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  1. Michael Hughes

    The Inside

    I liked it, for a summer show, it was a cut above the rest, its a real show that has a shot to find its footing, and make its way into the Fox fall/winter schedule. I thought it had a mix of Without a Trace and Silence of the Lambs. They could do a better job of fleshing out the...
  2. Michael Hughes

    Favorite Shows on ABC, NBC and CBS

    ABC: Lost, DH, Alias, Greys Anatomy, NBC: The Office, The Apprentice, Conan CBS: CSI, Without a Trace, Survivor, Amazing Race, King of Queens, Letterman
  3. Michael Hughes

    American Idol Season 4

    So What if Bo is a One Trick Pony? I don't need him to sing an Aria.. I am looking for him to front a Rock band, toss in a some covers, mix in a few originals, and bring home some great Rock Vocals. His version of Whipping Post, was better than the real thing, and remains one of the...
  4. Michael Hughes

    American Idol Season 4

    That would go against the post marketing concepts of the show, the Idol Concert Series, 6 boys and 6 girls are a nice little tidy Brady Bunch like stageshow. it'll be interesting to see what Bo can do with this marketing promo glitz makeover machine that is American Idol. Good Luck Bo, we...
  5. Michael Hughes

    American Idol Season 4

    Carrie v Bo would be a helluva final
  6. Michael Hughes

    American Idol Season 4

    PVR is a must to watch these results for sure
  7. Michael Hughes

    American Idol Season 4

    Really cruel how they manipulated these guys, come on that was unecessary
  8. Michael Hughes

    American Idol Season 4 Challenge

    I also liked the female clay aiken, the big girl with the great personality who had no makeup and glasses..
  9. Michael Hughes

    ALIAS season 4 ongoing thread (merged)

    The Show feels tired, especially coming after "Lost" now, which is one of the better "freshest" things on TV. The serial type plots will be gone now as they try and salvage another season past this one by placating the "suits". Rather than go out in a blaze of glory and finish some of the...
  10. Michael Hughes

    starz hd is getting boring.

    I just picked up an HD Cable DVD box, not I can pick off movies from INHD, Starz, HBO and the new UHD universal HD channell. I have to say, its really great to be able to grab a few movies in HD at my leisure.
  11. Michael Hughes

    Directors my fav. tvs shows of all time.

    In No Order St. Elsewhere NYPD Blue Season 1 Only Andy Grifftih Mash Odd Couple Fawlty Towers Hill Street Blues Freeks and Geeks The Honeymooners Dick Van Dyke Show Mary Tyler Moore Show The Sopranos Seinfeld The Brady Bunch The Waltons The Twilight Zone Gilmore Girls ED...
  12. Michael Hughes

    Did anyone watch Category 6:Day of Destruction??

    It looked real good in HDTV and the special effects were decent for a TV movie. The lot was all over the map, classic TV crap, but overall a decent disaster TV movie. It finishes up on Wed.
  13. Michael Hughes

    ALIAS season 4 ongoing thread (merged)

    I would be shocked if DH is moved for Alias. Alias may be moved to Mondays at 9pm when MNF moves out. With Abrams focusing on Lost and MI3, it looks like this may be the last season for Alias
  14. Michael Hughes

    CSI: Season 5 thread

    I really liked the 10/7 episode. I thought it was an interesting storyline. This is still the Best CSI on the market
  15. Michael Hughes

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    The show has gotten better each episode. Abrams has put together a good cast and an interesting storyline that can go anwyhere.
  16. Michael Hughes

    did MLB baseball playoffs on Fox look bad in HD?

    will the world series be in true HD? The NFL is on FOX
  17. Michael Hughes

    CSI: NY ongoing thread

    I had high hopes for this show, and am a huge fan of Sinise, but he has nothing to do here, and his charcater is not compelling at all. Also, other than the Detective, there is no NY authenticity here, we know its NY becuase they are flashing the landmarks and central park in your face...
  18. Michael Hughes

    Wife Swap?

    I thought it was pretty good. The anl retentive Mom really needed this show, she loosened up quite a bit and the family seems happier becuase of it. The friends Mom was a little too muich of a pal, that house was pretty gross, but the family seemed happy. A pretty good reality show.
  19. Michael Hughes

    The Apprentice Season 2 thread

    It seems like the producers went too TV on this one. Last year it seemed like they wanted to get a real diverse mix of candidates with different backgrounds who were successful in there business. This year it seems like they green lit a few folks who were clearly chosen for there possible...
  20. Michael Hughes

    Joey ongoing thread

    I had some real laughs, this is a decent spinoff.
  21. Michael Hughes

    The Apprentice Season 2 thread

    The fact that he called Carolyn, Caroline! cost Bradford a chance at redemption from The Donald, he dissed his lady. You have to figure this is a Job interview, and after watching season 1, you don't know here name by now? The Donald for sure did not like that. And to use profanity like he did...
  22. Michael Hughes

    Six Feet Under 4.12 - Untitled *SEASON FINALE*

    They saved the best episode for last, but I thought this was for sure the weakest season to date. I will probably return next year, but the show does not have the luster it once had for me.
  23. Michael Hughes

    Joey ongoing thread

    I know when The OC starts up I will leave this show for good, since I can still Tivo it, but with Survivor and The OC together, Jooey may be in trouble. I see NBC ditching the Comedy at 8pm here next year and going in antoher direction. Joey may live on, but probably on another night, as...
  24. Michael Hughes

    NBC's Thursday night sitcom scheduling - messing up programming

    I take the Tivo "manual record" approach with NBC shows. Once The OC comes on in Nov on Fox, they will get my 8-9 tivo season pass, and Joey gets kicked. The Apprentice will get a "Manual" Recording from 9-10, so it does not screw up my Without a Trace Season Pass. I will watch Survivor and CSI...
  25. Michael Hughes

    Jack & Bobby ongoing thread

    I got the copy in the mail on my EW. I liked it, solid show, I'll be checking it out. WB is obviosly putting a lot of $$ behind this show hoping for it being its big hit this year, they may have a winner.
  26. Michael Hughes

    George Eads and Jorja Fox Fired from CSI

    Glad to see they are back, saves everyone from backlash
  27. Michael Hughes

    George Eads and Jorja Fox Fired from CSI

    I Hope they both come back, I hate to see the show change course at this juncture.
  28. Michael Hughes

    Your Thoughts On The Coby DVDR For $148.88

    The Akai seems to be a clone of the Lite-On 5505, here is a review: http://www.cdrlabs.com/articles/index.php?articleid=29 I picked up the unit myself from Amazon, for $200 I could not resist as I have a lot of old vhs-c camcorder tapes I wanted to move onto to DVD before the pile becomes...
  29. Michael Hughes

    When did "Jeopardy!" become "Jeopardy! for Dummies!"

    I had to start tivoing this show for this guy, and he did not dissapoint, he is a machine, really awesome streak