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  1. Lewis Besze

    PR tuning

    I've heard that there are simulation programs out there to determine the weight that needs to be attached to the PR to tune it to a certain FR.Is there a simple math to calculate it, based on internal volume and equipment displacement? Thanks!
  2. Lewis Besze

    FS: Stryke Audio Av-12 subwoofers

    These are the original batch of Av-12 subs that was released a couple of years ago from Stryke. They were never used, I only unpacked them for visual inspection, and tested it with a battery to make sure it's electrical wireing works. It's a single voice coil design[4ohm]. It was purchased from...
  3. Lewis Besze

    Expensive Day 12/14/04

    With all the titles that come out today I'll be broke by the end of the day.Of course Christmas is just around the corner,so thanks Santa! :D I'm still on the fence regarding I Robot though,I saw it in the theaters,and wasn't all that impressed.Still there is Collateral, ROTK, Mary...
  4. Lewis Besze

    Denon AVR-5805.........Second look:Wow!

    After a better, second look at this mega receiver I must conclude that this thing has more of the truly useful features then any HT centerpiece I had encountered.While it cost 6 grand, one must realize that many Pre/pros with far less features,and arguably no better performance[sound wise] that...
  5. Lewis Besze

    Multi-Channel Audio: Listing Of Releases?

    Music Direct and Acoustic Sounds,both notes of a particular release being a MC or not.They also list that on their upcoming release lists.They're both on the web.
  6. Lewis Besze

    Torque:Maybe your next audio demo DVD?

    Buckle up gents,this is a real ass kicker,and a sonic assault[in a good sense].Massive low extensions with huge dynamic range,so if you don't have enough power this might sound "fatigueging" due to distorsion,but sounds real good with enough power this soundtrack needs .The picture however was...
  7. Lewis Besze

    In The Cut Unrated

    Has anyone seen this yet? I just rented it,and I have a feeling that the "BJ" scene will leave some of you speechless. The movie itself was quiet unplausable,as far as the story goes,yet it was somewhat predictable.I liked some of the cinematography,like some part of the picture was out of...
  8. Lewis Besze

    Question regarding the current Bond sets

    Is there any difference[extra content,imroved picture and sound vise]between the current and the previous sets?I'm specially interested on the Connery, Moore,Dalton Lazenby ones.I figure that the Brosnan ones are all the same as it was first released. I have some individual titles all labeled...
  9. Lewis Besze

    Once Upon a Time in the West - THANK YOU Paramount

    I just wanted to take the time to thank the HV department people, for the exellent release of the "Once Upon A Time In The West.Personally this was my number 1 "requested" title, and I'm delighted that it has finally arrived. This is a quality effort,with good picture/sound/supplements,and at a...
  10. Lewis Besze

    S&V finds minor discrepancy on Denon 2900 xover slope.

    Just got the latest issue of S&V.In it there is a review of the 2900 by Dan Kumin,and he gave a very positive recomendation,no news there I've been recommending this player since May,however in the lab section David Ranada reveals,that the low/high pass filters differs[by a great margin] from...
  11. Lewis Besze

    DVD-A "Bonus Groups" protected by password!?

    I have encountered this feature on 2 discs so far both from Rhino. Yes: Magnification,and ELP: Brain Salad Surgery. On the ELP for instance Group 4 is labeled as "Bonus Group enter password".I've been an email correspondence with one of the member here who encountered the same issue on a...
  12. Lewis Besze

    Deep Purple:Concerto for group and orch.

    I have a question regarding this DVD. Was this released in DVD-A or DVD-V or both? Music Direct shows this as DVD-V,and Acoustic Sounds shows it as DVD-A.The picture is the same on both sites,and interestingly,they don't offer it in the other format.The Acoustic sounds is $2.00 cheaper...
  13. Lewis Besze

    Do you listen your speakers with grill on/off?[not a poll]

    Recently I removed the grill from my LSI-9s on the front,just for kicks,and surprisingly I found it,that it sounds "cleaner and more transparent".I say surprised because I figured that it was designed for grill on. I know that this is my subjective opinion,and that the "next guy" could very...
  14. Lewis Besze

    John Coltraine's Blue Train[SACD] Dissaponted!

    Today I've got this disc from Music Direct,and I must say it will end up on Ebay or Half.com. I have this on CD a '96 reissue "enhanced" cd[pc content],which proclaims it self as the "Ultimate Train". Well it is superrior to both the new CD layer and the 2ch SACD layer. It seems that a...
  15. Lewis Besze

    Genesis[original recording re mastered] any good?

