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  1. Nils Luehrmann

    HTF Members Attending CEDIA in Denver this September

    I thought it might be useful to start a thread for those members planning on attending CEDIA this year in Denver and to possibly plan some sort of "gathering of the minds" so-to speak. If you have any suggestions on when and where to meet, please share them here.
  2. Nils Luehrmann

    HD DVD and Blu-ray Replication - Costs may be closer than some have suggested.

    From Geoff Daily's optical duplication industry report: Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD, and the DVD Duplication Business
  3. Nils Luehrmann

    Is Best Buy Souring on HD DVD?

    I ask as a visit to the North West (Gateway Plaza) Best Buy in Austin this weekend really caught me by surprise. As I understand it, Best Buy is/was HD DVD's largest North American retail partner. BB hosted several of the early HD DVD demos, and at least at this location had an elaborate...
  4. Nils Luehrmann

    Bizarre appearance by Michael Schumacher on Speed Channel's 'Dream Car Garage'

    I was watching the latest episode (#11) of Dream Car Garage on the Speed Channel and had to hit rewind on the DVR a few times as I simply couldn't believe what I was seeing. In one of the segments one of the hosts, Tom Hnatiw, went for a 'test drive' in Bentley's new Flying Spur luxury sedan...
  5. Nils Luehrmann

    Jay Leno, driving a $500k Porsche, loses control at ~165mph at Talledega

    Back in September while attempting to break speed records driving Porsche's latest supercar, the Carrera GT, Jay Leno had the ride of a lifetime when he lost control of the car while entering turn 3 at Talladega Superspeedway. The Car immediately went into a high speed spin after Leno lost...
  6. Nils Luehrmann

    Fox Releases DVD Art for WINTER PASSING (W Ferrell/E Harris) before Ltd Theat Release

    I saw this film when it was screened during the Austin Film Festival last Fall and was quite impressed, but clearly Fox like other studios, are realizing that they can save some money on advertising by shortening the window between a film's theatrical and video release, such that the marketing...
  7. Nils Luehrmann

    Joseph Mankiewicz's 1953 "Julius Caesar" Finally Coming Out on DVD?

    In a recent conversation about Shakespeare, Mankiewicz, and Caeser, it reminded me how very odd and disappointing that this brilliant classic has yet to be released on DVD. Julius Caser is in my opinion one of the best films on the subject, including a performance by Marlon Brando, as Marc...
  8. Nils Luehrmann

    WARNING: Before you rush out and buy any device w/HDMI you might want to read this.

    While 1920x1080 displays have been available to consumers for over a year now, the vast majority of them do not accept a 1080p input. Several manufacturer reps have claimed that the only reason their 1920x1080 displays can accept a 1080i signal, but not a 1080p signal is because this is limited...
  9. Nils Luehrmann

    Considering Vision Corrective Surgery

    My vision is very important to me, and until I was in my mid twenties I had better than 20:20 vision, ~20:10-15. Unfortunately, as I got older I started to exhibit signs of astigmatism in one eye, and my vision has deteriorated to about 20:200 – still not bad, but it has required me to wear...
  10. Nils Luehrmann

    Problems w/ Scientific Atlantic 8300 HD DVR? Transfer Shows from one DVR to Another?

    I have a Scientific Atlantic 8300 HD DVR and it has occasionally "flipped out" where it will completely shutdown and reboot. This would not be a big deal, except it takes over a couple minutes to reboot, thus if it was recording a show it will miss a small junk of it. Talking with some of the...
  11. Nils Luehrmann

    Lists of Blu-ray & HD DVD Titles (Scheduled, Announced, Rumored, Wish List)

    Several titles have already been announced, as well as some pre-order listings on retailer sites, and in the coming days we can expect several more titles to be announced for Blu-ray and possibly HD DVD as well. I'll be making separate lists for scheduled, announced, and rumored titles coming...
  12. Nils Luehrmann

    The Third Highest Paid 'Athelete' is a Retired Race Horse

    How would you like this job... Get paid a $500,000 stud fee for each "session" with the super models of the horse world, and only "work" a few weeks out of the year. That's what retired race horse, Storm Cat looks forward to each year, earning more than $20 million dollars without ever having...
  13. Nils Luehrmann

    George Feltenstein honored with this year's William K. Everson Award for Film History

    Congratulations to George Feltenstein, Senior VP of Theatrical Catalog Marketing for Warner Home Video who was awarded this year's William K. Everson Award for Film History by the National Board of Review for his tireless efforts in preserving historically significant films. :emoji_thumbsup...
  14. Nils Luehrmann

    Ranking the Films from 2005... IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Critical Consensus, S&S, etc..

