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  1. Rob Gillespie

    We lost Steve Tannehill

    Nice to be back Crawdaddy :)
  2. Rob Gillespie

    We lost Steve Tannehill

    I think it's been - literally - about a decade since I posted on HTF, but after hearing the news about Steve on Digital Bits it kind of felt the right time to pop back in. I always liked Steve. He always had something to say and was such a keen supporter of film, formats and the industry in...
  3. Rob Gillespie

    Radiohead- Choose your own price.

    comment removed due to bitching and moaning about 'bitching and moaning'
  4. Rob Gillespie

    New Nikon D300 or used D200?

    Yeah, I know. I've used my 17-55 f/2.8 on my film F80 a few times. Works absolutely fine after about 30mm or so. Regarding Canon, I've seen quite a few people in the wedding sector on Flickr sell their Nikons and go for the 1D MK III due to it's high-iso performance. The irony now is that...
  5. Rob Gillespie

    New Nikon D300 or used D200?

    I thought the 1d MKIII (not the brand new 1ds MK III - thanks to the copier company for the dumb names) was x1.6 crop? The high-iso on that blows away pretty much everything else on the market.
  6. Rob Gillespie

    New Nikon D300 or used D200?

    CompactFlash is the standard amongst pro cameras. They are more rugged than the other types of card and have greater capacities. The D3 can use two cards at the same time - cool.
  7. Rob Gillespie

    New Nikon D300 or used D200?

    The problem at the moment is that nobody really knows how the D300 will perform. The single biggest factor for me will be the high ISO performance. It seems Nikon have finally realised that high ISO is important and that their customers deserve much better than what the D200 and D2Xs can...
  8. Rob Gillespie

    DSLR advice? What camera's and lens to consider?

    Another way to get raw & jpg files is to run the NEFs through Nikon View (free). It will convert the files to JPG with all the in-camera settings intact so you end up with the same result but with more space left on your card.
  9. Rob Gillespie

    how many of you use RAW or even need it?

    Raw - as long as you understand how to convert it properly - can really save your bacon, especially when the venue has mixed lighting and the white balance is hard to nail properly. Raw files also have greater colour bit depth and allow all post processing - including sharpening - to be amended...
  10. Rob Gillespie

    Which digital camera do you have?

    John that's essentially correct. Photoshop can do everything Lightroom can in terms of picture correction, but LR makes the process easier as it's geared towards photographers rather than trying to encompass everyone. It's also quick - at least the 1.0 on PCs is - and you can get through a...
  11. Rob Gillespie

    Best learning methods?

    An SLR will give you more real control over the camera, if you want it. That said many 'bridge' cameras have A and S modes for controling just aperture or just shutter speed. Initially I wouldn't actually buy any books or spend any money on this. If you can get your current camera off the...
  12. Rob Gillespie

    Which digital camera do you have?

    I honestly don't know the answer to that Mike, but I'd imagine they'll probably follow normal Adobe protocol and make people pay to upgrade to 2.0. 1.0 has only just come out so any version 2.0 is a long way off I would have though.
  13. Rob Gillespie

    Which digital camera do you have?

    Thanks for the kind comments. As I said in another thread some time back I'm trying to go pro (not with landscapes, though that'd be sweet), so anything I buy will be tax deductable soon anyway. Buying £1k lenses isn't something you do lightly but the two biggies I've got (17-55 and 70-200 VR)...
  14. Rob Gillespie

    Have I told you guys lately how much I love my Mac?

    I'd like to go Mac myself, but one thing stops me - the price. I'm not a fan of the iMac - I want a case I can put under the desk and that I can open and put a 2nd, 3rd or 4th drive into. I want to be able to change the graphics card at some point. The only Mac that I can do that with is the...
  15. Rob Gillespie

    Which digital camera do you have?

    John, too late. Plans are already afoot
  16. Rob Gillespie

    Which digital camera do you have?

    Mike - I still think Nikon's Capture software (4 or NX) gives the best quality output. It's also the only raw conversion software that will use the in-camera settings. That said, they are a bit painful to use. Capture was never a fast app and NX is no better in that respect. It's OK if you've...
  17. Rob Gillespie

    David Beckham: I don't get it

    If that story is true then they I hope they're prepared for the total onslaught they will get from the British press. I imagine the Scientology freaks are alreayd eyeing up that $250M
  18. Rob Gillespie

    David Beckham: I don't get it

    Or that just about everyone in his home country is sick the eyeballs of hearing about him and his anorexic stick insect singer of a wife (who can't sing to save her life). btw, he's not going there voluntarily. The British have sent him there as revenge for giving us Paris Hilton.
  19. Rob Gillespie

    Windows Vista now available for preorder via Amazon

    For those who are buying Vista, what are your reasons for doing so? What will Vista do for you that XP does not? In what way will it enhance or improve the way you get your 'stuff' done? I'm genuinely interested, as we have clients considering the move now.
  20. Rob Gillespie

    the worst things to happen to music

    The tuneless wailing called 'soul' or R&B these days. Damn, why can't any of them hold a note? About as much soul as a dead fish.
  21. Rob Gillespie

    Which digital camera do you have?

    Elinchrom - as with Bowens and 'lower' manufacturers - now do starter kits which gives you far better value than buying the items seperately. The D-Lite 2 kit gives me 2x200w strobes, 2 softboxes, the stands, cables and a neat instructional DVD on how to use the lights properly. This cost £400...
  22. Rob Gillespie

    The Windows VISTA Poll

    Paul, I did exactly the same thing. Vista is quite a jump in hardware requirements though. Gadgets and gimmicks, pah. Does it make my Photoshop run any better? I doubt it.
  23. Rob Gillespie

    The Windows VISTA Poll

    I doubt I ever will unless it's forced upon me in some way. More hardware and overhead to do the same job XP does. It's only the OS, it's only there to let you do your work. The apps are what matters.
  24. Rob Gillespie

    Which digital camera do you have?

    Nikon D200 with lenses: 12-24mm f/4 17-55 f/2.8 70-200 VR f/2.8 50mm f/1.8
  25. Rob Gillespie

    Should I hold out for Vista?

    Remember though that Vista will do essentially the same thing as XP except that it's more expensive, has higher hardware requirements and will most likely be a buggy insecure mess until the first service pack comes out (going on MS's track record here). It's also infected upto the eyeballs with...
  26. Rob Gillespie

    How does the British Prime Minister come to office?

    Big words coming from the leader of a country that eats frogs, snails and horses. F**k 'em anyway, we won the Olympics.
  27. Rob Gillespie

    Canon Rebel XP successor?

    It was inevitable that the new Canon would hit the 10mp mark. Only problem is, it will effectively be a higher spec (at least in the pixels dept) than the more expensive and only-recently-released 30D. I guess they'll be another Canon-Nikon leapfrop in the near future to bring the semi-pro model...
  28. Rob Gillespie

    Microsoft Kill Switch? - Can Someone EVER create a FREE OS and make it as popular?

    I think it highly unlikely that MS would implement the 'kill switch'. The bad press would be unimaginable for them because we all know it won't be just pirated copies that would be affected. Quite a few legitimate users have been caught out by WGA so far. MS would be far more interested in...