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  1. Ronneil Camara

    speaker impedance

    Hi guys, My receiver supports both 6 and 8 ohms. Assuming I bought a main speaker that is at 6 ohms and a center speaker that is at 4 ohms. Will there be any issues like destroying the 4 ohms speaker or the receiver? Or will it just be harder for my receiver to drive the center speaker...
  2. Ronneil Camara

    mounting surround speakers

    hey guys, when mounting left/right surround speakers in your room, should it be mounted on the wall behind our couch or on the left/right side wall? Currently, mine is behind. Should I move it to the left/right side wall? Thanks. Neil
  3. Ronneil Camara

    leaning towards Paradigms again

    Hey guys, I called an authorized B&W and Paradigms speakers about a week ago. I was asking about the MSRP of B&W 601s and 602s. I also asked how it sounded. He told me that it was nice. Then he asked me what my speakers where. I told him that I currently have an Atom. Then he told me that if...
  4. Ronneil Camara

    upgrade to b&w 601

    hi everyone, Am I doing the right decision of upgrading my fronts from Paradigm Atoms to B&W 601? Are these really good speakers? Thanks, Ronneil
  5. Ronneil Camara

    svs upgrade question

    Hey guys, I currently have 20-39 PCi. I'm very happy with it. If I will be upgrading to another SVS brand, what should I buy? I want to hear box type recommendation now and not cylinder. I want something similar to my 20-39 such as the low deep bass. I can feel it. Also, my SVS is about 11...
  6. Ronneil Camara

    swan speakers again

    hey guys, been wanting to get 2.1 and c3 swans speakers for a long time but other more important things keep popping up. Anyways, I know that Swans speakers are built in China. However, what makes this speaker so famous other than sound being nice(from what people say.)? Are the internal...
  7. Ronneil Camara

    speaker calibration

    I found 2 links, http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...59#post2455159 http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...threadid=26728 Am I correct that this is not calibration? And am I correct that when doing calibration on our speaker using Radio Shack spl, we should not be adding db's to our...
  8. Ronneil Camara

    rockets rs150 and swan 2.1

    hey guys, Just found a window to be able to post after so much production work in the office. Anyways, one of the factors that makes me buy things is user feedback. I bought SVS because of positive feedback and not through audition. I know that ears is always the best route. I'm very happy...
  9. Ronneil Camara

    radio shack and avia

    I know guys that these have been asked multiple times. My RS meter(new analog version) and avia disc just arrived today. I tried searching the archive but I couldn't find the detailed procedure on calibrating home theater speaker system. I also have some few questions. 1. IIRC, on a post, it...
  10. Ronneil Camara

    SVS support

    Just want to say how ecstatic I am with the support I am getting from SVS. My problem is very minor, it's just a flap of paper in the port. But you know, today is Sunday and it's already late night and I am still getting support. :D You can't find any company that does that. Probably some...
  11. Ronneil Camara

    basement and my home theater

    I honestly don't know where to post this question. So bear with me for now. My home theater is situated in my basement. I love the sound. No echos. About the basement, it's carpeted, drywalls and drop ceilings too. I'm planning to remove the carpet and replace it with hardwood flooring. Is...
  12. Ronneil Camara

    another new svs subw owner

    Hey guys, I brought a friend the other night and demoed my 20-39 Pci. He can't believe what he felt. Just now, I helped him order the same model. I'm sure, he will be another happy SVS customer :D Thanks for the support SVS. Ronneil
  13. Ronneil Camara

    lfe level

    Hi guys, I have a yamaha receiver. I am in the manual setup. I saw 2 options under LFE Level and that is HP LFE and SP LFE. Setting is both currently at 0. I cannot increment it but I can decrement the value to negative. What is this for and what is the appropriate value? Thanks guys, Neil
  14. Ronneil Camara

    more inputs please on Swans speakers

    Hey guys, As you know, I bought SVS subwoofer based from people's recommendataion here at HTF. Now, I would like to ask Swans speaker current owners and previous owners about their experience with Swan speakers. Such as 1. I like this because... 2. I should not have bought this because...
  15. Ronneil Camara

    40 ft subwoofer cable

    Hey guys. Just would like to know if there are known issues when running a 40 ft long subwoofer cable? And also, since I will build it myself, I will be using this to convert my F-connector to RCA audio. http://www.radioshack.com/product.as...5Fid=278%2D290 Any comments will be greatly...
  16. Ronneil Camara

    in wall speaker wire advice

    Hey guys, I'm preparing new speaker outlets in my basement specifically for the surround. I went to Home Depot today and saw the .36c 12AWG speaker wire. I also saw the RCA 14AWG, 100ft for $25. I would like to seek advice of where and what speaker wire do you recommend if it will be placed...
  17. Ronneil Camara

    amp, why?

