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  1. Robert_eb

    Sirius uses AK47 promo day after Omaha AK47 shooting

    I was a bit shocked when the day after one of the worst shootings in Nebraska history, Sirius Satalite radio runs a promo on their Lithium channel, with Samuel L Jackson in his Pulp Fiction role, bragging about killing every last motherfu&%er with a AK47. Is it me or is that a bit insensitive.
  2. Robert_eb

    Denon DVM-1805 5 Disc DVD Changer

    This DVD player is in excellent condition. Product Information : The DVM-1805 is endowed with many of the most advanced technologies currently available, providing you with the most stunning and realistic experience in sight and sound. For video it is Progressive Scan, to masterfully...
  3. Robert_eb

    Denon DVD-900 DVD Player

    This DVD player is in like new condition. This was used in my bedroom and has very little use. Comes with original box and owners manual. Product Information : This well-crafted progressive-scan DVD player is one of the most affordable models to include Faroudja's acclaimed DCDi...
  4. Robert_eb

    Inexpensive International Shipping for CD

    I need to ship a cd internationally with tracking info. Anyone have advice on the cheapest method? FedEx? UPS?
  5. Robert_eb

    New laptop

    I just purchased a new Toshiba laptop (A135-S4827). I was told that to speed it up I need to get rid of the advertising that is built into it. How do I do that?
  6. Robert_eb

    Benefits Chamber of Commerce membership

    I'm currently trying to expand my office cleaning business and would like to know if anyone has any positive feedback for the Chamer of Commerce? What types of questions should I ask regarding marketing and how the chamber of commerce helps in generating new business?
  7. Robert_eb

    230 DVD's for Sale

    All titles are widescreen. Titles are $4.95 a piece unless noted otherwise. Shippingis $1.95 for first and $.95 for each additional title. I do accept pay pal. Will be shipped with delivery confirmation and optional insurance purchased by buyer. 1.Abyss, The (special Edition) $6.95 2.Against...
  8. Robert_eb

    TOM WAITS Orphans 3 CD set 11-21-06

    Is anyone looking forward to this?? This should be the best release of 2006 in my opinion. http://www.anti.com/catalog.php?id=69 Tom Waits: Orphans BRAWLERS 01. Lie To Me 02. LowDown 03. 2:19 04. Fish In The Jailhouse 05. Bottom Of The World 06. Lucinda 07. Ain't Goin' Down To...
  9. Robert_eb

    Difference between commercial and Aquarium silicone if any?

    Is there any difference between the silicone that you can purchase at the Aquarium store and silicone that you can buy at Builders Square or Lowes (commercial type)? The biggest difference I've noticed is the price. It states on both types that it's 100% silicone. I'm building a cave for my fish...
  10. Robert_eb

    30 DVD's New Titles Great Deals!

    All of these dvd's are in widescreen and in excellent condition. I do accept Pay Pal. Shipping is $2.95 for first title and $.95 for each additional. This price includes delivery confirmation which will be sent to you after shipping. 1. Good Night, And Good Luck $6.95 2. The Interpreter...
  11. Robert_eb

    The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill DVD

    I just watched this documentary for the first time and strongly recommend it. It was an absolute treat to watch a former a homeless street musician in San Francisco, who fond purpose and meaning in his life from a flock of wild parrots. It's amazing how animals can lift someones spirts and it...
  12. Robert_eb

    Fitness Made Simple Videos

    I keep seeing that commercial with John Basedow. Has anyone ever ordered any of these videos? If so, would you recommend them? I'm more interested in the cardio/fat burning videos. Can anyone recommend other videos that they use? Thanks :)
  13. Robert_eb

    Best price for Madden 2006?

    Best Buy and Circuit City are both selling this for $49.99. Is anyone (B&M) selling this for less?
  14. Robert_eb

    Denon DVM-1805 Remote Control Model Number?

