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  1. classicscaper

    Indicator/Powerhouse Sale International Good Deals /Expensive Shipping to US

    My order arrived this morning with Columbia Noir sets 3 & 4 plus a few individual titles. Interestingly, my promo cards included in the order show new titles coming soon from Indicator, including: Pastor Hall (already announced) Dracula: A Love Story The Swimmer (hinted at previously) The Big...
  2. classicscaper

    Warner Archive Announcements Thread

    Funnily enough, this Zyng sale grabbed my interest, but then the titles I was interested in ended up being cheaper on Amazon (without the added hassle/cost of shipping). Picked up Party Girl, The Window, Fury, and Ladies They Talk About for about $12 each.
  3. classicscaper

    International New Film Noir Box-Set From Indicator.

    Looks like they're sticking with the B-region locked discs for this series based on the latest announcement of Vol. #5: COLUMBIA NOIR #5: HUMPHREY BOGART - LE I could see them releasing a few individual titles in the U.S., but at this point, I doubt they have the licensing capability (or the...
  4. classicscaper

    Indicator/Powerhouse Sale International Good Deals /Expensive Shipping to US

    Interestingly enough as a “pre-order,” which I’m assuming means they ran out of stock but still below the 6,000 limited run number.
  5. classicscaper

    Indicator/Powerhouse Sale International Good Deals /Expensive Shipping to US

    Looks like the Columbia Noir box sets #1 and #2 are officially sold out. They must have moved a good chunk of supply today, because neither set was on the low stock update list this morning.
  6. classicscaper

    CRITERION FLASH SALE Starting FEBRUARY 23, 2021 Noon ET for 24 HRS

    It's been painfully slow for me. I've spent 10 minutes now trying to checkout and I still haven't made it to the confirmation page.
  7. classicscaper

    Do Blu-rays rot?

    Any consensus on whether packaging material can effect “disc rot”? I pulled out my Shadow of a Doubt blu-ray (UK limited edition collection version) the other night and found it unplayable. Turning it over, I discovered that a good chunk of the disc had bronzed over. While no other discs in...
  8. classicscaper

    Cohen - OOP Blu-ray Collections?

    Definitely a few Cohen deals going on there right now, but a lot out of stock and potentially OOP. Here's the Deep Discount link (plus the current 15% off coupon code "ENJOY"): https://www.deepdiscount.com/search?mod=AP&lb=Cohen+Media+Group
  9. classicscaper

    Cohen - OOP Blu-ray Collections?

    Yes, most are still available from third party sellers, but before jumping on that slightly more expensive ship, I wanted to verify they were actually OOP lol. Looks like I may just have to bite the bullet!
  10. classicscaper

    Cohen - OOP Blu-ray Collections?

    I've had a few Cohen Film Collection blu-rays on my list for awhile and haven't pulled the trigger. Recently, I noticed that a couple are out of stock virtually everywhere. Any intel on whether these have truly gone OOP? All are multi-film collections and have been unavailable on Amazon for well...
  11. classicscaper

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ All I Desire & There's Always Tomorrow – in Blu-ray

    It’s too bad these are not the full blown upgrade most would hope for, but I will likely be purchasing all the same. I tried to watch There’s Always Tomorrow on DVD just a few months ago and had to turn it off 5 minutes into the movie. What was a perfectly fine DVD to my eyes 10 years ago...
  12. classicscaper

    MGM's Distribution Deal with Fox has expired with Warner taking over! See Post#74

    So if Warner Bros is not doing a good enough job releasing their own catalog titles, who exactly is? The best of Sony/Columbia titles have been licensed to others (Twilight Time, Criterion, etc.) and I can’t even remember the last time Universal put out a solid classic blu-ray on their own. And...
  13. classicscaper

    TWILIGHT TIME MOVIES PRESS RELEASE: It's Twilight Time For Us! Our "Goodbye" & "Gratitude" Sale

    I ordered 22 TT discs late Sunday night/early Monday morning when the sale first launched, and I'm regretting now that I didn't have the forethought to strategize and break up my order into two shipments. Granted, I would have spent more on shipping, but it might have been worth the extra few...
  14. classicscaper

    Kino Lorber Studio Classics: Blu-ray Release Announcements

    EDIT: Oops, coming from Kino Classics, not studio classics, which makes sense. Posted on Facebook:
  15. classicscaper

