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  1. Brian Lawrence

    Fantasy Baseball Keeper League 2nd year, New Owners needed.

    We are looking for new owners in the Beer & Pretzels Keeper League. It's a points only Yahoo League that is free to join. The stats and scoring are a bit more complicated than many leagues, so make sure to read through the details at Beer & Pretzels Keeper League. We are also trying to get a...
  2. Brian Lawrence

    Free Yahoo Baseball League III - (One Week left to Join)

    8 teams left. Join the free Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League here Enter = ( 193240 ) for league ID# and enter = ( baseball ) for the password. Live draft Mon Mar 22 11:00pm EST. As mentioned in the other thread this is a points based league. The point system does need to be worked...
  3. Brian Lawrence

    Directors Name that Movie (or TV Show)

    Well we all know how these things run now so there is not much to explain. This will be a slower paced contest than the last few, with only 1 shot a day on weekdays. Also It will only run for 25 rounds. I'd rather spend a little more time and get more unique shots, than just plain more shots...
  4. Brian Lawrence

    Directors Your Favorite films of the year by year.

    I thought this might be an interesting twist on the traditional Favorite/Best movie polls, Rather than a standard Top 10 of alltime, I thought it would be more interesting to see a list of what everyones favorite film is for each year dating back however far one chooses. :) My list 30-...
  5. Brian Lawrence

    Directors Name That Scary Movie

    Rules are pretty simple. Click on the image to submit your guess, Make sure put your guess in the subject line. Only first guesses will count, If you submit a guess and then change your mind - Tough cookies! Scoring is : -Each shot is worth 1 point -If 3 or less people identify...
  6. Brian Lawrence

    Directors Name That Movie - A Contest (#5)

    At this point I think we all know the basics of how these screen-shot games work. Scoring will be simple. 1 point per correct guess. 2 points if 3 or less people get the correct answer. 3 points if you are the only one to correctly guess the movie. Your first guess on a particular...
  7. Brian Lawrence

    One montor for two computers?

    I'm trying to find out if there are any splitters or switch boxes that would allow me to use on monitor for 2 different compuers. Thanks in advance.
  8. Brian Lawrence

    Directors Female Celebrity Draft v. 01

    01- Brian Lawrence 02- Richard Travale 03- Justin Doring 04- SteveGon 05- Steeve Bergeron 06- JohnRice 07- Cary T. 08- Erik G. 09- Justin S. 10- Nick Sievers 11- Chris Richard 12- Dome Vongvises 13- Joel Mack 14- Ric Bagoly 15- JenB 16- Alex Spindler Drafting choices...
  9. Brian Lawrence

    Thread cleaning request

    I would be greatful of one of the mods could delete posts #3 through #2153 in This thread. I would for now like to keep all of the Round 3 posts. Thank You.
  10. Brian Lawrence

    Merged Thread: Okay, So what DVDs did you all get for X-Mas ?

    Every year this question comes up so this year I thought I'd be the one to ask :) I got -Children of Paradise (Criterion) -Ginger Snaps (Canadian release) -Grave of the Fireflies (Collector's edition) -Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 2
  11. Brian Lawrence

    "Go Phillies" thread deleted???

    I see an arrow next to the thread like it has been moved but when I click on the link it comes up with a message that I am not logged on. Has this thread been closed or is their something wrong at my end?
  12. Brian Lawrence

    Currently 2765 Active Users Online !!!!

    Wow :eek: Has the forum been slash dotted again :) edit- Now 2818!!!
  13. Brian Lawrence

    Could somebody please gut out a thread for me?

    Over in polls I am running a tournament that is now over 100 pages long http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...threadid=69702 . Rather than having it closed, and starting a new one I would appreciate it if someone could gut out all of the posts after my 1st post and prior to the last page or so...
  14. Brian Lawrence

    Ethernet card question

    I used to have a cable modem Internet connection. When I dumped the cable connection to Cox. I removed the ethernet card from my computer, and I may or may not have deleted the driver information? Tomorrow I will be getting DSL service so I plugged the ethernet card back in, but I do not know...
  15. Brian Lawrence

    "The HTF 100 Great Films of the 1930's Challenge"

    Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed (German version) Link Removed - Link Removed Link...
  16. Brian Lawrence

    Homemade widescreen vs. P&S examples :-)

    I was very bored today so I created my own little example of widescreen vs. Pan & Scan. It's just a photo that I took and decided to tool around with (I don't have the equiptment to do screen captures of actual movies) :) 1. As the full (2.35) image would appear projected on a movie theater...
  17. Brian Lawrence

    Great Movies of the 1930's Tournament.