    2005 is almost over, and with it the end of a controversial year for theatrical films. There has been a lot of talk about how bad this year’s crop of films were and that they played a critical role in the drop in box office revenue, but personally I just haven’t bought into that excuse. I...
  15. Nils Luehrmann

    The Good & Bad of DRM (Digital Rights Management) Technology on Future Video Formats

    DRM is likely going to be the most discussed and debated topic regarding future video formats so I thought it might be a good idea to have a dedicated thread to discuss these issues. For the vast majority of consumers, most had no clue what DRM even meant, let alone how it might effect them...
  16. Nils Luehrmann

    Forbes List of the Top 20 Greatest Individual Sporting Achievements

    Forbes put together a panel of sports experts; including Bob Costas, Ellen Hughes, Robert Barnett, Linda Borish, Richard Crepeau and Mark Dyreson with the goal of making a list of candidates for "greatest individual athletic accomplishment of the last 150 years". This list was then voted on by...
  17. Nils Luehrmann

    DVD Recommendations for Films with Plots that Revolve around Thanksgiving Day

    Thanksgiving holiday is a wonderful time to watch films with the family, (at least when there isn’t a decent football game on). ;) With that in mind, I thought it might be nice to start a list of films one might recommend films with plots that revolve around Thanksgiving. Only four come to...
  18. Nils Luehrmann

    Test Your HTML & vB Codes

    Star Wait Studio:Monkeys in Silk ProductionsYear:2005Run Time:74 minutesRating:NRAspect Ratio:1.33 OARAudio:English 2.0 DD StereoSpecial Features:Commentary, Extra Footage, Additional Documentary, Crew Bios, Credits, Easter EggRelease Date:November 1, 2005 The Movie... Give a Nerd Some...
  19. Nils Luehrmann

    Need Suggestions & Recommendations on 1G SD & MMC Memory Cards

    I bought a MobiDV H12 i-Joy and am now looking at getting a 1G SanDisk memory card. I really do not know anything about SD or MMC cards, except that apparently some are faster than others? Any suggestions and recommendations on what card to get and a retail source would be appreciated. Thanks!
  20. Nils Luehrmann

    Search & Support of HTF Members Impacted by Katrina

    HTF is very much like a family (perhaps dysfunctional at times, but a family just the same), or at least it can sometimes feel that way. With such a broad membership, I am sure there are those in our family of home theater enthusiasts who have been severely impacted by Katrina. I was happy to...
  21. Nils Luehrmann

    70mm Screenings of 2001; Lawrence of Arabia, and more + new print of restored GWTW!

    I posted this in the National and Local Home Theater Forum Meets area, but someone suggested I post it here as well. I realize this is a late notice, but the films, condition of the prints, and the theater may very well be enough to interest some in a last minute trip to Austin! If you...
  22. Nils Luehrmann

    Google Moon Mapping Project

    In honor of the first manned Moon Landing back on July 20, 1969, Google has launched Google Moon, a lunar version of their Google Maps. Google Moon uses NASA imagery of the lunar surface and allows you to scroll and zoom in and out along the Moon's surface. Currently they only have a limited...
  23. Nils Luehrmann

    Fox's Collection of Bruce Lee DVDs are going OOP on 9/30/05

    On September 30th, Fox will be retiring the 5-disc Bruce Lee - The Master Collection as well as the four individual Bruce Lee titles: Bruce Lee - The Master Collection UPC: 024543051794 * Fists of Fury * The Chinese Connection * Return of the Dragon * Game of Death * Bruce Lee: The Legend...
  24. Nils Luehrmann

    Fox : Ravenous (1999) DVD getting replaced on 9/6/05

    The original DVD for Ravenous which was released back on 9/21/99 went OOP last week, but Fox will be releasing a new edition on 9/6/05. (old release cover art - new release cover art)
  25. Nils Luehrmann

    ClickStar - consumers will be able to buy & download first-run, pre-DVD-release films

    Over the last few weeks Morgan Freeman, his business partner Lori McCreary, and Nizar Allibhoy have been running around to most of the studio heads and several independent filmmakers demonstrating what they hope will be an important new service for distributing films via the internet. The...
  26. Nils Luehrmann

    News From the 2005 Home Entertainment Summit - "The (DVD) boom time is over!"

    The person who made that statement was none other than Steve Nickerson, senior VP of marketing for Warner's Home Video department. Home Media Retailing Magazine's Home Entertainment Summit attracts some of the top industry leaders as well as most of the studio execs from the home video...
  27. Nils Luehrmann

    US Spacecraft to Blow up Comet

    From an AP article published today: This may explain why Bruce Willis has been MIA... ;)
  28. Nils Luehrmann

    Warner Bros. releases DVD in China the same day the movie opened in the US!

    Warner announced last month the possibility that they would consider releasing DVD editions in China and parts of Asia of films the day that they are released in theaters in order to combat video pirates. Now it looks like they were being quite serious. From an AP article published today:
  29. Nils Luehrmann

    Iomega Moves Forward With Plans for Developing a +800GB DVD (AO-DVD)

    Iomega was recently awarded two critical patents, one which they claim will help them to encode as much as and possibly more than 800GB of data on the surface of a DVD with data transfer speeds between 5 and 30 times faster than current DVDs and with similar costs. U.S. Patent No. 6,879,556...
  30. Nils Luehrmann

    2005 Tour De France

    The tour is only six weeks away and is shaping up to be an epic battle between the two titans of the sport, Lance Armstrong and Jan Ullrich with several other competitors more than capable of challenging Lance on his final TDF, and possibly even his final professional bike race. Let us start...