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    A Few Words About A few words about…™ The Sign of the Cross – in Blu-ray

    I had high hopes for this one when I first watched the DeMille DVD collection. I really enjoyed the first half, not so much the conclusion. While I can understand the significance of the file historically, I'll have to take a pass as far as ever seeing it again.
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    LAND OF THE GIANTS! - Where Are You?

    The video quality of the region 2 release is excellent. However, as Harry stated they are PAL- based, so they have been sped-up. Thus, you will need to make sure your equipment can either play PAL or convert it to NTSC.
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    Where are Warner's very cool police detective TV series from the 60's

    I meant to add "probably" in there, but even then "ignored" wasn't the best choice of wording. My intent was to say that we don't know what Timeless did with respect to music licensing for the Peter Gunn release. It is possibly based on the age of the music and the songs included that they...
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    Where are Warner's very cool police detective TV series from the 60's

    I doubt the idea of licensing for a limited time DVD release is in their plans. I'm sure they would go for perpetuity to handle long term initiatives. Likely, Timeless or whomever they licensed from was never worried about music licensing and ignored the whole thing.
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    Where are Warner's very cool police detective TV series from the 60's

    My take is that the studio (WB in this case) owns the series and is going to want the rights cleared up for perpetuity, and is more conservative about law suits since they are such a large organization to be a target. Peter Gunn, on the other hand, was licensed by Timeless for a set period of...
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    Concert Blu-rays (rock and pop) you recommend

    Based on your comment, I had to look it up. The disc contains 10 songs performed. Apparently, the Moody Blues did 14 songs. The video is lost on the others, but they tried to blend those in during other aspects of showing what was going on during the concert. Even if the video and audio quality...
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    Concert Blu-rays (rock and pop) you recommend

    You might want to think about "Moody Blues: Threshold of a Dream - Live at the Isle of Wight Festival" from 1970. Always enjoyed the Moody Blues growing up. Had a chance to see some of there later concerts live, but never when they were in their prime or when Pinder was still around. Seeing this...
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    3D New 3D title from the 3D Film Archive for a Kickstarter Campaign

    Typically, if a person is "banned" it is designated as such around the Avatar of their postings. This is not the case with with Mr. Furmanek. More likely, there was a disagreement between the two sides and he has chosen to no longer post.
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    Where are Warner's very cool police detective TV series from the 60's

    Yes, but if they delete or replace musical performances they'll get chastised by this very community for hacking the release, and a large contigent will boycott it. I'm guessing by now WB realizes the costs to clear are beyond what revenue will be generated, so it has become a no-win situation.
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    Mr. Ed -- The Complete Series

    Once a title goes out of print the third market sellers will post high prices. Every once in a while someone will want to dump their copy and list for a reasonable price. I would use the camelcamelcamel website to put in reference to the title you want in Amazon and price willing to pay and it...
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    Mr. Ed -- The Complete Series

    A simple disk size check is all that is needed here. All these disks should be over 5 GB and closer to 7 GB or more.
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    Mr. Ed -- The Complete Series

    The disks should be dual layer. About the only time a single layer disk would be found for a TV show would be the last disk for the few remaining episodes. Any hour long show with four or more episodes or half hour show with eight or more episodes will be dual layer. When it comes to buying TV...
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    International Via Vision Entertainment Announces Premium Blu-ray Label "IMPRINT"

    My order for "War of the Worlds" and "Sorry Wrong Number" were delivered yesterday, so it appears DeepDiscount has their stock and is currently shipping.
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    Question About "My Three Sons"

    Most of the smaller companies are just going to put on disk what they receive. So I think the question here is whether they licensed distribution rights with source coming directly from CBS, which would likely mean the exact same source as was used for the CBS release. Or did they license but...
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    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    If you think the time of another to create a cover specifically to your specifications is only worth $5.00, and they disagree then feel free to make it yourself. I can tell you, if I had the talent to make covers, you'd never get a free one from me, not after this little revelation. And if you...
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    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Most likely because the people making them wanted them for themselves and offered to share them to others after the fact. Other cases could be related to others commisioning them and then providing permission to share. Pretty bold to just ask someone to taken the time and effort to create a...
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    Barnaby Jones - The Complete Series

    I'm not sure what you are trying to say here? There is always compression involved. It is just a question of how much and the amount of negative impact. There is also always the issue of what are compression issues vs. anomalies in the source material.
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    Press Release TWILIGHT TIME MOVIES PRESS RELEASE: It's Twilight Time For Us! Our "Goodbye" & "Gratitude" Sale

    I feel very fortunate, I happened on the sale when it went live Sunday afternoon and managed to order 13 titles. My order has already shipped and is currently scheduled to be delivered tomorrow afternoon.
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    Wanted: GUNSMOKE (CBS/1955-1975)

    As someone previously pointed out, all seasons have now been remastered, so no reason to use old masters. The pricing is probably no more than it being the last seasons of a long running series and they want to get it out quickly, as well as less episodes a season, meaning it can all fit within...
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    Why no SD video on Blu-ray Discs?

    I recall this being discussed long ago, and one reason is that the blu-ray spec specifically states that the main feature of a blu-ray disk must contain HD content for the purpose of not confusing the consumer. Given that they were trying to sell the consumer on a new and improved format at the...
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    Please, keep us updated on your thoughts. I'm also interested in picking up some of the VCI distributed serials on blu-ray.
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    DVD sets with pixelation

    I would say it is more likely on full series sets. There are bootlegs of the entire Dark Shadows series, coffin case and all.
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    Shout Factory Leave it to Beaver complete series question

    I complained to Shout! about the same issue probably eight years ago. Sent pictures as well. I didn't have play issues yet, but they sent a few replacement disks for the ones where the cloudiness could no longer be removed.
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    DVD sets with pixelation

    Another easy way to tell is to check the disk size within a computer drive. If they are 4.2 GB or under, they are boots. Most should be between 6 and 7.6 GBs
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    In November, The Far Country (1955) coming from Arrow

    I remember having this ordered through Germany, probably at least two years ago, along with other new Stewart western blu-ray releases. Far Country continued to receive delay after delay, until finally being removed. The word was issues with the elements. I was glad to hear it was finally going...
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    Building a new movie room... with 3 rows of seating

    As others have already stated, the design is not optimal for surround on the right or back. If you are set on using existing furniture, pulling out even a foot and using low profile surrounds (or in-wall) would help. Otherwise, as was stated by another, try to find furniture less wide that can...
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    TV on DVD news roundup

    If a firmware update is available online, you can generally download and copy it to a USB drive (if the player supports it). Otherwise, you can burn the update to a CD. Then follow the MFR instructions for initiating the update.
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    TV on DVD news roundup

    Too risky to run a significant batch of pressed disks when the title may only sell in the 100's or less.
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    TV on DVD news roundup

    My guess is that they either haven't received any yet, or they what they received was in such a small quantity (being a MOD) that the few sold and they are waiting for more to be made. The low risk of MOD is to start out conservative and only make what is needed to meet the demand.
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    Ben Casey

    Maybe someone with complete episodes and this set can compare episode 9 to see what was cut. It would be interesting to note if the cut was potentially motivated by a lack of music rights.