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  1. jason:g

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Pride & Prejudice (RECOMMENDED)

    Many differences to the novel set this film apart from the novel, as the filmmakers take liberties to the script, oftentimes rewriting whole dialogues to fit the storytelling. This movie is not the book. Nevertheless, we don't go to watch a movie because we want to "see" the novel that it is...
  2. jason:g

    Man I hate those "lock-tabs"

    I have just received my first DVD case with those lock tabs. It's the Criterion Collection "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissoi"
  3. jason:g

    Kung Fu Hustle OFFICIAL Region 3 release February 1st!

    Columbia Tristar Home Video are like McDonalds - They offer three sizes. Would you like Regular, Medium, or Large?
  4. jason:g

    How about re-releasing the other Warlock?

    Warlock (Julian Sands) is an average time travel movie, another "fish out of water" story. Warlock II (Julian Sands) is about druids. A lot of these movies are "must-see" especially if you're a child of the '80s! ;)
  5. jason:g

    Alexander limited 3-disc, R3, DTS

    OK, while I hated Alexander at the cinema, and therefore would not buy a Limited Edition of this, I loved Hulk at the cinema and I bought the Limited Edition of Hulk. I haven't seen Phantom of the Opera (2004), but it seems that some people on here like it. There's a Chinese Limited Edition...
  6. jason:g

    Any Hitchcock's Rebecca Re-Release Rumors?

    The Korean R0 release of Rebecca, which happens to be a Criterion port, is available cheaply, but it's missing the second disc. I've got it, and it's marvelous. Good quality disc manufacture.
  7. jason:g

    nooo I just ruined nearly 20 DVDs!!!

    Over here, the BBQ chicken is marinated, so there's absolutely no need to add gravy or sauce. That would just make it more salty. :)
  8. jason:g

    LOTR Slipcase Offer - Any Equivalent Offer for Canadians?

    I'd rather keep the extended editions in their original (green+red+blue) slipcases than the (green) coloured slipcase for the entire set.
  9. jason:g

    Gladiator: 3-Disc Extended Edition announced for 6/7/05 !

    Yeah, screw the extras on this set... There's nothing wrong with the previous release. ;) I'll wait for a DTS version of the Extended Cut without the extras.
  10. jason:g

    The Downfall (Der Untergang) German DVD

    damn. Please give me the 20% discount.:frowning:
  11. jason:g

    Is this the uncut version of Scream?

    They've re-released the Japanese edition again.:D
  12. jason:g

    Jaws 30th Anniversary Edition in June

    The updated artwork for the Anniversary DVD kind of looks the same as the original, only it became a digital Photoshopped image, rather than the postery, painted original artwork as above. At least, the Jaws font looks exactly the same.
  13. jason:g

    Leon- The professional Korean 2 disc

    The anniversary release for R1 is called 'Deluxe Edition'. DVDcompare will list it as DE. On the back of the case, there is a small Superbit logo, so it's really a 'Superbit Deluxe Edition', because a standard Superbit edition doesn't include a bonus disc.
  14. jason:g

    Anyone checked out the R3 NTSC Korean RAMBO SET?

    The Korean DTS boxset does feature the supplements: - Cast & Crew - Trivia Game - Production Note - Play Teaser - The Film Sylvester Stallone - The Rocky Early Years - Play Documentary - First Blood: "A Look Back" - Play Trailer - Commentary Track - With George Cosmomatos Director
  15. jason:g

    2.35:1 movies reframed at 1.33:1/1.78:1 on DVD

    If I get more of the image in the 1.78:1 frame, then I'd rather choose one reframed in 1.78:1 instead of the theatrical OAR of 2.35:1 ;)
  16. jason:g

    ALIEN QUADRILOGY discussion thread (including all the glitches)

    The collector's edition includes both theatrical and extended cuts, so it's not like you're missing out on anything. If you look around, Fox might also be selling single-disc versions of the collector's edition, which drops the bonus disc so you lose the extras (but it's half price). :D
  17. jason:g

    Remastered DTS Police Story Trilogy: which one to get?

    I think that there's no difference in manufacturing quality, and the transfers are identical.
  18. jason:g

    Spider-Man 2.5 (yes, it's already planned!) (merged)

    Raimi: Hurry up with your Spider-man 2.5, dammit!!
  19. jason:g

    Is this the uncut version of Scream?

    Take my word for it. The Korean R3 (currently available as the 4-Disc Scream Trilogy Box Set) has the same "director's cut" of the first film as the R2 Japanese DTS edition.
  20. jason:g

    Criterion to start new cult label

    Yeah, Criterion Collection is already a cult label. They must really want to confuse the customer by creating another as yet unknown label. Perhaps they mean the category of films that have been released by Blue Underground, Synapse Films, Cult Epics (Tinto Brass), etc.
  21. jason:g

    Star Trek: Insurrection SE on June 7th

    I need to find something else to preorder that's going to be released during the same week as Insurrection, so that my order includes more than one title...
  22. jason:g

    Star Trek: Insurrection SE on June 7th

    The greatest flaw in Nemesis is using an actor who doesn't look like Patrick Steward (Picard) to play his clone. They used some make-up on Tom Hardy to try to make him look like Picard but it wasn't enough! Also, their accents, though British, are not alike. Moreover, there is an...
  23. jason:g

    Is this the uncut version of Scream?

    The Korean release is uncut like the Japanese release.
  24. jason:g

    Star Trek: Insurrection SE on June 7th

    I must upgrade.
  25. jason:g

    Fox 2-Disc S.E.'s

    They use all kinds of tricks to increase DVD sales.
  26. jason:g

    "The Crow" 4th installment direct to DVD coming

    Mia Kirshner
  27. jason:g

    "The Crow" 4th installment direct to DVD coming

    Apparently, The Crow: Wicked Prayer is total crap, possibly worse than the second sequel.
  28. jason:g

    Infernal Affairs Trilogy Boxset [HK Version]: Any thoughts?

    The Korean edition appears to be better.