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  1. Rob Lutter

    TV on DVD Complete Sets! Anime! Video Games! Oh my!

    Free Shipping via USPS Priority Mail on all DVD sets! Smaller items via First Class Mail. TV on DVD Sets Band of Brothers: The Complete DVD Series - $30 SHIPPED Beavis & Butthead: Sets 1-3 (Sets 2-3 are SEALED) - $50 SHIPPED Kids in the Hall: Seasons 1-3 (Sets 2-3 are SEALED) - $50 SHIPPED...
  2. Rob Lutter

    FS: Lots of $5 to $7 DVDs! Plus TV and Anime! Oh my!

    I am an HTF Gold Trader with +31. I also have +60 feedback on eBAY under 'roblutter' with 100% Positive. Payment is via PayPal (I am a Premiere member) or USPS Money Order (USPS only please). Shipping will be $2.99 for the first DVD plus $0.99 for each additional title with USPS Priority Mail...
  3. Rob Lutter

    HD-DVD @ 720p... worth the upgrade?

    I have a 720P projector (the InFocus SP5000, which I am VERY happy with by the way) and I wanted to get some opinions from those who have tried it: how does HD-DVD look on a 720P-native screen at ~110" diagonal? (my seating is a good 12-13 feet from the screen) Worth the upgrade? Am I going...
  4. Rob Lutter

    My Living Room / HT

    View looking down from the stairway in the dark... XBOX 360 and games for all systems (rest of the systems are attached to the regular TV located near the front of the room)... Rear shelf w/ projector (InFocus Screenplay 5000) and a few movie collectables... View from the back of...
  5. Rob Lutter

    HUGE Anime Collection - (mostly $8 a pop SHIPPED!) [TVonDVD too!]

    DVDs are $8 unless another price is noted. Anime: Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi 1 Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi 2 [SEALED] Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi 3 [SEALED] (Buy all 3 AYA~E DVDs and I'll include the LE collector's box) Angelic Layer series box - FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE of 2 DVDs Cardcaptor Sakura -...
  6. Rob Lutter

    FS: A Large portion of my ANIME DVD COLLECTION

    I've been less and less into anime, so I've decided to sell off a number of my titles in order to prune things down a bit. All of my DVDs are treated with the finest of care, they were purchased and owned only by me and have been kept in an air conditioned and smoke-free environment. Here's...
  7. Rob Lutter

    FS: PSP (firmware v1.5) w/ games & more!

    Playstation Portable (PSP) with v1.5 firmware Logitech PlayGear Pocket carrying case Hori screen protector 512MB Sandisk Memory Stick (BELIEVE ME, you're gonna need this) Included Software: Lumines Ridge Racer Wipeout Pure Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee Sin City (UMD Movie) Spider-Man 2...
  8. Rob Lutter

    FS: Lamp for Compaq MP2800 (part# L1552A)

    I just received the MP2800 DOA from a seller on eBAY. Now, I paid a rather low price, so rather than dealing with all the hassles of claims and such for the projector, anyone just want to buy the lamp off me? According to the original seller, it has only about 50 hours of actual use (it's...
  9. Rob Lutter

    Rob Lutter's End of Summer DVD BLOWOUT!

    James Bond DVDs ($15 each shipped) -Dr. No -From Russia with Love ([non-SE]$10 SHIPPED) -Goldfinger -Thunderball -You Only Live Twice -Casino Royale -Live and Let Die -The Man with the Golden Gun -The Spy Who Loved Me (SEALED) -Moonraker (SEALED) -For Your Eyes Only -License to Kill...
  10. Rob Lutter

    Looking for a 15" LCD

    The post says it all... I'm looking for a 15" LCD display in working condition. Preferably one which can handle 1024 x 768 Anyone got one lying around? :) Email me at: rob.lutter (at) gmail.com
  11. Rob Lutter

    Anime and Television and Movies OH MY! (on DVD)

    I hate my new region-free player... it MADE me buy the R2 Michael Palin Complete Travelogues DVD set and is currently making me eye the new Austrailian Astro Boy Deluxe Collection Tin. Oh well, savings for you! ^_^;; All titles are Region 1 and MINT unless otherwise noted. Television Curb...
  12. Rob Lutter

    ANIME, TV on DVD, and Video Games for sale

    Need some extra X-mas $$$... Anime o Chobits COMPLETE w/ box - $110 SHIPPED (SIX DISCS, some volumes also include the LE pencilboards, I'll also throw in the LE stationary set that came with the box) o Excel Saga COMPLETE - $45 SHIPPED (SIX DISCS... 4 are still sealed) o Getbackers...
  13. Rob Lutter

    Hurricane Jeanne

    What the fuck am I still doing in this state?! :eek:
  14. Rob Lutter

    Are there any J-pop/J-rock channels on satellite radio?