    Fox Connect Flash Sale

    Picked up both Eliza Kazan sets as well as Three Faces of Eve, Inn of the Sixth Happiness, Sunrise, Carmen Jones, and Call of the Wild. 13 catalog blu-ray tiles for under $90, not too shabby if I don't say so myself.
  16. classicscaper

    International VEG/Shock's "Hollywood Gold" series upgrades titles to Blu (Australia)

    I'm curious as well to see how the blu-ray of Midnight Lace turned out, especially with the TCM DVD coming. I'd much rather invest in the blu-ray, assuming it's a good transfer.
  17. classicscaper

    GAME (2 of 3): Guess An Upcoming Twilight Time Release

    If this title-to-be was placed on a shelf alongside all other Twilight Time blu-ray releases organized by style and genre, between which two titles would it best fit?
  18. classicscaper

    Coming Soon From Olive Films

    Sad to hear about Majorie Morningstar. The prior Artisan DVD is horrible! Then again, I suppose without the proper elements, it wouldn't look much differnet if released by Olive...
  19. classicscaper

    Breaking News: Paramount and Warner Bros. Announce Home Media Distribution Deal

    There are literally hundreds of Paramount titles available for pre-order on Amazon. Do an Amazon search of "paramount catalog" under "movies and tv" and you will see then, A good chunk are blu-ray (most reissues) and then some DVDs. Almost all of the titles have a release date of 1/1/13. Also...
  20. classicscaper

    USHE Announcement: Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (Blu-ray)

    Currently 149.99 on Amazon... http://www.amazon.com/Alfred-Hitchcock-Masterpiece-Collection-Limited/dp/B008DCAG9M/
  21. classicscaper

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Man Who Knew Too Much -- in Blu-ray

    Funding shouldn't be an issue, but with the way these corporations work, you never know. The NBCUniversal TV branch of Comcast clearly is not doing the best... http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-11-12/business/sns-rt-comcast-nbcl1e8md05l-20121112_1_cable-channels-source-home-entertainment
  22. classicscaper

    USHE Announcement: Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (Blu-ray)

    Another customer allegedly found two copies of Topaz and no Frenzy. And, of course, then you have to send the whole thing back instead of just exchanging the disc. If this happens to me, when mine finally does arrive on Dec. 4th., I will go berserk. Universal continues to disappoint.
  23. classicscaper

    USHE Announcement: Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (Blu-ray)

    For those who have not purchased the set, and are still interested in doing so, ImportCDS currently has it for $154.08 ($159.07 w/shipping) when using their "SAVE10" coupon code. It is currently on backorder, although you can still order it at the sale price. Aside from Fingerhut, that appears...
  24. classicscaper

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Rear Window -- in Blu-ray

    True, which is simply a matter of peeling off the sticker. You could take it off, still leave gobs of white sticker material and residue, and it wouldn't really matter. Frankly, as someone who worked for more than two and half years for a large retail corporation like Amazon, the companies don't...
  25. classicscaper

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Rear Window -- in Blu-ray

    Nevermind, apparently David is on the same train of thought too.
  26. classicscaper

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Rear Window -- in Blu-ray

    The products offered by Costco and Amazon are identical. Buy the set at Costco, keep it sealed, and return it to Amazon. Amazon will refund you the price you paid (you'll have to pay return shipping since nothing is wrong with the set) and Amazon will get back the exact same thing they sold you...
  27. classicscaper

    Coming Soon From Olive Films

    MORE??? Oh wow, hats off to Olive Films. I can't wait to picky up Indiscreet, Quiet Man and a few others, and I can hardly wait to see what else January will bring. What a great way to start the new year!
  28. classicscaper

    USHE Announcement: Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (Blu-ray)

    Agreed! Not to be persnickety, which I am going to be, but I ordered the UK limited edition and I can't help but feel slightly irked that all those rating logos mar otherwise beautiful disc art. Oh well, choose your battles I guess. I'd settle for a shoebox full of artless blu-ray discs if they...
  29. classicscaper

    Blu-Ray Movie Price Drops Today!

    Too much of a steal I guess!
  30. classicscaper

    Blu-Ray Movie Price Drops Today!

    What a steal with Pillow Talk!