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  1. Joseph S

    VideoRedo on Mac Pro

    Finally took the plunge after waiting for a Blu-ray enabled 8-core monster... I'm just going with the Dual 2.66 and will upgrade later this fall if inclined with the money I would have wasted on the 8 core upgrade. Any input on VideoRedo Plus running in Parallels vs BootCamp in Xp vs Vista...
  2. Joseph S

    Passport waiting game continues

    If you need a passport next year, you might as well apply now. :frowning: They quoted 4-6 weeks when I applied. Somewhere along the way it went to 6 to 8 and now 10 weeks. Mine still isn't fully "processed" and my "10 weeks" is due before priority mail can deliver it. They've apparently also...
  3. Joseph S

    The Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Collector's Edition 11 DVD Box Set

    In honor of yet another Walk Off from Big Papi today... The Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Collector's Edition DVD Box Set - Amazon Release date 07/26/2005 11 DVD (or 12?) A&E Home Video Although, I have all the "worth watching" ;) ALCS games and all the WS games in HDTV or what...
  4. Joseph S

    FS - Toshiba 50H81 Widescreen 50" HDTV

    I've switched to using a projector, so my HDTV is for sale. Model number is the Toshiba 50H81. Unit is in great condtion and located in Milwaukee/Tosa, Wisconsin Area. Due to the size of the unit I'm unable to ship this item and it must be picked up by buyer. Price: $750 It is a 50 inch...
  5. Joseph S

    *** Official FEVER PITCH Discussion Thread

    Saw the preview yesterday with full slate of Fox TV and Movie trailers. I really wish someone other than Jimmy Fallon played the lead because this could have been so much better than it was. This film was made for Affleck. :D (or Damon) The script was perfect and hit way too close to home...
  6. Joseph S

    PrimeTime: Amazing Grace: A Story of Terror, Survival and Heartbreak 

    This show is so far over the top, I'm amazed they didn't run this one out during sweeps. (or maybe they already did?) I can't believe Petra agreed to do this. It's as if they're running the Princess Diana story with Prince Charles dying instead, as if it's a bonus. "Without clothes, her...
  7. Joseph S

    *** Official HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE Discussion Thread

    Went to see this tonight and was more than entertained. The gag where they starting singing to Wilson Phillips' "Hold On" had me about ready to cry. Finally, they're moving onto ripping the crappy music of my generation. ;)
  8. Joseph S

    New mini iPod in the mail, New 4G iPod on Newsweek cover

    Hmmm... Return to sender or not? No features mentioned, no other colors shown, but... Newsweek 7/26 Cover
  9. Joseph S

    Breast Milk compound kills warts, possibly more...&qu

    Apparently Breast Milk contains a HPV killing compound. Hopefully it can be used to kill all subtypes cheaply and effectively at the least. Link Oh well, that epsilon character didn't work in the title.
  10. Joseph S

    Snickers with Almond

    Ok, apparently I missed the bulletin, but what is the point of these? I went to Sam's club the other day and after going by the candy aisle I thought, "I haven't had a Mars bar in ages, I'll pick up a case." Much to my surprise there weren't any. I did see "Snickers with Almond" and almost...
  11. Joseph S

    "The Shape of Things" DVD Problems

    I tried a search and came up empty. Has anyone else had problems with The Shape of Things DVD release? I am having difficulty with the Menus appearing on four separate PC software DVD players. The Movie itself plays fine, but the forced trailers and terrible menus makes getting to that poing...
  12. Joseph S

    2004 McDonald's HS All-American Slam Dunk Contest Winner

    Is a 17yo female!!! ESPN Wed 8PM. I'm guessing this will hit Sportscenter if it hasn't already. Rest of the story: Link
  13. Joseph S

    When I went to school we...

    didn't have 17 year olds doing genetic research. - Source :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  14. Joseph S

    What's the best way to hang your DIY projector screen?

    Any suggestions? Assembly is approx 100"x58" (96"x54" screen) with black felt border. Made with 1x4" Poplar. Looking to minimize the number of screws on the wall while avoiding wire.
  15. Joseph S

    What's the DiskWarrior equivalent for Windows??