    There's certainly an audience (well, at least I know quite a few people ;) )... are there any satellite radio services that feature J-pop/J-rock?
  15. Rob Lutter


    For Sale.... (everything is in widescreen when applicable) DVDs: Battle Royale II (Region 3 2-Disc) - $10 SHIPPED Dawn of the Dead: Divimax Edition - $9 SHIPPED DVD Angle's DVD Discoveries - $5 SHIPPED Fast and the Furious: Tricked Out - $12 SHIPPED Fox Demo Disc #2 - $4 SHIPPED Ice Age...
  16. Rob Lutter

    Canon 1CCD vs. Panasonic 3CCD - MiniDV Video Cam

    I am buying a video camera tomorrow and I thought I'd come ask yer honest opinion. For around the same price ($550) I can get either an open box Panasonic 3CCD MiniDV camcorder (forgot the model number, but it had a manual focus ring [which I wanted] and Leica lens) or a "sealed" Canon 1CCD...
  17. Rob Lutter

    CVS Aquires Eckerd's Drugstore Chain

    http://www.wofl.com/_ezpost/data/4032.shtml CVS becomes the biggest drugstore chain in the United States (over now #2 Walgreens). Don't know if this affects any of you, but I've been shopping at Eckerd's for my entire life for all my photo development, prescription, and convenience-store...
  18. Rob Lutter

    HTF Anime Discussion Part VII

    Welcome to the seventh incarnation of HTF Anime Discussion! Please continue the discussion here... New to anime and wondering where to start? Visit our sister thread... Novice Anime Discussion Part I
  19. Rob Lutter

    I need to quit CAFFIENE!

    I am worried that I am becoming a serious caffeine addict. Seriously, I wake up, drink a cup of coffee, have about 2 cups of coke with every meal, and drink about 5 cans of coke/cups of coffee during the day. This can't be healthy and I think it's dulling me down to the point of sometimes not...
  20. Rob Lutter

    Good movie for Valentines' Day?

    Well, it's about that time of year again... after all the flowers and candy and dinner and maybe a walk, what's a good gushy lovey dovey film that I can peer to every couple of minutes while I am heavily making out on Saturday night? ;) :b I'm sure someone else on this forum has a girlfriend...
  21. Rob Lutter

    FT/FS: Battle Royale II (R3 2-disc Universe HV release)

    $16 shipped... DVD is in mint condition. This DVD is encoded as R3 NTSC (mainly because it's not a cheap bootleg), so be sure you know you can play it before you buy. The big plus with this version over the more expensive R2 version is that the movie is subtitled in english along with all the...
  22. Rob Lutter

    ANIME (Japanese Animation) for SALE/TRADE! =^_^=

    Note: I am currently out of town and won't be able to ship until March 9th! Here's what I've got... Castle in the Sky - $15 SHIPPED Kiki's Delivery Service (2 discs) - $15 SHIPPED Macross Plus v.1-2 - $27 SHIPPED Metropolis (2001) - $14 SHIPPED Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety, Vol...
  23. Rob Lutter


    I'm selling Cardcaptor Sakura volumes 1-5. Theses are the official Geneon/Pioneer release and contain episodes 1-20 of the series from Madhouse/CLAMP. The DVDs have only been played one time and are from my private collection. I'm asking $70 SHIPPED, which is 55% off the original $29.99MSRP...
  24. Rob Lutter

    The HTF 'ANIME Challenge' 2k4

    ...From the people who brought you "The HTF DVD Challenge 2k3" The HTF ANIME Challenge 2k4! Last year a number of people watched their entire DVD collection from A to Z... this year I want people to be thinking less in terms of A to Z and more in terms of Ah! My Goddess to X:1999! 1. The...
  25. Rob Lutter

    Stop it!

    Found this at another forum... *warning: bad language :) * http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/video/stopit.php Poor Bastard :D
  26. Rob Lutter

    Cyborg 009: Un-Edited and Uncut.... Does this feature OSL?

    Saw the announcement on TVShowOnDVD.com... I am interested in this show, but only if it features the original Japanese language track. This wasn't mentioned in the press release (but alluded to, with the 'Uncut' version... any word on how this will be presented. I know all of Columbia's...
  27. Rob Lutter

    Advanced Anime Discussion Part VI

    Welcome to the sixth incarnation of Advanced Anime Discussion! Please continue the discussion here... New to anime and wondering where to start? Visit our sister thread... Novice Anime Discussion Part I
  28. Rob Lutter

    Battle Royale - The Director's Cut DVD (Starmax Korean Version)

    Scared of all those bootlegs that you see floating around eBAY? Well... this is the real deal, the official Korean DVD of the, now cult classic, Battle Royale. $24 SHIPPED... I can also provide pictures over AIM if you'd like to show it is legit. This version is region-coded 0 and for NTSC...
  29. Rob Lutter

    DVDs/Video Games FOR SALE ->PayPal Premier

    FALL SPECATACULAR Well... it's that time of year again... time to clean out the old DVDs that are cluttering my shelves. Here's what I've got! A Beautiful Mind (Awards Edition) - $9 SHIPPED Berserk VOLUME 1 (War Cry) [anime] - $9 SHIPPED (Laputa) Castle in the Sky - $15 SHIPPED DVD...
  30. Rob Lutter


    FALL SPECATACULAR Well... it's that time of year again... time to clean out the old DVDs that are cluttering my shelves. Here's what I've got! A Beautiful Mind (Awards Edition) - $10 SHIPPED Berserk VOLUME 1 (War Cry) [anime] - $10 SHIPPED Black Hawk Down - $9 SHIPPED DVD Discoveries...