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  1. ChromeJob

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Zardoz -- in Blu-ray

    Well, it was a rather sharp-edged commentary on intelligentsia and privileged "scientific" classes that became so insulated -- isolated -- that they lost touch. Some even craved the nihilistic destruction that the "brutals" provided. In the theater, even with nudity and wild visuals/music, it...
  2. ChromeJob

    Coffee: Intermediate to Advanced

    I've been so happy with coffee made in a Sowden Jakob 4-cup maker that after I bashed the too-fragile carafe too many times, I found a 2-cup maker on eBay for a fair price. As well as the Starbucks version of the 4-cup maker. It takes a little diligence to make it, but oh the smooth flavor...
  3. ChromeJob

    My Universal Wish List From the Kino Deal

    Some great titles in the OP list, THIS ISLAND EARTH, SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE, THE MONOLITH MONSTERS would be easy immediate buys for me, so long as the transfer was adequate. The Monolith Monsters could use a restoration (if possible), the others surely should get 2K or even 4K remasters with...
  4. ChromeJob

    James Bond 007 soundtracks - Golden Gun, Spy, Moonraker, View To a Kill & Octopussy

    "Full DAD in lossless?" How is a disc set a lossless format, unless a DVD-R featuring FLAC files (wouldn't fit on CD-Rs I think)?
  5. ChromeJob

    Definitions commonly used on the forum...

    There are simply too many shows and films and series and such to start supporting acronyms for everyone's favorite. If I say "TAL," are you expected to know it? Just spell it out once and intro the acronym for the rest of your post/thread, e.g. "So who else listens to This American Life (TAL) on...
  6. ChromeJob

    Father Goose: Olive Signature Edition November 7th

    Okay, maybe we can keep this topic on topic.... Father Goose was Grant's attempt to break out of old-enough-to-be-Dad leading man roles into character roles, and he would've succeeded if it'd been more of a success. Alas, it wasn't, he made a couple more movies, then retired into real...
  7. ChromeJob

    Good article about Netflix's lack of classics -- Physical Media's continued relevance

    I'll have to check out Kanopy. I didn't realize that Criterion Collection still had a licensing arrangement with a third party. I'll be happy to check out of Amazon Prime. Their "Prime Video" is woefully inadequate for a supposed "all you can eat" promise. Many of the older films they feature...
  8. ChromeJob


    I saw this as a kid and even then recall thinking this was a lackluster production. Not nearly as inspired as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but still some good entertainment: song, dance, story, romance(?), mysteries.
  9. ChromeJob

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Beneath the 12-Mile Reef -- in Blu-ray

    I don't know about the full $30, but for something in that neighborhood, the ability to hear Bernard Herrmann's original score on TT's usual isolated music track must be worth the price. Charles Gerhardt/National Philharmonic's rerecording of it in the 1970s is breathtaking, particularly...
  10. ChromeJob

    James Bond 007 soundtracks - Golden Gun, Spy, Moonraker, View To a Kill & Octopussy

    Of course, the Benicio Del Toro fart in the lineup (google for Usual Suspects trivia if you don't know the story) is mentioning the James+Xenia car chase music. Nyeah, nyeah. :P
  11. ChromeJob

    James Bond 007 soundtracks - Golden Gun, Spy, Moonraker, View To a Kill & Octopussy

    I thought the soundtrack release DID have the symphonic tank chase music on it...? I'm going by the Google Play Music version, though. I only wish I had the music from the trailer(s). I loved the "still one man" mystery reveal that opened it. I need to find a VCR, because my memory is that my...
  12. ChromeJob

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Right Stuff -- in Blu-ray

    Wow. Fantastic good read (of course, Kaufman is a grand storyteller). Thank you!
  13. ChromeJob

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Rear Window -- in Blu-ray

    I wonder if the VistaVision camera would've hampered Hitch's style. He has that great opening shot that moves around the apartment for exposition.
  14. ChromeJob

    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    Anyone who gets horny. Who wouldn't want a Delos Resorts on the ship?
  15. ChromeJob

    UHD James Bond films in Ultra HD blu Ray?

