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  1. David Strand

    OTA HDTV lip sync and qam decoding questions

    1 issue, 1 question. Issue: I recently purchased a samsung SIR-T351 OTA HD receiver and a terk indoor powered antenna. I am able to get stunning video on all the local channels, but I am having problems with the lip sync being off. Often the audio is not in sync with the video so when people...
  2. David Strand

    Bass traps and/or other forms of acoustic treatments

    I am having a problem with very poor bass response at my main listening position in my living room / HT. The room is very odd shaped, I will try to post a diagram of it soon. Behind the main seating is a dining room and I believe this is the root of the problem. I have been trying to talk my...
  3. David Strand

    Radio Shack SPL meter corrections?

    I found the spreadsheets out there that has built in corrections for 1/3 octave or 1/6 octave measurements... But does anyone have a corrections list for ALL frequencies between about 15 and 100? I have the radio shack analog spl meter. I tried searching this forum and the search tool didn't...
  4. David Strand

    Receiver bass management?

    I have a general question that leads to a more specific question: 1. How do you know how any particular receiver manages the LFE output with regards to x-over freq, and bass redirection based on large/small speaker settings? Does it usually tell you in the owner's manual? 2. I am currently...
  5. David Strand

    Polk audio lsi7 deal at Fry's... so I got em

    I've been hearing about the $199 deal for a pair of (refurbished) Polk LSI7 speakers at Fry's. I've been debating upgrading my setup with the LSI series all the way around, so I ended up buying a pair (their last pair besides display models). My first impression of them out of the box is very...
  6. David Strand

    HT seating, lazyboy or berkline?

    I've been thinking about going with some home theater seating for my living room HT setup. I sat in the Lazyboy matinee series this weekend and really liked them. I've also heard about the Berkline chairs online (088 series). I wanted to go with 2 chairs with a wedge in between them, and don't...
  7. David Strand

    Polk LSi and funky room layout

    I am debating getting a setup consisting of LSi-15s in the front, LSi-center, and I'm having trouble deciding between the LSi-7s or the bipole/dipole LSi-F/X set. See the attached pic (think backwards, pic is taken from the TV spot ;) ): edit: Ok I was trying to post a pic here, but...