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  1. SteveADavis

    Looking for software......

    I'm looking at putting together my first HTPC. I'll be using the coolermaster case, an M-Audion 24/96 w/ toslink in and out, a all-in-wonder 9700 pro. I don't exactly what motherboard and processor I'll be running, but that shouldn't matter. I'm wanting to use it as a PVR off my satellite. What...
  2. SteveADavis

    WTB: Harman Kardon

    I'm looking for a FL 8380 CD player and either a DVD50 or DVD25. Email me if you have either.
  3. SteveADavis

    Kenwood Series 21

    These are very rare in the US, however a highly regarded system overseas. I have the pre-amp and amp for sale. The model number is C-V500 for the preamp and the amp is MA-300. Email for pics or more questions. I'm accepting all reasonable offers, please don't offer me $50.00. Thanks.
  4. SteveADavis

    tweaking...where to begin.

    How do I go about trying to tweak everything. I'm on my first HT that's worth anything and am completely lost. Any good guides or someone willing to spend a little time with me on this. It would be greatly appreciated.
  5. SteveADavis

    Need sub advice.

    Hello, I'm most of the way done putting together my new HT. I am however lacking a sub. I don't have too much money to spend, under $200 preferably. I had found the AR 112PS for about $150 and was wondering how well it's recommended. I'm looking mainly for LFE on movies, but would like the...
  6. SteveADavis

    Need basic newb info.

    Ok,this is my first post. I'm in the process of putting together my first "non-HTIB" system. I'm 23 so budget was very large factor. My main questions is, I have an HK AVR325. I would really like to use the "On Screen Display" but it does not work with component video. I'm currently looking for...