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  1. Richard Travale

    X-Men Days of Future Past Digital HD code

    X-Men Days of Future Past Digital HD code I received this code but it will not allow me to redeem here in Canada. Redeems through FoxRedeem.com Itunes or UV, Digital HD Code only So, if anyone in the USA is looking for this, $5.00 USD using paypal. F&F would be appreciated pm if interested...
  2. Richard Travale

    Arrow (Season 3)

    I know we are still quite some time away from season 3 starting, but with ComicCon, comes series trailers…and this one’s a doozy. They reveal the “Big Bad” of season 3, and I’m pretty stoked about it. I wonder if we will see Barry Allen at all this season? Here’s the link to the trailer
  3. Richard Travale

    Kickstarter: Neurio

    Hey all, So I don't normally post stuff like this, but I'm pretty darned impressed by this one...and that one of my friends is a part of the design team, is why I'm bringing it to the good folks at HTF.Plus as HT enthusiasts, who here doesn't like the idea of being more energy efficient...
  4. Richard Travale

    What to look for in a used iPad?

    I bought my 1st Gen iPad used right when the 2nd Gens arrived. I love it and have no qualms. Well, maybe one. I bought the 32GB version and there have been times I would have liked the 64GB. Some apps are surprisingly bigger files and movies can be bigger as well. Plus I have a lot of music and...
  5. Richard Travale

    iphone question

    Hey Folks, So, my cell phone plan hardware upgrade option comes up this May. I've been dying to get an iphone for a very long time now. My immediate thought is to grab an iphone 4 the day my upgrade is available. Now, I've had a little bit of a wrench thrown in to the mix here. A friend has...
  6. Richard Travale

    Would this work?

    Hi all, I have a plan to help me get into DSLR photography. I should start by telling you that I lost my right hand in an accident years ago. So, seeing as every camera I've ever seen has the shutter release on the right hand side, I need to come up with an alternative. So, my thought...
  7. Richard Travale

    PS3 Not Connecting.

    Hey all, I recently moved and had to buy a new wireless router (the old one belonged to my room-mate). Anyway, the old one was a netgear router and I was able to connect the PS3 to the internet just fine. My new router (a D-Link) unfortunately is not working with the PS3. I seem to have...
  8. Richard Travale

    Game Classification Question

    I did a search but couldn't find anything on this. I'm interested in certain types of computer/console games but am not sure of what they are called. For instance, I really like the Warcraft type of game. Would this be considered a strategy game or RPG? I like the way the game is presented...
  9. Richard Travale

    Why can't I get on the internet?

    I just set up my wireless at home. It works fine for my desktop computer (using a netgear wireless adapter) yet my HP laptop isn't. It is actually connecting with the wireless but when I go to open a website or log on to messenger, it says I'm not connected. I think that the settings for my...
  10. Richard Travale

    ACK, Flea Bites

    I have no idea how this happened but I woke up with a bunch of red dots on my shins. At first I thought it might be an allergic reaction to something but now I think they may be flea bites. I have no idea how I got them because I don't have any pets. The only thing that I have done differently...
  11. Richard Travale

    Spreading of Ashes Question.

    I have looked it up and I know it is legal to transport cremated remains to the USA as long as the container can be X-rayed. What I can't find though is if it's legal in the state of Hawaii to spread the ashes. Does anyone here know if it's legal or not and under what circumstances either...
  12. Richard Travale

    Sell me on the Denon AVR-3806.

    I am going to be buying a new receiver in the next month or so. I have narrowed it down to two Denons, the 3805 or the 3806. I can get the 3805 at coscto.ca for $1099CAD and I can get the 3806 for $1500CAD. Tell me why the 3806 is $400CAD better than the 3805. Thanks.
  13. Richard Travale

    Songs At The End of Sopranos Episodes...

    Is there a site that lists the songs that are played at the end of each episode of the Sopranos? I find myself really enjoying most of the music but I have no idea what most of it is. I checked the Sopranos website and can't find anything there. Anyone know where I should look?
  14. Richard Travale

    Optoma PD50A 50" Plasma

    I am going to be buying a new display soon and one of my friends suggested this plasma. He does not have one but said it has great reviews. Problem is, I can't find any. Does anyone here have any experience with this set?
  15. Richard Travale

    Oprah not in HD? Why Not?

