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  1. Nathan McMahan

    Matt Helm Lounge 4-disc set for December

    Did Matt Helm Lounge come out today? I haven't found it at any B&M's (neither Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Walmart nor Border's had it in stock or on their websites) and I really don't feel like paying Suncoast prices, if they have it. Any reviews or has any one actually seen this? I also...
  2. Nathan McMahan

    3rd Rock Exclusive Best Buy Disc/Great Sale!

    The episodes were about 22 mins when they ran initially. That's 22 mins max, so I'm sure we are getting the whole deal. I haven't watched any episodes yet, but I don't think they put the little "end cap" scenes over the credits at the end until a few more seasons in. I exchanged my set at Best...
  3. Nathan McMahan

    3rd Rock Exclusive Best Buy Disc/Great Sale!

    I just picked up the Best Buy edition, the box doesn't talk, but there was no indication that it would. There is also no 16 page booklet, although there is a place for one and the back cover indicates there should be one. TV spots are indicated on the back but are not on the discs. Best of Dick...
  4. Nathan McMahan

    nooo I just ruined nearly 20 DVDs!!!

    In all my years of following the Home Theater Forum, this is by far one of the most educational, amusing and fun threads I've read. Catalogue techniques, worst case scenerios, insurance policies, culinary and geographical insights, customer service accolades, total peer support, diplomatic...
  5. Nathan McMahan

    Torque and Bubba Ho-tep inserts?

    I just picked up these two Previously Viewed at Blockbuster and naturally they don't have inserts. Did they originally come with them? (and if so, does anybody out there have a scan, now that DVDcoverart.com is in hiatus?) Thanks in advance
  6. Nathan McMahan

    Is new Shaolin Soccer DVD in OAR?

    Bit off subject, but is this another insertless title? I picked mine up from Best Buy and it did not have an insert.
  7. Nathan McMahan

    Dead Zone Season One Unaired Pilot. Where to get "bouce back" card?

    I recently picked Season One and Two of the Dead Zone during the DeepDiscountDVD sale. There is a space in the Season One Set for the unaired pilot. You can get it if you send in what they refer to as a "bounce back" card. My set unfortunately didn't come with one. Does anyone have one and could...
  8. Nathan McMahan

    Cashier at Best Buy stuck it to me today...

    Alright, gotta jump in here. For years Best Buy was notorious for, and synonymous with horrible, uneducated, unhelpful in the extreme and just generally worthless employees and managers. Customer service was something the other guy did. Recently however, (actually it's probably been about a...
  9. Nathan McMahan

    tv show you'd buy but will never make it to dvd

    I have to add my vote for The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr. Night Stalker (the series, as the two tele-movies are getting released soon) Time Tunnel Wings Third Rock From the Sun Also a few old series from my youth that I haven't seen in years, so I've no idea how well they still...
  10. Nathan McMahan

    DVD cases looking for a good home

    I have a few hundred standard DVD cases as well as a few doubles and a couple of quads, triples, sextuples and septuples (and 25 gatefold doubles-but oddly they are the same width as a standard double). I'm not looking to make a profit. Just a buck or two for handling and media mail shipping...
  11. Nathan McMahan

    Where can i buy dvd cases

    Rick, If you are looking for cases, I have a plethora. I put all my DVD's in thin-paks so I've got several hundred empty pristine cases. Just pay for shipping and a couple of bucks to pack 'em up and run 'em to the post office. I can ship them media mail and they are boxed up in lots of 30. I...
  12. Nathan McMahan

    Lethal Weapon: deleted scenes NOT in the director's cut DVD?

    A little off base but I engaged in a guilty pleasure over the weekend and waded through Doc Savage Man of Bronze on VHS again. In the climatic fight scene between Doc and Captain Seas they subtitle each of the horrendously bad fighting styles, Gung Fu, Karate, Bo staff, Boxing, Jui Jitsu. etc. I...
  13. Nathan McMahan

    FREE "Jake 2.0" DVDs with 2 episodes!!

    Got to be honest, I had no intention of watching this show, the premise just seemed kind of lame. I even taped the pilot in case I changed my mind and wound up taping over it. Three weeks in, I let the TV run after an episode of Enterprise and I've got to admit, the show is actually kinda cool...
  14. Nathan McMahan

    Comprehensive NON-OAR LIST (V2)

    Remo Williams, of course, is missing and Amazon Women on the Moon was just released in OAR in a Collector's Edition.
  15. Nathan McMahan

    Breakfasat Club and the rest of the High School Reunion Collection original music?