    The first reboot. First use by Barry (in a Bond film) of synths. First Bond film to end on a downbeat.... The remastered soundtrack CD is great. Some unused takes, including the attack on Piz Gloria that was replaced with the Monty Norman theme. Recommended. ;)
  16. ChromeJob

    Star Trek Beyond (2016)

    As I recall it was a two-parter. I agree with most, I finally watched Into Darkness last year and was utterly disappointed and bored (and stuff didnt even make sense). I probably wont see Beyond until it's free on streaming too. Hell, I may not watch it. It looks like more of the New Coke Trek...
  17. ChromeJob

    Criterion Blu-ray titles!

    I've been pining for a BD of Woman of the Year. Fascinating comedy. I hope the Rumble Fish disc has something about my prep school classmate Gio Coppola. He did 2nd unit photography for that and Cotton Club, was taken away from us too young in a boating accident with Ryan O'Neal's idiot son...
  18. ChromeJob

    I might be asking for too much in a receiver ?

    I hope you can see my attachment. Tapatalk says I "don't have permission to view this attachment." Err...?
  19. ChromeJob

    Did I get ripped off? Concerto 901 7.1 Surround Sound

    You ought to have taken them home and cracked them open to see what was inside. It might've been an even bigger laugh than your parking lot "conning the con artists" shenanigans. Thanks for an awesome story, though. :)
  20. ChromeJob

    I might be asking for too much in a receiver ?

    Get clever and put the AVR out of sight,[1] operated by HDMI-CEC and a mobile app (Android, iOS). Not sure about the RXV-479, but the -775 is supported by the Yamaha AV Controller app that offers a lot of control, including the ability to tailor what inputs (and their names) are displayed. For a...
  21. ChromeJob

    Yamaha RX-V675 and Access Error with Pandora

    I resolved it by adding a Apple TV to my setup and never using the crappy Yamaha Pandora app again. :(
  22. ChromeJob

    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    Brilliant, sir. Great reading. It's episodes like this that i use to illustrate to people how great TOS was, the bold and intelligent scripts, and depth of subtlety to the stories. P.S. I think the episode owes much to THE ENEMY BELOW with Robert Mitchum and Curt Jürgens, particularly the two...
  23. ChromeJob

    Criterion Blu-ray titles!

    Fantastic news, it's such an impressionistic film, like a late night b/w movie on TV with the sound turned down low (quote from the film). And a scintillating score by Stewart Copeland!
  24. ChromeJob

    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    Don't worry, it will. Eventually. (Go through the Great Barrier at the edge of the galaxy to accelerate the process.) ;) Ah, Franklin Mint. Boldly pratfalling where no collectable company has stumbled before.
  25. ChromeJob

    Barnes & Noble Semi-Annual 50% off Criterion Sale

    Wow. Grinch much, B&N? I appreciate that they don't want customers/club members concatenating discounts for a great deal, but after charging a yearly fee to be in the club, and then sending mailers inviting the member to spend some money, to then say "Oh, we want to limit how you use the...
  26. ChromeJob

    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    Noooooooo. Then they'd remake ST III, ST IV, even ST V,... or they'd make a remake of ST TMP leaving us all scratching our heads....
  27. ChromeJob

    Alfred Hitchcock films available on blu-ray

    I saw this on HBO ... it's marvelous.
  28. ChromeJob

    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    Such exaggeration. :P I always felt it was a "space show," i.e. they're travelers in space. It would be boring to be "visiting strange, new worlds" every week. Like a nautical tale in which the only parts you hear about are the ports of call. Lots of action out on the open sea for whaling...
  29. ChromeJob

    Criterion Flash Sale 50% SRP on all instock Movies

    Ah, NIGHT TRAIN TO MUNICH is a fun film, I saw it on Hulu. Does anyone know, as their site isn't clear ... is Criterion abandoning Hulu for Filmstruck, or are they adding the new TCM-launched site? OOPs, nevermind. The intro video on the site claims it will be the exclusive streaming source for...
  30. ChromeJob

    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    Yeah, I've always liked how much of the drama is coming from the "ticking clock" deadline to save their own lives, the growing enamorment of Kirk by Miri (a young girl who clearly is becoming a young woman, amidst fear and responsibility of her role and her age),... there's a lot of human drama...