    So, Oprah starts her 20th season. She has a brand new studio that she seemed quite proud of...yet no HD. Doesn't it seem odd that Harpo would spend so much money on the new studio and not go the HD route? So, does anyone know why she opted against going HD? It seems to me that if Oprah were...
  16. Richard Travale

    Question about burned DVD's

    A friend of mine made a movie (starring moi). Anyway, after the final editing and sound and all that jazz, we went to make a copy for the festival that he was going to enter this film in. We made the copy and threw it in my Toshiba SD 3800 DVD player to see how it looked on my display. Well...
  17. Richard Travale

    Apple Keyboards with PC system.

    I was recently at a friend's house and I was using his mac. I thought that the keyboard was great. The two USB 1.1 ports on the sides was brilliant in my opinion. I was wondering if anyone knew of a PC keyboard that was similar or if the Apple keyboard would be compatable with my PC. I'm...
  18. Richard Travale

    Why Do My Ankles Hurt?

    Hey Guys, I am pretty overweight and have recently started walking to try and get started in shedding some pounds. As luck would have it, I got a house/dog sitting gig that requires the dog be walked 5k each day. I have been walking for a month or so but shorter distances, maybe a 1/2k or so...
  19. Richard Travale

    is DDR Ram backwards compatible?

    Please forgive me if this has been answered before. I did a search and did not come up with anything. So, I have an older 1G PIII computer with 256m ram. I have a friend who just got him self new DDR ram for his newer computer and is selling his old ram (2x256 sticks) for a very good price...
  20. Richard Travale

    Wireless Router and mail program question

    Hey all, I just bought myself a Netgear wireless router and after a couple hours I finally got it so that it will access the internet. Now my problem is with my outlook (also express and thunderbird). I try to get my mail and it says that it can't access my mail server. Now, I know that...
  21. Richard Travale

    House Sitting Question

    I am hoping to get some opinions on something. I have been recommended by some friends to house and dog sit for a friend of theirs. I went to meet with him and during our conversation he said that he would be paying me. So my question is, what does a house/dog sitter make? If he says to me...
  22. Richard Travale

    Help, I don't want to look dumb.

    A friend of mine just gave me a gift. It is a curling trophy with the name taped over. On the tape he has written "Most likely to spend time in Togas". This sounds familiar to me and I should know it but I don't. Can anyone help me?
  23. Richard Travale

    ARGHHHH, have I wrecked my receiver?

    Man oh man I did something dumb tonight. I had just finished building my new digital audio cable for my new HD receiver. I plugged it in and got it going. I then figured I would unplug the RCAs going to the analog video input and use the cables for something else. Well, I took them off (quite...
  24. Richard Travale

    Any "reviews" on the new U2 CD?

    I am thinking about buying this but I don't want to waste $20 for just one single that I enjoy. Can I get some opinions from anyone who has bought the album and maybe how it compares to other U2 albums?
  25. Richard Travale

    Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Canucks.

    Hope y'all have a great day. Try not to gorge yourselves on turkey too much. :D
  26. Richard Travale

    What Recourse Do I have? (kind of long)

    Prologue So, last night I'm watching TV and I notice a huge moth sitting on my screen...or so I thought. When I went to get rid of it I saw that it was inside my screen...LAME! So, I came on to the HTF to find out what to do and after reading a bunch of spider threads I decided to let the pros...
  27. Richard Travale

    internet radio question.

    First off, Mods if this is a no no, please shut this thread down. Ok, my question, is there a way to record off of internet radio? I have been listening to some stations that play a lot of b sides, extended mixes and rare tracks that are not readily available anywhere. I would love to have...
  28. Richard Travale

    Poor, poor Pingu...

    A new Yeti and Penguin game Warning though, this one is a little violent. :D My high score is 853.5 so far.
  29. Richard Travale

    Yeti & Penguin are back

    A New Yeti & Penguin game I like this one. I did a search but did not find anything. Please don't welcome me to last month :D
  30. Richard Travale

    Anyone here ever owned a record store?

    Has anyone here owned a record/cd store? What does it take to own and operate such a beast. The reason I ask is that some weird things are happening all at once in my life. First off, I'm unemployed, second, a friend that has owned a record store in town for 6 years has decided he is retiring...