    I'm really getting sick of data being trashed simply because I don't have a good tool for minor/mod corruption. With Diskwarrior, Disk First Aid, and/or Tech Tool I can pretty much bring back any HFS/HFS+ formatted drive no matter what the problem is. (There is no OS on these drives, I just want...
  16. Joseph S

    Insult to "College" Athletics: Coaching Principles and Strategies of Basketball

    Link to the CNNSI piece on this "test" 1. How many goals are on a basketball court? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 2. How many players are allowed to play at one time on any one team in a regulation game? a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5 3. In what league to (sic) the Georgia Bulldogs...
  17. Joseph S

    FS - Toshiba 50H81 Widescreen 50" HDTV

    I've recently purchased a new projector, so I'm selling my HDTV. Model number is the Toshiba 50H81. Unit is in great condtion and located in Milwaukee/Tosa, Wisconsin Area. Due to the size of the unit I'm unable to ship this item and it must be picked up by buyer. Price: $899 (5/3/04 Price...
  18. Joseph S

    Mini iPods Shipping. How do you like it?

    So how are they? Looking for first impressions. I'm thinking of getting one to supplement my 2nd gen 20GB model for use with jogging and other activities.
  19. Joseph S

    50ft too long for composite, SVid, DVI, and/or Component

    I finally purchased my first projector, Sanyo Z2. Within the next 1 to 1.5 yrs, I do plan to move so cable lengths need to give me some flexibility. As such, I would like to spend a little extra to get the cables long enough for no matter what future location they may be in. How far is too...
  20. Joseph S

    Oops, Steve Jobs has a new slide to add to his Keynote Presentation

    Last time it was Time.ca now its http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/articles/8365047
  21. Joseph S

    Multiple analog inputs? (SACD/DVD + HTPC)

    Well, I currently own the Denon 3802 and have added the Pioneer 563A for DVD-A/SACD purposes on my analog ins. However, I would like to use a HTPC with a M-Audio Revolution Audio Card for my DVD/HDTV needs with the same set of ins. The problem is how do I incorporate two sets of 5(+).1 analog...
  22. Joseph S

    Harmony Remote OS X Support and Huge Discount @ MacWorld.

    To Any Lucky Stiff Going to MacWorld: At least pick one up for ebay.
  23. Joseph S

    40 Relatively Unhappy People Missed Powerball #40

    http://www.powerball.com/powerball/wintiers.asp There were exactly 40 people that missed by the Powerball (40) of winning a share of $250+ Million. Apparently they will get $100K, but that's nothing compared to what might have been. :D In other news, I won -$10.
  24. Joseph S

    Best option(s) for internet access while on vacation with Powerbook G4

    The hotels all seem to offer local calls for .50 each, which could get expensive in 6 weeks. My current cell plan expires with Sprint this July and I'm looking toward perhaps a switch to T-Mobile and a Bluetooth phone. 1) How fast is the modem connection you get with your a)Bluetooth phone...
  25. Joseph S

    Best Taco Seasoing Mix?

    I'm struggling to find a store mix of taco seasoning that actually tastes decent. Is there something in stores or on the web that others have found to be at least above average? Home recipes would be nice, but I don't have the time this month. I'm looking for something to go with all that...
  26. Joseph S

    Mwsf 2003

  27. Joseph S

    Mr. Christmas (ebay scammer) goes to jail!

    Here's a nice story about how a ripped off mac user used forums like this one to track down the man that scammed him out of a powerbook. The man that used phony checks to pay for this and other items on ebay is Melvin Christmas. (Not a joke The head of the Chicago PD may not want to read this...
  28. Joseph S

    Any major changes to main page code in the past 1-2 week?

    It seems that for about two weeks the "http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htforum/index.php" page is instantly killing the Mozilla based Chimera browser for OS X. I haven't had any problems for several months prior and I don't have any problems at AVS or other bulletin board sites currently. Has...
  29. Joseph S

    Photo Paper suggestions for Epson Printers?

    Well, I've had very good luck using Kodak Legal Sized Photo Paper for printing custom DVD Covers. However, at around $1 a sheet, I'd like to scale images to 99% and print on 8.5 x 11 paper. Everything is great with the 8.5", except the Epson has these "pizza ejection wheels" that are leaving...
  30. Joseph S

    Serendipity: Possible Glitch with the Credits' Text using RP91 Panasonic????

    I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. My DVD Player is a Panasonic RP91. On the credits of "Serendipity" the text suddenly starts jumping/stuttering. The music remains continuous and there is zero interruption in it. The text seems to scroll fine in FastForward/Rewind mode. I'm...