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  1. Jason Dalton

    Sealed subwoofer internal volume question

    A single ported (@600W) will have higher output than a dual sealed (@1200W) below ~22Hz, above that point the sealed box will have more output. The ported design will also be flatter, but you can EQ the sealed enclosure to be flat as well.
  2. Jason Dalton

    DIY Sono or PB10?

    Nady XA-900 + SS RL-p 15" + 6" port = Scary. If your budget will allow, there's no reason to bother with anything else.
  3. Jason Dalton

    Free Sonosub

    mmmmm...480L....no replacement for displacement...:D
  4. Jason Dalton

    Where to get Maple Laminated Panels?

    My guess is that the reason you don't see maple panels much is that most places that would use maple panels make them themselves. If you were going to make your own maple panels you might as well just use solid edging on ply, it probably wouldn't be any more difficult.
  5. Jason Dalton

    Flexy Rack for Media Storage, not Components

    Steve, I really like your idea, seems very functional and economical. Now I'm starting to rethink doing a flexy for my media storage.
  6. Jason Dalton

    KEF kicks out BOSE or does it?

    Ported vs. sealed is a design parameter, it has nothing to do with quality.
  7. Jason Dalton

    Flexy Rack for Media Storage, not Components

    I'm going to be building something very similar in the near future. My plan is to simply use a single threaded rod (on each side) to tie the shelves together and then use some L-brackets to anchor it to the wall. That should give it plenty of stability.
  8. Jason Dalton

    Hearing voices in subwoofer?

    Look in the port, maybe there is an oompah lumpah in there.
  9. Jason Dalton

    Bully subs

    I've wondered if anyone has used them as well. Tough to justify for the price though.
  10. Jason Dalton

    6" flared port

    Just for future reference...I'm pretty sure Chad stocks additional center tubes and coupling rings for the Precision Ports.
  11. Jason Dalton

    Building subwoofer... Good idea or bad?

    They are fairly accurate for anechoic response, but you'll have to factor in "room gain" to get a more accurate idea of how it will perform in your room.
  12. Jason Dalton

    News on Adire product changes.

    If you drag you mouse over the word SPEAKERS in the upper left hand corner it brings up a pull down menu with each line of drivers where it lists the specs and prices.
  13. Jason Dalton

    News on Adire product changes.

    If those are the actual prices Adire just priced themselves out of the DIY market. Who the heck is going to buy an 18" Maelstrom with 24mm of Xmax for $500 when you can get an Avalanche 18" with 27mm of Xmax AND XBL^2 for $400? Sorry about the rant, I'd just be very disappointed if this was...
  14. Jason Dalton

    You need this product

    I knew I was missing all that >100KHz information in my music!
  15. Jason Dalton

    Has anyone noticed or heard this yet?

    Overpriced, just like their car audio stuff.
  16. Jason Dalton

    Need advice for 1st time sub project

    Yeah, 12 cu.ft. MDF boxes tend to be "stationary".:D
  17. Jason Dalton

    Another DIY Salamander Clone Rack

    Looks great, nice job!
  18. Jason Dalton

    Need advice for 1st time sub project

    As always, I'd recommend considering infinite baffle. If thats not for you then you have several options. If you want something seriously crazy build a 10-12 cu.ft. (or bigger) ported box with an 18" Avalanche and ~1000W amp. It'll be huge, but it will bitchslap that PB12-Plus/2 around the...
  19. Jason Dalton

    Need advice for 1st time sub project

    #1.) What's your budget?
  20. Jason Dalton

    New sub project underway!!! Pic!!!!

    That looks like one damn stout cabinet...mmmm, stout...
  21. Jason Dalton

    Looking for advice on a (mostly) DIY 2.1 rig

    $500 should be plenty for amplification, just make sure whatever unit you get has a subwoofer crossover.
  22. Jason Dalton

    Done with my mini-sub project!! Pics!!!!!!!!!

    They look nice, though your amp probably can't handle powering a dual 4 ohm load with much power. Great excuse to buy a sub amp!
  23. Jason Dalton

    Looking for advice on a (mostly) DIY 2.1 rig

    Most two channel preamps/recievers have internal subwoofer crossovers nowadays. Shouldn't be much of an issue. Have you looked into any specific units?
  24. Jason Dalton

    Done with my mini-sub project!! Pics!!!!!!!!!

    Whats the net volume? What are you powering them with? etc...
  25. Jason Dalton

    frequency vs impedence?

    The amplifier will (probably) see a lower impedance when reproducing frequencies in the midrange.
  26. Jason Dalton

    DIY cabinet vs. PE cabinet

    When it lists a volume for a certain speaker, that is just a general guideline. Its not necessarily the optimum volume for that speaker. The optimum volume is dependent on many variables. One of which may be the designers (i.e. you) size restrictions. To find out what volume will work best for...
  27. Jason Dalton

    frequency vs impedence?

    The crossover frequency will depend on the impedance of the midrange in the crossover region. The impedance of the drivers differs depending on the frequency. Look at the bottom plot in this link: http://www.partsexpress.com/pdf/296-145g.pdf That's the the impedance profile of a typical...
  28. Jason Dalton

    DIY cabinet vs. PE cabinet

    Did you check Morel's website? I know I've seen FR response plots from there before. What do you mean by "a speaker that is ideally for .66 cu.ft."? Are you talking about getting a Q of .7? Chances are putting it in a .75 cu.ft. box isn't going to make much of a difference.
  29. Jason Dalton

    DIY cabinet vs. PE cabinet

    I would just design the speaker for the size box you have. Doesn't make sense to waste the volume. But if you REALLY want to adjust the volume you could just glue a hunk of wood inside the cabinet. Cabinets aren't difficult to build, making them look nice is a little more difficult. It takes...
  30. Jason Dalton

    What's wrong with this setup?

    If it was me, I'd rather go with the 814 and put the money I saved into a subwoofer that will get better extension (i.e. PB10). Not that the Dayton is bad, but IMO you get more performance for your money with a 814/PB10 than a 1014/Dayton. Granted you'll pay more for the PB10 but I think the...