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  1. Marc Rochkind

    Do most decent DVD players support VCD and SVCD

    Most DVD players will play VCDs. The specs and labeling on the front panels and boxes rarely mention SVCDs, and whether players that play VCDs will play SVCDs varies. Also, there are players that will play SCVDs at one bit rate, but not at a higher one. I have a cheap Samsung that plays most...
  2. Marc Rochkind

    Dish digital audio... is it ever Dolby Digital? 5.1?

    I get digital audio fine from my dish receiver (508). It's connected to my receiver with an optical cable (only), and the digital light on the receiver lights up. But, none of the movies I've recorded seem to be in Dolby Digital, only PCM. Can someone with Dish confirm this? Do you ever get...
  3. Marc Rochkind

    Can a round 18" disk get HDTV?

    Over and over I read that you need a multi-satellite elliptical dish to get HDTV from DirecTV. However, I assume this requirement is for getting BOTH HDTV and regular service, as they come from two different satellites. Suppose I want ONLY HDTV. Can I do it with a single, round dish, pointed...
  4. Marc Rochkind

    Digital Sound Question

    I suppose it could happen, but it would be unusual for a DVD to have only 2.0 on the Dolby Digital track and surround on the analog Pro Logic track. Probably what is on the analog track is simlply stereo, and while the receiver is indeed playing it through more than just two speakers, it isn't...
  5. Marc Rochkind

    Rs232-c Port

    By software upgrade I mean a new program for the internal computer. I have no idea if such are available... I'm only going by what you said about the port being used for upgrades.
  6. Marc Rochkind

    Rolling ascending lines on cable

    Well, it's good to see that the HDTV displays the line a bit better than the analog TVs! Anyway, here's what I would do: 1. Take one of the smaller TVs to a point near where the cable enters the house, or even outside, and connect it with a fresh piece of cable to the cable company's cable...
  7. Marc Rochkind

    Rs232-c Port

    I think the upgrade to the 5803 involves hardware modifications, and you have to send the thing in to Denon. Presumably the serial port is for software upgrades only.
  8. Marc Rochkind

    Newbie pip cabling problem...please help!

    This would be a bit easier if you could precisely state what is connected to what. I assuming that there are 4 input connections to the TV: 1. Coax direct from wall via splitter. 2. Coax from VCR (input to VCR from other side of splitter). 3. S-video from DVD. 4. Composite from receiver...
  9. Marc Rochkind

    Television placement and formula

    I think the HD numbers you list are maximums. With a high-quality image, such as from a progressive-scan DVD player, you may want to sit closer, to get more of a movie-theater-like experience.
  10. Marc Rochkind

    What's DIN?

    I believe it is a German standards organization, and that in this context what it refers to is a specific way of measuring energy consumption (wattage). How it translates into real-world performance I haven't a clue.
  11. Marc Rochkind

    Anyone is the Denver, Co area interested in a HT Meet?

    Jeff, great to meet you and Mike! Should have stayed... Avs lost in overtime.
  12. Marc Rochkind

    I need a good belt!

    Well, I did a web search and came upon this site in about 30 sec.:
  13. Marc Rochkind

    Download my home theater book FREE!

    Hello everyone... thanks for all the kind words! Like most ebooks, you can't print this one. It is also published as a paperback, however. The link in Matt's message leads you to how to order it.
  14. Marc Rochkind

    Progressive DVD question

    The difference between doing the processing in the DVD player vs. the TV is subtle, but it's definitely there. To see it, you'll need someone else to operate the switch in the back while you watch the picture. In theory, the player should be able to do it better, since, unlike the TV, it can...
  15. Marc Rochkind

    Almost There

    OK... at 10 feet the 65 is about right. With the 75, you may find the seating too close for lower-quality 4:3 shows, for which a distance of 3 times the 4:3 diagonal is about right. Of course, my comments are only about the SIZE of the TVs. There are other differences, as you have noted.
  16. Marc Rochkind

    Almost There

    What's the seating distance? For watching HDTV or high-quality widescreen DVDs, I like no more that 2 times the diagonal. That is similar to a movie-theater experience, and the resolution of the display can support it.
  17. Marc Rochkind

    Help in choosing a home theatre system.