    Whacky update, has anyone been able to confirm Breakfast Club? Same music or no? Also what about Weird Science? Thanks in advance.
  16. Nathan McMahan

    Breakfasat Club and the rest of the High School Reunion Collection original music?

    It's been a bit since I've seen these and I own the original DVDs. I hate to admit it but I haven't watched those yet. Did they change the music for the old releases? Meaning do the High School Reunion Collection releases have the original music or did the old ones also have the correct music...
  17. Nathan McMahan

    Doc Savage on DVD??

    I've seen a few copies of this on ebay, along with screen captures, but I can find nothing anywhere about this being a legit release. The DVD also has a making of featurette. I know the film is horrible, but it's a guilty pleasure from my childhood. Is this from another region perhaps? Thanks,
  18. Nathan McMahan

    DVD Thinpak and other Slim Cases

    As for snapper case conversions, I found it just easier to go to Kinko's and make color copies reduced by 94%. Two covers would fit on a page (11 X 17, if I remember correctly)and 4 inserts. It's time consuming and can range from .75 to 1.50 per cover depending on how you print, but ultimately I...
  19. Nathan McMahan

    Films that you fear may NEVER be released on DVD.

    Some that have already been mentioned: Valley of the Gwangi High Road to China The Gods Must be Crazy Explorers Damnation Alley Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother and Doc Savage The Seven Ups There Was A Crooked Man Wilder Napalm Mr. Billion Hawmps The Blue Iguana Southern Star...
  20. Nathan McMahan

    DVD Milestone: Good Burger is released

    I fondly remember Nov. 1998. My first DVD player for 300.00, but I got Dark City and The Cowboys with it. Warner Brothers had their buy 4 get one free deal. Godzilla, Zero Effect, Mimic, Mask Of Zorro, Spinal Tap, The Thing and The Special Edition of Tomorrow Never Dies came to me in crystal...
  21. Nathan McMahan

    Remo Williams DVD - MGM screws up BIG TIME!

    Was the laserdisc widescreen? or is there a widesscreen DVD in another region? Oh yeah. Hey MGM. Bite my shorts! Morons......:rolleyes
  22. Nathan McMahan

    Return to Snowy River out on April 22nd

    Does anyone know if this is still slated to come out on Tues?
  23. Nathan McMahan

    Cube Signature Series

    Caught Hypercube Cube 2 on sci fi last week. Rent first. You've been warned. Remember the difference between Iron Monkey and Iron Monkey 2? Okay how 'bout the downhill slide from Beverly Hills Cop 2 to 3, or maybe Robocop 2 to 3. Or Universal Soldier to Universal Soldier: The Return. Best to...
  24. Nathan McMahan

    Replacement cases?? Help!

    Bill, Same here. If Mark can't help you, I've got white, gray and black. about 20 total
  25. Nathan McMahan

    What LDs are still worth getting? Missing features/footage

    The Princess Bride: Criterion and Basic Instinct: The Director's Cut both have different commentaries than on the DVD. The Arrival has a commentary and documentary. The Mask has features that are not on the DVD, commentary, production stills gallery and frame by frame analysis. Nemesis is...
  26. Nathan McMahan

    Anybody know what happened with Season 2 of Due South

    NO. Wrong. Evil. Bad. Must get air. Remo Williams not OAR. Return to Snowy River Non-OAR. George Lucas no original...can't think, brain hurt...must upgrade Robin Hood, Jack Ryan, Young Guns. Firefly cancelled... Buffy not in... Lord Joss sez...intended aspect ratio not....losing conciousness...
  27. Nathan McMahan

    Where to buy DVD cases?

    Kinda disappointing on that there search feature. I've had the same thing happen to me before. Anyway, this little thread circulated about a week or so ago. Here's what I found A little reasearch on DVD cases Thinpaks: (Twilight Zone) US Plastics usplastic.com (800 537 9724) .40 each (5%...
  28. Nathan McMahan

    TV Shows screaming for DVD

    What are the chances of FIREFLY HARSH REALM LONE GUNMEN???
  29. Nathan McMahan

    TV Shows screaming for DVD

    The Green Hornet The Tick (Animated) any of the Mystery Movie stuff: Columbo, McCloud, Tenefly, MacMillian and Wifr, Hec Ramsey, Banacek Why not the Night Stalker? Starsky and Hutch and if they are going to release one offs like Kindred: The Embraced and Ultraviolet why not: The...
  30. Nathan McMahan

    Looking for some good film noir movies

    It's a bit more modern but One False Move is a good little dark flick. Same with Blood Simple.