    I'm in the search of opinions on the re masters of the early Genesis catalog,namely Foxtrott,Selling England by the Pound,Trick Of the Tail,The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Amazon sells them,but barely or no mention at all on the sound,and that's even conflicting.Are there better versions out...
  16. Lewis Besze

    My Denon DVD 2900 review [long]

    Hi guys, I've received this player yesterday from "soundpros",it came double boxed and no damage to it,so far so good. Once I opened it I inspected to make sure everything looks good physically,it does. Fit and finish is a typical for the Denon line that is currently being manufactured,it is...
  17. Lewis Besze

    Hunt For Red October

    Just got the box set today,I've been watching the first film,and I must say that the picture is pretty bad. It'seems very dark,colors are dull,fuzzy at times,[like film grain]and "specks"[little white dots]. I remember when we visited Paramount,that how proud they were about their pursuit of...
  18. Lewis Besze

    What would be a fair price for BP 1503

    What the header says... ...also would anyone be inetersted to buy one?
  19. Lewis Besze

    What is the "cheapest" available infrasonic filter I can buy?

    I was thinking of the SVS's black box but I'm thinking $200.00 is bit steep for me. The phase and gain control is not essential for me right now.What options do I have? Thanks!
  20. Lewis Besze

    So Cal DIY'ers! Can you help?

    I need help from those who possibly live close by, in Southern California[LA,Orange,Riverside counties]I live in Riverside. I currently have a dual Pr box with 15" holes on it. I need it to retrofit it for 2 18" prs as I'm thinking to get the Tumult driver to replace my BP 1503,though even...
  21. Lewis Besze

    Show cancellations

    I've heard yesterday in a morning radio show that,networks already axing some new shows. The ones that stood out was Enterprise,Firefly,and something like "Then and Now". Anyone heard this?
  22. Lewis Besze

    Some quirks I've found out on the Outlaw 950 not in the manual

    All of these relates to the 6ch external input,which supposedly a bypass[except the ever active lowpass xover]. Tone controlls are active Theater compensation is active. Speaker presence setting [I.E. center "none"] active. This however doesn't create a "phantom" center using the 6ch input...
  23. Lewis Besze

    Looks Like I got the "wrong" edition of Queen's ANATO DVD-A

    The recent article in the S&V points out that some of the copy's floating out there of this title,isn't the one that was intented to be released,at least by band member Brian May who has heard the 5.1 ch mix by Elliot Scheiner.So he got involved and turned in a bit of a different mix which is...
  24. Lewis Besze

    Panasonic DVD-RA60S

    Does anyone heard of this player,better yet seen it or heard it in action? It's a DVD-V/A player non progressive but retains some of the RP-91's features. I'm thinking to get it to play DVD-A only,any thoughts? Thanks! http://www.jandr.com/JRProductPage.p...e,Product_Name
  25. Lewis Besze

    Another bass managment [mis]handleing.

    The Elite -47A was already mentioned on another thread,however not in detail what was "left out" I think should raise some eyebrows IMO. Apperrantly timing delay[speaker distance compensation] worked for DVD-V and DVD-A but not SACD! Speaker selection[large,small: BM]works as usual for DVD-V...
  26. Lewis Besze

    Where to buy speaker cables,online,affordable?

    I think the header says it all! Looking for 12-14 AWG wires. Thanks!
  27. Lewis Besze

    S&V tests the Marantz SR7200

    Just got the latest S&V mag and found the review of the Marantz receiver in there. Being the "tech" guy I vent to see the "in the lab" section first. And what I've seen there is quiet disappointing. This receiver is rated for 105W x6,however it is only putting out 29w! with 5 channel...
  28. Lewis Besze

    Eagles DTS CD problem

    Hi, I just received the Eagles DTS CD from a fellow member[trade],and I hear something like a "popping" noise coming out of the center channel when playing the "Hotel California" cut.It only happens when I play this one song on the whole CD,and it happens on the same spot every time I play...
  29. Lewis Besze

    FT:Titanic DTS CD soundtrack

    I would trade this disc to another DTS CD[classical prefered,but can be pop rock,etc... too]. I beleive it's out of print,I sure had a hard time finding it.Anyway it's in exellent condition,I opened the case maybe twice. ------------------ "You Hungarians always disagree"