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  1. Deb Walsh

    Any word on Jeremiah Season 2?

    I don't know how sales went for Jeremiah season 1 (I know I own it), but I was wondering if anyone had heard anything rumbling about Jeremiah season 2. It kind of got short shrift on Showtime, with what - nearly a year between the first and second half of the season? - but it was still good...
  2. Deb Walsh

    English E-tailers who have Dempsey & Makepeace in region 2?

    I found out through an eBay auction that this show had been released on DVD in Portugal (first season so far). I've been trying to find a Portugese e-tailer who will ship to the US with reasonable postage. I found one site, blueplanet.dvd, that has an English language version of their site, but...
  3. Deb Walsh

    Any word on Vega$ w/Robert Urich?

    With Charlie's Angels coming out, and now Starsky and Hutch (not to mention SWAT), Vega$ would be a perfect complement. The show crossed over with Charlie's Angels in CA's third season, and I remember loving this show (and cursing the fact I didn't record it back then!). I would definitely buy...