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  1. James St

    Tennessee Jury from Hell

    Not exactly the kind of publicity Memphis is looking for. http://www.cnn.com/2005/LAW/01/18/sh....ap/index.html
  2. James St

    What Gauge for In-wall Surround Cable??

    I am having a room renovated and want to have it pre-wired for surround sound. I'm not sure what type of in-wall cable would need to be run. The room is 18x15 and I will plan on buying 2 50-60 ft spools to make sure I have enough. But I'm not sure what should buy. Looking at Home Depot and Lowes...
  3. James St

    Doom 3 Delayed until March 2004

    Just watching Tech TV and they mentioned it has been pushed back to March 2004. Gamespot also now lists the release at 3/15/2004.
  4. James St

    Sony DRU-510A CD/DVD-Rewritable Drive at CC for $299.99

    Just an FYI for those in the market for a dvd burner like myself. Circuit City has the Sony DRU-510A regular $350 for $300 after instant rebate and price cut. I believe this is a newer drive then the popular 500 model which I've heard good things about...
  5. James St

    Ghost Recon(XBL) Delayed?!?!?

    EB and several other places are now showing Ghost Recon being released in early December instead of November. It was scheduled for Nov. 5th. Have there been any official announcements made on this?
  6. James St

    New Dead to Rights video

    I saw this on IGN and was rather intrigued. Haven't heard much about this one. Is this one suppose to be any good? Hear's the clip for your viewing pleasure. Link Removed
  7. James St

    Arghhh, My XBox has Died!!!!

    I haven't played it in about a week due lack of time and Eternal Darkness(ED for GCN that is:D). So I'm in the mood for some Morrowind when I turn on the power when after the XBox logo comes up my XBox light starts flashing red and green. A screen comes up telling me in about fifty languages...
  8. James St

    The Panasonic RP62 discussion thread

    The silver model is in stock now with the black model expected on 07/03/02. RP62 link
  9. James St

    Boxing: Rahman and Holy......

    ....Shit!!!:eek: I'm really not into boxing but I happened to watch this one last night. That was one of the nastiest bumps I've ever seen. Anyone else see this? http://espn.go.com/boxing/news/2002/0601/1389665.html
  10. James St

    Buy a Cube now or wait??

    With Resident Evil now available I'm ready to buy a Gamecube. EB is offering a Cube with two controllers, memory card, a Mad Catz extension cable and your choice of RE or Sonic 2 for $272.96. Should I wait a few weeks to see if Nintendo drops the price of the Cube or should I jump on this deal...
  11. James St

    Arrrrghhh, my A/C won't work!!!

    I live in an old house with an old a/c unit which hasn't been blowing cold(fan only) for the past week:frowning:. I finally got the repairman to come out today and he determined that there was no water flowing to the unit. It would shut itself down to keep from overheating. He replaced the water...
  12. James St

    Problem with my new Geforce 4!! Need Help Please!

    I'm having some video problems with my new Gainward Ti4600 Ultra/750XP. I bought it at Newegg and have had nothing but good experiences with them until now. First I'm afraid that it may have been opened and played with before I got it. There was no shrink wrap on the box, the static bag with the...
  13. James St

    Gametheater XP or Audigy Platinum EX. Which to get?

    I'm ready to upgrade my soundcard but can't decide which one of these to get. I use my computer for listening to music while I surf and also for gaming. I plan on drilling a small hole in the wall behind my computer to run audio and ethernet cables to the living room where my HT is located. I...
  14. James St

    3D American flag screensaver

    After Sept. 11 I remember a few people looking for an American flag screensaver. I could never find one quite the way I wanted but after downloading some windows updates I found this one from Microsoft. It's the nicest one I've seen so far and thought some of you may want it...
  15. James St

    PC2100 ram shows as PC1600 on boot up???

    I bought a DDR mobo and some Crucial pc2100 memory a few months ago. After swapping everything out I noticed my mobo reads it as pc1600. I checked the memory it is indeed pc2100. After looking in bios I didn't see anything that I could change so it would recognize my memory as pc2100. Asus has...
  16. James St

    Tony Soprano's Suburban on Ebay!!!

    I saw the story on the news today and just checked Ebay. The current bid is $69,200.00. All that for used Suburban with 36,000 miles on it. Here's the link. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/aw-cg...item=593361626
  17. James St

    Anybody picking up NCAA 2002 for PS2??

    I saw this game is coming out today. Being an EA game I'm sure it will use the new Madden engine. I'm thinking of picking it up but may wait for some reviews first. Any early reviews?