    Well that closes out the tournament. Duck Soup wins. Now added 42nd Street After the Thin Man Angels with Dirty Faces Another Thin Man Awful Truth Blood of a Poet Boys Town Captain Blood Dodsworth Four Feathers Fury G-Men Gunga Din Lost Patrol Mad Love...
  18. Brian Lawrence

    Female Celebrity (Ultra)- Tournament V. 03 !!!

    Winner!!! Nicole Kidman (26-9)(31-5)(20-8)(30-2)(28-11)(30-6)(21-20)(26-11) Knocked out of tournament -Aisha Tyler (27-12)(10-22) -Ali Larter (7-0)(19-17)(13-17) -Alicia Silverstone (5-11) -Alicia Witt (4-7) -Alyssa Milano (9-8)(22-16)(19-18)(20-8)(11-23) -Alyson Hannigan...
  19. Brian Lawrence

    Another game to try

    3-D PONG http://www.liquid.se/pong.html :) Blah, a high of 295 :angry:
  20. Brian Lawrence

    John Rocker is "The Greenskeeper"

    In what is sure to be a front runner for the 2002 Oscar race, Baseballs most notorious dim-bulb will be flexing his thespian skills in the upcoming film, Link Removed. Sounds like a real classic :rolleyes
  21. Brian Lawrence

    S-VHS quality in EP mode?

    I'm looking to pick myself up my first S-VHS deck. I mostly intend to use it for time shifting programs off of DSS. My question is how well does S-VHS in EP mode compare to VHS in SP mode. Is it better, worse or about the same. Right now I am using VHS tapes of T-120, T-160, & T-180 length and...
  22. Brian Lawrence

    Has an NFL team ever gone 0-16 ???

    I'm not very knowlable about footbal, But I am pulling for Detroit to secure a perfect losing season. What I don't know is if it has ever been done before??
  23. Brian Lawrence


    http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htforum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=95465 1999 * 2000 *2001 *2002 *2003 *2004 *Top 20 *20 Worst Top 100 English Language Films *Foreign Films
  24. Brian Lawrence

    Any thoughts on the new Rob Zombie CD?

    I loved Hellbilly Deluxe and am thinking about picking up his new CD 'Sinister Urge' Any Comments from someone who may have heard it?
  25. Brian Lawrence

    Heathers -New transfer THX looks worse than the old one (Too much DVNR)

    I don't know if this has been brought up before, but last night I put on the new Heathers dvd and was rather disappointed to see that it appears to be another victim of excessive DVNR (digital video noise reduction). The older non-anamorphic transfer was actually sharper and had a more detailed...
  26. Brian Lawrence

    Film critic Pauline Kael dies at age 82

    "GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. (AP) - Movie critic Pauline Kael, a brash, witty champion of artistic quality who thrashed both facile commercialism and self-indulgent pretense from her lofty perch at The New Yorker, has died. She was 82." Link Removed Sad news. [Edited last by Brian Lawrence...
  27. Brian Lawrence

    Funcoland reliable for pre-orders?

    I am thinking about pre-ordering both the X-Box and Gamecube, My local Funcoland is not yet taking pre-orders on these but they have started a calling list for when pre-orders are announced. I got myself on both list. I was wondering what their past track record has been on system pre-orders...
  28. Brian Lawrence

    Warner, I would Love to see ACCIDENTAL TOURIST on dvd !!!

    I know that everyone here has select movies that they want and that my request is not anymore important. But I have been waiting for this great film to be released on dvd, ever since I got my Panasonic A-300 in March of 1997. Every time I check a web-site like DVDFILE and read through the new...
  29. Brian Lawrence

    No new Baseball game for DC ???

    While last years WSB2K1 is perhaps the worst video game ever made, I had expectations that Sega would not make the same mistake twice. I remember reading the the next WSB game would even have online play. But now when I look through sites like IGN and Gamespot, I can not find a single world...