    Even if you did buy a home THEATER system, when you got it home it would operate as a home THEATRE just fine! There are a bunch of threads that talk about the XBOX as a DVD player, such as this one: Use the search feature to find more. As...
  18. Marc Rochkind


    I have heard of this problem. Check the instructions for the remote... there may be a way to set the levels without using the on-screen menus.
  19. Marc Rochkind

    Back from Star Wars in DLP - home projector questions...

    Comment on Chris's post: I think the jury is still out on DLP vs. film. I don't have a lot of first-hand experience, but have heard varying reports, which leads me to believe that there is a variation in the quality of DLP projection from theater to theater, just as there is for film. Also...
  20. Marc Rochkind

    DVD Player for projection tv (5 years old)

    There are a lot of decent players in this range. Without narrowing the choices somehow, it's very hard to choose. Here's how I would do it (your comment about playing CR-Rs is on track): 1. Make a list of media types that you need to play. Possibilities are pressed DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW...
  21. Marc Rochkind

    Component-Digital video wiring question

    Agree with John that this is not a calibration issue. But, also check for an unshielded speaker near the TV. In fact, for testing purposes, clear everything off the TV, and also shut down any applicance anywhere in the house that could be causing interference on the circuit.
  22. Marc Rochkind


    (Not to quibble, but at the higher-end, where you want to be for HT, they're called "headphones.") Jeff's point about the headphone jack is well taken. As for the headphones themselves, there are two basic ways to go: 1. Good quality regular stereo headphones, and 2. Headphones with...
  23. Marc Rochkind

    What's the next step?

    I would look at it this way: There are three levels of retailer: 1. Authorized dealer, 2. Unauthorized dealer, but reasonably well-known and with a good reputation, and 3. Unknown dealer, possibly just a private individual who somehow came upon some new stock. I would expect a bigger...
  24. Marc Rochkind

    Download my home theater book FREE!

    I've just completed a new book, Home Theater Explained, and you can now get it as an ebook for free from my site (see signature below). Any and all comments--and I'm sure there will be some! -- are welcome, either here or by email. Enjoy!
  25. Marc Rochkind

    Questions about normal TVs and Widescreen ones.

    Just to add a bit: He will get everything that's on the DVD. However, many people with 4:3 TVs get pan-&-scan DVDs because they will fill the screen (or play the standard side of DVDs that contain both formats), so they do NOT get the whole picture. But this has nothing to do with the TV. The...
  26. Marc Rochkind

    Hi from a new guy.

    Well, we're not friendly, so what are you doing here? How dare you post a message! Just kidding!!!!!! We are indeed friendly!!!! Stick around...
  27. Marc Rochkind

    HDTV or HD ready TV? What is better in the long run?

    A couple of additions to Jeff's answers: 1. Yes, technically DVD is NTSC, but an HD-ready TV is still very useful for DVDs, as such TVs also have both 480p input and line doublers, and either makes a tremendous improvement over NTSC for DVD inputs. 2. The answer about cable is true for...
  28. Marc Rochkind

    Direct TV

    Here's a very brief summary: 1. All sources go to the receiver. (Exception: If receiver has no component video, component video outputs go straight to TV.) 2. Video output from receiver goes to TV. Connect all types (composite, S-video, component), as an input of one type generally can't be...
  29. Marc Rochkind

    Anyone is the Denver, Co area interested in a HT Meet?

    Will try to drop by, probably around 6:30. See you all there!
  30. Marc Rochkind

    Need some answers for HT newb

    Maybe this helps: 1. When the TV is 16:9 physically, always set the DVD player to 16:9 (widescreen) and leave it there, for all DVDs, no matter what their aspect ratio is. (This DVD-player setting only applies to anamorphic DVDs anyway.) 2. For 4:3 DVDs, put the TV in standard (4:3) mode...