    Hey guys, I don't have any budget at all right now to buy an amp. But I've been asking myself everytime if there is a need for an amp? Do I really need an amp for my home theater? I've got a 25x19 room, paradigm atoms for mains(will soon become swan 2.1), 20-39PCi subwoofer and planning to...
  18. Ronneil Camara

    svs sub config

    Hey guys, Here is a pic of my svs, http://www.restricted.dyndns.org/svsamp.jpg I need some help. I would like to know the uses of the following: 1. Phase knob 2. Auto/On switch 3. Crossover Disable/Enabled switch 4. Lastly, the binding posts on the left Thanks guys. Neil
  19. Ronneil Camara

    speaker wires

    Hey guys, I found this link, http://www.venhaus1.com/diycatfivecables.html In my other post, I was asking about positioning my sub to the best location. But I remember that I don't have a long cable. So I researched google to find good places to buy speakers wires(ie. 12awg). But, going...
  20. Ronneil Camara

    svs subwoofer positioning

    Hey guys, I download some R&B music for testing. Accidentally, I was walking towards my receiver and there was an area in my basement where I felt the strong bass of the music. So I decided to walk to different area and didn't felt the sub. Here is my link where I identified the good bass...
  21. Ronneil Camara

    swan 2.1 and yamaha rxv-1400

    Hey guys, I was searching in google for swan 2.1 reviews. I was brought to audiogon.com website. There was this person that really didn't like the swan 2.1 speakers because they were considered bright speakers. I was really planning on buying them but after that.... Anyways, I would like...
  22. Ronneil Camara

    is it normal not to hear it?

    Hey guys, I was looking at some deep bass movies at svssubwoofers.com site specifically the Star Wars 1 - Phantom Menace, http://www.svsubwoofers.com/faq_tpm.htm It mentions there that some scene on the movie that does an extreme 10hz. I have a 20-39 PCi. Before, I downloaded the NCH Tone...
  23. Ronneil Camara

    thoughts on swan r2/r3 or c2/c3

    Hey guys, I'm preparing budget to buy the swan speakers. Here is my line up: 1. 2.1 for mains 2. c2 for center 3. r2 for surrounds my question is: do I need to get c3 or r3 instead? It's because, I'm currently using paradigm atoms and it is only 50w but I am able to fill my 25x19 ht...
  24. Ronneil Camara

    will I notice any difference?

    Hey guys, Currently, I have Paradigm Atoms for my mains and svs pci 20-39 for the sub. Bass is only set to sub at 100 hz cross over. Will there be a dramatic improvement if I upgrade to Paradigm Monitor 7 for the mains when watching movies? Thanks. Neil
  25. Ronneil Camara

    few questions

    hey guys, sorry, I don't know where to post this question. I've got some few questions 1. What is soundstage? 2. What is the difference between bipole and dipole speakers? Thanks. Neil
  26. Ronneil Camara

    surround left and right

    hey guys, I'm looking for a rear surround left and right. Will Mirage omnisat perform better than a paradigm ADP-170? Thanks. Neil
  27. Ronneil Camara

    is it worth upgrading?

    Hey guys, Right now, I only have paradigm Atoms for left and right, and svs 20-39 Pci. I went to Tweeter today and saw this Mirage Omnisat satellite speakers. Is it worth replacing my atoms with this omnisats for fronts, rears and centers? Thanks. Neil
  28. Ronneil Camara

    rear speaker recommendation

    Hey guys, I'm having a hardtime deciding where to put a rear speaker. I am also planning to use my fronts(Paradigm Atoms) as the rear speaker. I have attached here a link which will give you an idea how my basement looks like(top view). On the drawing, I drew 4 empty rectangles with numbers 1...
  29. Ronneil Camara

    Just curious, what is the hz of...

    Hey guys, I was watching Matrix Revolution, Chapter 28, 1:47:28. That was when the part where Neo got punch. That part really shook my whole basement(25x19 and even the chair where I was sitting got strong vibration. So anyone have any idea what the low level hz was produced at that scene...
  30. Ronneil Camara

    SVS at techtv

    Hey guys, where is the URL link of SVS sub being featured at TechTV channel? Thanks. Ronneil