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    For sale: Infocus reference display sign

    $20 including shipping in the USA.
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    For sale: Infocus reference display sign

    Never say never.. $25 including shipping in the USA.
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    For sale: Infocus reference display sign

    $30 including shipping in the USA. Final price bump.
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    For sale: Infocus reference display sign

    Selling an Infocus sign that's been in storage for a few years but is otherwise practically unused. Pretty cool collectible for those with an Infocus projector in the home theater room. Details: - The sign is approximately 12" (l) x 8" (h) - It appears to be made of a hard plastic material...
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    FS: Laserdiscs

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    FS: Laserdiscs

    Prices are listed below. If seeking multiple titles, I'm open to negotiation. $3 2 Days in the Valley (WS) $3 Arachnophobia (WS) $8 Basket Case 3 $14 Beloved (WS) $3 Best of the Best 2 (WS) $7 Beyond the Mind's Eye $9 Black Dog (WS) $3 Blue Chips (WS) $3 California Suite $3 Cape (WS) $6...
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    FS: DVDs, LaserDiscs, and VHS

    Doing a little spring cleaning here and clearing out a few movies I don't watch as much anymore. Prices below are before shipping. Shipment will be via USPS media mail unless another option is wanted, such as UPS. Payment by paypal or USPS money order. VHS...
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    Some stuff for sale: DVD, VHS, and Laserdisc

    Adding: Laserdisc $99 10 Things I Hate About You (sealed) Worth a shot, anyway. This just sold on eBay for $212.45 shipped. If anyone is tracking down the laser year's worth of USA lasers this is a pretty obscure one. Or, if you want to try reselling it through auction that's also totally up...
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    Some stuff for sale: DVD, VHS, and Laserdisc

    Update -- Adding these items below. LaserDiscs (will take pics if needed) $9 12 Monkeys (Signature Collection box set) $3 Clean Slate $4 Hear No Evil $3 National Geographic: Elephants $3 Seems Like Old Times (sealed) $3 Splitting Heirs DVD (will take pics if needed) $7 Joey - Season 1...
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    Some stuff for sale: DVD, VHS, and Laserdisc

    As extra incentive to buy in bulk, I'll take 10% off to the total order for anyone who purchases $25 or more worth or items, in addition to the free media mail shipping.
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    Some stuff for sale: DVD, VHS, and Laserdisc

    I could use a little extra room around here, so here are some items from my collection that may be of interest to some of you. :D Shipping: Unless other plans are requested, I'll ship out using media mail to save everyone a little money. Pricing will be based on the overall weight of the...
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    WTB: Bravo D1 or Oppo DVD player

    I use a Toshiba XA2 in the main system. The Bravo would be for an older Infocus 4805 projector in a spare room. I'm also considering the Oppo in the thread - feeling out responses for a few more days here.
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    WTB: Bravo D1 or Oppo DVD player

    I'm looking for a decent spare dvd player and have the D1 in mind. It's a few years old now but there should still be plenty around. I'll also consider Oppo players; let me know what you have and your price.
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    WTB: 720p projector

    Oops! Didn't notice it ended up in this forum. Mods.. please move.
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    WTB: Sega Dreamcast, NES, 3DO items

    I'm putting together a second entertainment room and am considering adding a few 'retro' systems. Let me know of which you have. Also looking for games for these systems even if you no longer own the systems themselves. PM me with what you have and your price(s).
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    WTB: 720p projector

    Looking for an older, cheap 720p projector for use in a second room. A couple of likely contenders would be the Optoma HD70 or Mitsubishi HD1000u. Let me know what you've got. Must be in excellent working condition. Please PM with model, price, and hours on lamp.
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    FS: Holiday cleaning... lots of electronics and goodies!

    DVD players: PIONEER DV-343 (player only; no remote) $5 + shipping RCA 5220P (remote included) $5 + shipping CD player: ONKYO DX-200 (no remote) $15 + shipping Cassette tape player: FISHER CR-65 (no remote) $15 + shipping Integrated amplifier: FISHER CA-57 (no remote) $20 +...
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    WTB: Laserdisc player and movies

    Sent you an e-mail, Jonathan.
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    FS: Belkin F6C900 power supply (900VA)

    This is an awesome UPS that can serve as a surge protector and power back-up. In great shape - this goes for over $100 on eBay and Amazon. $20 plus your choice of UPS or USPS shipping. 22 lbs from 35226.
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    FS: Intellivision II system (boxed)

    Asking price is in the thread ($35 shipped). I no longer own any games for it. There has never been an issue with the console and it still powers up just fine. :)
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    FS: Intellivision II system (boxed)

    I have an original Intellivision II console with both controllers and the power adapter. This is from around 1983, so the graphics and sound aren't quite on par with 360 and PS3. ;) It's certainly a memory trip for anyone who grew up with one. I no longer have any games around, however...
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    FS: DVD lot ($1.75 each shipped!)

    Small 'blowout' spring clearance sale from my collection -- dirt cheap! Titles: Lethal Weapon 2 D.C. Orange County Shallow Hall (former rental with lots of marks) Spiderman (2 disc SE) Spiderman 2 (2 disc SE w/ slipcase) Urban Legend (former rental with lots of marks) Total: $10.50...
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    LDs for sale

    Jimmy Buffett Live by the Bay Eric Clapton: Live in Hyde Park Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live U2 - Achtung, Baby U2 - Zoo TV Live from Sydney How much is shipping for these? (USA - 35216)
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    FS: Sony Game Gear w/ Sonic 2 game

    Great shape. Uses 6 AA batteries or an adapter. Priced for a quick sale. :) Sold
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    FS: DVDs, CDs, LPs, video games, shirts, and more

    All items below are for sale and I am also considering trades for HD DVDs. Let me know if you're interested in buying or trading. Shipping will be as follows... - CDs, DVDs, Playstation games = $1.99 for the first, .99 each additional - Video Games (carts), Shirts = $2.99 for the first...
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    FS - Bluray, HD-DVD

    I'll take Face Off.
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    FS: HD-DVDs

    I'll take Balls of Fury. :)