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  1. James Buhler

    Extension cords with AV gear?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on whether or not extension cords (top quality)should be used with either a large RPTV or a powered sub?
  2. James Buhler

    Any plans to release "The Island"?

    Not a great movie but I wouldn't mind owning a copy. J.
  3. James Buhler

    Macros on Denon 3805 remote??

    Hi, I am having a problem setting up a macro on the remote for this reciever. I can get a macro set up to turn on the amp, then the TV then the DVD player but cannnot get the amp to switch from whatever source it happens to be set at to DVD. I have already set up the remote with the...
  4. James Buhler

    WTB: Polk CS400

    Looking for this speaker at reasonable price. CS400i OK too. Thanks, James
  5. James Buhler

    DTS sound without using receiver's DTS decoder?

    It seems that the DTS decoder on my HK AVR-500 is having some problems. Every now and then when watching a DTS DVD the sound being output from one or more of the speakers in the 5.1 setup will include a really harsh sybillance or 'scratchy' sound. The sound could be equated to the sound that you...
  6. James Buhler

    Dimensions for 20-39PCi carton?

    Hi, My 20-39PCi has arrived in my city! Unfortunately, UPS cannot set up delivery times and, as I have to work for a living, cannot stay at home to wait for the delivery. I can pick up at the UPS location but am not sure if it will fit in my car. I have a 2001 Malibu. Can anyone tell me what...
  7. James Buhler

    SVS sub x-over?

    HI, I'm still thinking of buying a 1646CS and wanted to use a seperate amp to drive it. (QSC RMX850) However, in thinking about this I realized that I won't have any way to adjust the crossover freq. as I would with the powered sub. My reciever has no real bass management (HK AVR-500) with a...
  8. James Buhler

    SVS to Canada?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has ordered SVS to Canada and if so, what is the hit on duties (if any - NAFTA??), brokerage fees and taxes? I am thinking of ordering a 16-46PCi and the shopping cart says this would be $698.75 USD shipping included. This would be just short of $1000.00 CAD. I...
  9. James Buhler

    Rattling TV cabinet

    I have a Tosh 65hx83 and its plastic back cover is very resonant and will rattle like crazy with certain low frequencies. Has anyone else noticed this? Although the rattle cannot usually be heard above the program material, I am concerned that the rattling sound it a detrement to the overall...
  10. James Buhler

    Is using front channel pre outs better than using LFE output?

    I was looking at some new subs yesterday and was told by the salesman that using the front channel pre outs on my reciever was a superior connection for subs than using the LFE out (single rca out. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? My current setup has the pre-outs running to a...
  11. James Buhler

    ESPN NHL 2K4 is 16:9

    :) ESPN NHL 2K4 is 16:9
  12. James Buhler

    What should I be seeing?

    If I watch a 2:35:1 "enhanced for widescreen" DVD on a widescreen tv, should I see the black bars at the top and bottom without using a "stretch mode" on my tv? Tosh 65hx83 with pioneer dv-563a-s. DVD set to progressive. TV set to "film" with 540p or 1080i, whichever looks better for the dvd...
  13. James Buhler

    How important is progressive scanning? Tosh 65hx83

    I have waited a couple of years now to buy an HDTV compatible RPTV. (Used to have Tosh 50" 4:3 RPTV) I always thought the greatest advantage of going to an HDTV compatible TV was that I could use progressive scanning from my DVD. Now I'm not so sure. With my new TV I still see scan lines at...
  14. James Buhler

    HT Page Back Up!

    Our home theatre page is back up on the new isp's server. If you would like to take a look please go to: Link Removed