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  1. Randy A Salas

    Combat! - Season 2

    I hesitate to fuel the negativity that seems to dominate every thread on this board, but for purely informational purposes: The episodes on the second-season Combat! DVDs continue to average about 47 minutes each, just as on the first-season collections. Like those episodes, they are...
  2. Randy A Salas

    Mary Tyler Moore S2 Likely In 2005

    From Tuesday's edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune (posted here with permission). Repostings MUST credit the Star Tribune. Story links are here: Article: http://www.startribune.com/stories/459/5002250.html Chart: http://www.startribune.com/stories/459/4996324.html
  3. Randy A Salas

    Epson PowerLite Cinema 200

    I've had the use of the PowerLite Cinema 200, the new front-projector model from Epson for a month now. I had earlier this year evaluated the PowerLite Home 10 for an article in the newspaper. Is anyone interested in a quick review? If enough people are interested, I'd be happy to post a...
  4. Randy A Salas

    Top 10 TV DVDs Ever (so far)

    I did an article Tuesday on how the Chappelle's Show DVD has quietly become one of the biggest TV DVDs ever. It's still in the top 10 more than 18 weeks after its release. In doing research for the write-up, I asked Video Store Magazine to compile a list of the biggest-selling TV DVDs to...
  5. Randy A Salas

    The Wild Thornberrys - Finally on DVD

    I haven't seen this info posted on HTF or elsewhere, so here goes: Good news for fans of the charming Nick show The Wild Thornberrys. It's finally on DVD--not from Paramount, but through an exclusive arrangement with National Geographic. Three releases are available, either through...
  6. Randy A Salas

    Special Editions With 3 or More Discs?

    The release of the three-disc special edition of Panic Room has me wondering about other R1 releases that devote three or more discs to one film. I'm not referring to multidisc sets for several films, such as the Alien Quadrilogy or the Ultimate Toy Box, or TV miniseries/TV shows, but three or...
  7. Randy A Salas

    THE PIRATE MOVIE - Director Ken Annakin Wants Another Shot If It Ever Comes Out

    Every once in a while, one of my readers or someone on an Internet forum has asked when The Pirate Movie will come out on DVD. Notoriously reviled by critics, it nonetheless (apparently) has a cultish following. So I asked director Ken Annakin about it during an interview about one of his...
  8. Randy A Salas

    Place Projector Within 5 Feet of Image Source - Why?

    I will have the use of a front projector (Epson PowerLite Home 10) for a month to try it out. I haven't received it yet, but I've been reading over the literature to make sure I have everything set up so I can hit the ground running when it arrives. But I'm being thrown off by one of the...
  9. Randy A Salas

    The Donna Reed Show on DVD - Sorta

    I haven't seen this posted anywhere, so... General Mills is including limited-edition DVDs that have episodes from classic TV shows on boxes of its cereals. It's a partnership with Sony Pictures Television, and three of the shows look merely like samplers for existing or coming DVDs--an...
  10. Randy A Salas

    Losing Isolated Scores on SEs

    Has anyone else noticed that we sometimes lose alternate audio tracks with isolated scores when a DVD is re-released as a special edition? It has happened most recently with the Collector's Edition of The Dark Crystal and with the upcoming release of Alien. Here's a list I've compiled of...
  11. Randy A Salas

    A Boy & His Dog: Still Non-Anamorphic

    This classic 1975 sci-fi movie, starring Don Johnson, is set to be re-released on DVD by First Run Features on Nov. 25. I received my review copy (final product) today. In case anyone is wondering, it's largely the same as the previous two DVD versions (from Lumivision and Slingshot). Of...
  12. Randy A Salas

    Please Help Me Identify This Old Horror Movie

    A reader has asked me to help her identify an old horror movie, but I've come up empty. It sounds like a Hammer film, but I haven't had any luck finding it. Below is her detailed description. Any ideas?
  13. Randy A Salas

    Widescreen 101: Educating Mainstream Consumers

    For years, members of this forum have complained that no mainstream source wants to educate consumers about the benefits of widescreen presentations compared with pan and scan. Well, here's the opening salvo--on Tuesday's front page of the feature section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune daily...
  14. Randy A Salas

    "Christ in Concrete" Resurrected

    Both the informational thread I created and Stuart's review of Christ in Concrete were deleted courtesy of the recent database problem. So I'm re-creating my thread to repost the link to my write-up about what I feel is an important film. My article includes an interview with All Day...
  15. Randy A Salas

    What Do You Get When You Cross AMERICAN MOVIE & THIS IS SPINAL TAP?

