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  1. Aaron Howell

    Run a stereo amp with different loads on each channel?

    I've read that running a single channel of a stereo amp can be harmful for an amp. I don't remember why, and I can't remeber where I read it to search. Is anyone familiar with this? At the same time, would it be harmful to run a different load on each channel? IE: running a mid off the right...
  2. Aaron Howell

    Polyfil dead links

    I had a link to a polyfil test done by Nousaine or Dickanson, but they are dead. Does any have this still? I found it to be a really good resource. Thx, Aaron
  3. Aaron Howell

    Do Nady pro sound amps have loud fans?

    I've been looking into the Nady Pro sound amps to power my IB sub. My biggest concern is fan noise. Can you usually hear them while talking to others in the same room? Please include what model you have heard and an approx distance to your listening position. Thanks, Aaron Edit: I've...
  4. Aaron Howell

    Onkyo dv-sp301 won't play certain dvd's...

    As it happens, I have 2 onkyo dv-sp301 dvd players. Neither will play DVD essentials or the Eagles HFO disc. It says "reading" when I load the dvd for quite a while then spits it back out. Now my ps2 and apex dvd player have no issues with either of these. Is there something simple I'm missing...
  5. Aaron Howell

    Are large underhung designs superior ro xbl^2?

    First off let me say I did NOT create this post in the hopes of creating a conflict, but more so for a good debate. I made this a separate thread than Chad's so as to not junk up the thread I think Ascendant Audio deserves. On another forum I frequent there was a statement made. There was a...
  6. Aaron Howell

    IB setup with plaster walls, ceilings, and picture window???

    I'm currently moving into a new(to us) home. It is quite a bit older than my current house, and has plaster walls/ceilings. I have (4) 15" dayton IB's which I will be running off a spare NAD amp I have laying around, or 2 plate amps I was using previously. To the point, should I worry about...
  7. Aaron Howell

    80's compilation sounds absolutly horrrrrrrrrible

    Yesterday I picked "Hit me with your 80's box"( http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg...75152?v=glance ) and while the compilation is good, the sound is horrible. It is VERY fatiguing to listen to. I forget what the test is called on Sheffield's "My Disc", but it's where the music seams to...
  8. Aaron Howell

    Marantz 2220b handle less than 4ohm speakers?

    I'm giving my adire bang!(3.6ohm to 8ohm) speakers to my father and picking up a reciever to go with them. The 2220b's go pretty cheap on ebay, so they are a prime target. I was curious if it can handle less than a 4ohm load. Everything I've read has stated 20wpc @ 8ohm. I had a marantz...
  9. Aaron Howell

    Violin at the very end of DSOTM???

    Well this past weekend I put a pair of Seas Lotus Reference components for car audio into some .41cuft test enclosures. I was just curious to hear them and break them in before I put them into the car. I will say the Seas products are quite impressive. Anyways, I was listening to the Pink...
  10. Aaron Howell

    Seperates do make a difference...NAD integrated made me frown.

    Well I bought my NAD integrated this past winter. FWIW, I have loved every minute with this unit until this event occured. This past weekend I moved my NAD C370 integrated. For S&G's I decided to play with different cables and see if I could hear any differences.I had tried different things...
  11. Aaron Howell

    How to get bugs(leggy kind) out of NAD 1equipment

    Okay, I have a nad c370 and 541i that have bugs. They are teeny tiny white bugs that would be scared to death of a grain of salt. The odd part, they only like my nad equipment, especially the green power buttons. They run when I turn the lights on, yet will stay on the power button. Odd little...
  12. Aaron Howell

    NAD T742 enough for nsp1?

    This past week I bought the JBL nsp1 set since it was so cheap and gets good reviews. I've also found that I can get a NAD T742 reciever and T512 dvd player for about $550 shipped. Now I already own a few dvd players, an apex and the one in the playstation 2, but I think I want to step up since...
  13. Aaron Howell

    Stereo recievers: Denon dra-685 vs Integra dtm-5.3

    Well this past weekend my old marantz stereo reciever went on to a better place. As it happens I have been looking for recievers for a few weeks, and was pretty much sold on the denon. But today a local dealer recommended the integra dtm-5.3 over the denon. I havn't even heard of integra...
  14. Aaron Howell

    Parts Express 250watt sub amp, $89 new 12/12/03 only

    Today's deal of the day at http://www.partsexpress.com is their 250 wattsub amp(300-794) for $89, limit 2.
  15. Aaron Howell

    MCM sale: 250watt plate amp $100 shipped!

    Hello Everyone, For my first post on this forum I decided to make sure everyone has seen this mcm sale. I tried to post the URL, but alas I do not have the required post count. But for informations sake it is MCM model #50-6281A. They are on sale for $99.95, but free shipping doesn't kick...