etc.