    I need the model number for the remote control for Denon DVM-1805 dvd player. Anyone know where I can get the replacement remote for this? My remote is MIA. Thanks in advance.
  15. Robert_eb

    Martin Scorsese Profile on TCM

    http://www.turnerclassicmovies.com/T...,85273,00.html Looks good.
  16. Robert_eb

    Wal-Mart sued over Evanescence lyrics

    http://www.usatoday.com/life/music/2...M_Exclude=Juno Is anyone elso bothered by this? Maybe we can burn some books we find objectionable.
  17. Robert_eb

    THE CURE Three Imaginary Boys Deluxe Edition Update

    http://www.thecure.com/news/ Three Imaginary Boys Deluxe Edition Update 10/5/2004 1:01:42 PM - by geffen ** The new release dates are 29th November 2004 worldwide and December 7th in the U.S. on Rhino ** The Cure's debut album from 1979 has now been elevated to the Deluxe Edition...
  18. Robert_eb

    Cat Food for urinary blockage (crystals)

    A few months ago my cat had a urinary blockage (crystals) so my Vet recommended Hill Prescription Diet cat food which they also sold. Recently, I looked at the ingredients and was a bit surprised at what I saw. The first ingredient was Chicken by-product meal. The second ingredient is corn...
  19. Robert_eb

    Tom Waits Real Gone CD 10-05-04

    Is anyone elese excited about this new release? I hope he tours for this one as I've never seen him live before. A true artist. Release date: 10-05-04 Track Listings: 1. Top Of The Hill 2. Hoist That Rag 3. Sins Of My Father 4. Shake It 5. Don't Go Into That Barn 6. How's It...
  20. Robert_eb

    Gia Unrated Version

    What's on the unrated version that's not on the original dvd?
  21. Robert_eb

    72 Laserdiscs for sale

    I'm also selling my laserdisc player (Pioneer CLD-D406) SOLD. Shipping is $5.00 for first laserdisc and $.75 for every other title purchased. Please email me directly at [email protected] for questions. Laserdisc titles are as follows: 1. To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday (WIDESCREEN...
  22. Robert_eb

    42 DVDs for sale. Nice Selection.

    All were purchased from Best Buy and Circuit City. Discs are all in excellent condition. I do accept pay pal but no credit card transactions thru them. Shipping is $2.00 for first dvd and $.50 for every additional one purchased. Please contact me directly if interested at [email protected]
  23. Robert_eb

    Allmusic.com problem.

    Is something wrong with their site? A lot of thier icons are disabled.
  24. Robert_eb

    Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On News DVD (READ GUIDELINES BEFORE POSTING)

    Has anyone seen this documentary? Is this a straight to video release because I don't recall it being released theatrically?
  25. Robert_eb

    Peter Gabriel: Secret World Live DVD

    I just viewed this for the first time and was quite impressed with it. I remember this tour and upon viewing the dvd, I regret not seeing it when he came to Detroit. The dts soundtrack is incredible. Was this image originally 4x3 and cropped to 1.78.1 for the dvd?
  26. Robert_eb

    I'm starting new business and need advice.

    I'm starting a office cleaning company and need advice on the best way to solicit new customers. I thought of joining the local Chamber of Commerce but their initial membership fee is pretty high and I'm not guaranteed of getting customers this way. I was also planning on just calling business...
  27. Robert_eb

    Best "Punk Rock" Albums

    I recently purchased Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash from The Replacements and I just can't get over the fact that this may be my favorite punk rock album. I love this type of music from the 70s and 80s and wanted to get feedback as to what other albums are well regarded from this type of...
  28. Robert_eb

    The Curisoa Festival 2004 THE CURE

    Is anyone going to this festival? I just bought tickets for the Clarkston, MI show. This will be the third time I'll get a chance to see The Cure. I paid over $76.00 for each ticket, which includes the $10.00 "convenience" fee for each ticket. http://www.thecure.com/news.html THE...
  29. Robert_eb

    Morrissey You Are The Quarry CD

    Has anyone picked up the new Morrissey cd?
  30. Robert_eb

    DVDs for Sale. Nice Selection

    Shipping is $2.00 for the first dvd and $.50 for each additional one purchased. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea $11.99 About Schmidt $7.99 The Accused $6.99 Against All Odds (Sealed) $3.99 Air Force One $5.99 Ali $5.99 Altered States $5.99 American Psycho (unrated) $9.99 Angel Heart...