    If you like American Movie and This Is Spinal Tap, then the documentary duo Driver 23 and The Atlas Moth will hold great appeal. The films, which each won the Minnesota Film Board's annual D.L. Mabery Award (best picture) and various film festival awards, chronicle the incredible (and often...
  16. Randy A Salas

    Director Roland Joffe Talks About THE MISSION DVD

    I recently interviewed director Roland Joffe about the new two-disc special edition of his 1986 Oscar-winning film, The Mission. As I promised in the thread for Ron's dandy review of that DVD, here are some assorted comments by the director from the interview that I didn't have room to use in my...
  17. Randy A Salas

    CLASSIC SILENT FILMS: Life & Passion of Jesus Christ & From the Manger to the Cross

    When's the last time you watched a film that's almost 100 years old? Tuesday, April 8, brings the release of two landmark silent films on one DVD: 1905's The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ and 1912's From the Manger to the Cross (Image, $24.99). I recently had the pleasure of discussing...
  18. Randy A Salas

    Virginia's Run - Canada-only DVD - Info?

    Virginia's Run is a wonderful 2001 family film about a girl, who's trying to cope with her mother's death, and her horse. It stars Gabriel Byrne and Joanne Whalley and was directed by Peter Markle. It never played widely in theaters and now it's finally out on DVD, but in Canada only. I'm...
  19. Randy A Salas

    Midge Ure: Rewind - Really Swell!

    Singer-songwriter-producer Midge Ure has never really caught in the States, but his new R1 DVD, Midge Ure: Rewind - The Greatest Hits Tour (Eagle Vision, $17.98), is really swell. The former frontman for the group Ultravox (who also never really caught on here) and co-founder of Band Aid ("Do...
  20. Randy A Salas

    THE COOK: Rediscovered Keaton-Arbuckle Film

    On Tuesday (Feb. 11), Milestone Films issues a DVD that includes the once-lost Buster Keaton-Fatty Arbuckle silent film "The Cook" (~20 mins.) from 1918. The DVD also includes the 1917 Arbuckle film "The Reckless Romeo" (23 mins.; also once thought lost) and the 1920 Harold Lloyd film "Number...
  21. Randy A Salas

    Free Fox Preview DVD With Popcorn

    I didn't see this mentioned anywhere else, so... Fox has produced an exclusive preview DVD of its upcoming films. It is available free on 85-ounce* bags of popcorn at these major theater chains in the U.S. and Canada: Regal Entertainment (Regal, Edwards and United Artists), Cinemark...
  22. Randy A Salas

    Gods and Generals Bonus DVD Available Now

    For those who can't wait for the eventual DVD: The soundtrack CD for the upcoming (Feb. 21) Civil War movie Gods and Generals comes with a bonus DVD (in a double CD slimline jewel case) that has just under a half hour's worth of material. It includes music videos for the outstanding main-...
  23. Randy A Salas

    Full-Screen Sales Trend

    This week's DVD sales chart from Video Business marks the unprecedented debut of *three* full-screen DVDs--Grease (No. 3), Big Fat Liar (No. 4) and Murder By Numbers (No. 10)--in the top 10. But this is even more remarkable: Although Big Fat Liar is available only in full-screen, the...
  24. Randy A Salas

    John Carpenter: P&S Fans Are "Idiots"

    I recently interviewed John Carpenter about The Fog DVD, and you can read that article here: http://www.startribune.com/stories/459/3189680.html But the interesting tidbits left over from the interview include more of his comments about watching movies in their original aspect ratio. You can...
  25. Randy A Salas

    Clockstoppers - Great Main-Title DD5.1 Demo

    The upcoming DVD for Clockstoppers, the family-oriented sci-fi adventure directed by Jonathan Frakes, has a fantastic main-title sequence that offers a great demo of Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The directional effects are fantastic and the rear-channel action aggressive. It's all computer...
  26. Randy A Salas

    VSDA Survey: Deleted Scenes Most Popular Extra - Comments?

    The VSDA recently conducted a survey on DVD extras to gauge their popularity. The results were reported exclusively in Tuesday's USA Today before being made public later in the day: http://www.usatoday.com/life/cyber/t...d-extras_x.htm Basically, the findings were that people most prefer...
  27. Randy A Salas

    Seeking Input For Widescreen/P&S Comparison

    As mentioned in a previous thread, I'm planning to do a series of short articles in the Minneapolis Star Tribune (a large U.S. daily newspaper) called Widescreen 101. The articles, which will have to be crafted carefully to run in a small, formatted space, will be aimed at general consumers...
  28. Randy A Salas

    Charlie Chaplin SEs Coming in 2003

    This all-eyes press release just moved on the entertainment wires: Charlie Chaplin's Genius Launched to a New Generation as Rare and Exclusive Material Is Unveiled in Cannes CANNES, France--May 16, 2002--Warner Home Video and MK2 Strike a Sensational Deal to Distribute the Charlie Chaplin...
  29. Randy A Salas

    Upcoming Early Films on DVD

    I recently interviewed historic-film producer David Shepard for a short article about Slapstick Encyclopedia. I asked him what films he's working on for future DVD release. Here is what he said, from tomorrow's edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune: